Verse Six


1. Belladonna: After his sister Olivia is snatched up by a gynoid and plague-masked fiend Ferdinand Castillo storms Scarborough Castle in search of his poor sister. While he is quickly subdued before his misplaced grief causes any further harm the kidnapping of Olivia sets in motion a chilling confrontation against an enemy from the Sistes’ past they didn’t even know they had.

2. Hemlock: After a brief mourning the Thistle Sisters strike out for revenge against the plague doctor, and swiftly track him down to an eerie countryside estate. Once the fireworks begin, however, they might not be all leaving the haunted mansion alive.

3. NightshadeThe battle against the THistle Sisters’ twisted counterpart’s continues! Our heroines swiftly find that their gynoid counterparts may just be the next step in clockwork evolution while Harper takes the fight to their ‘Father’ directly.

4. Wormwood: The twisted truth of the plague doctor is revealed, along with revelations the Thistle Sisters are unprepared for! The battle royale continues, drawing to the birth of an even worse enemy.

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