Verse Two


.5 Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice: Harper awaken in Scarborough Castle after the battle on the beach. He is swiftly introduced to the staff, and then to Mr. Thistle, the genius behind the Thistle Sisters. Is he ready for the dark secret behind their construction?

1. Hello Darkness, My Old Friend: While out on patrol Ms. Thyme and Harper try to get along in their new roles, but the routine is quickly shattered when Harper runs across a damsel in distress. Something malign stalks Rebecca Thorne, and it will stop at nothing to have her!

Because a Vision Softly Creeping: On the run from a stalking Sluagh, Harper and Becca take refuge with Harper’s old military friend Captain Redgrave and his men. While they are quickly found by Ms. Sage and Ms. Thyme not even the two gynoids can stop the fairy’s onslaught.

3. Silence like a Cancer Grows: The Thistle Sisters race to the Thorne Estate, intent on beating the Sluagh to its prize. They find themselves in a firefight between traitors and loyal soldiers, for the cult dedicated to the Fomorians cuts deep into human society. The exciting conclusion to Verse Two that only opens more questions.

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