Verse One


Prologue – Come Under the Shadow of this Red Rock: Captain Basil Redgrave gives his men a quick introduction to the war against extinction humanity faces.

1. Blazing in Scarlet Battalions: The battle for Scarborough’s docks begin as invaders from our own mood cut a bloody swath through an otherwise fin summer evening. Only Ms. Thyme and her sister Ms. Parsley stand in their way. While the two woman are more than meets the eye, will they be enough to turn back the onslaught?

2. Washes the Grave with Silvery Tears: As the battle the ever-elegant Ms. Sage struggles to reach the front and aid her sisters. However, the plight of the innocent cannot be denied. With only her keen intellect and wondrous umbrella the android has her hands fully trying to make sure the survivors make it to shelter alive.

3. Generals Order Their Soldiers to Kill: The last of the famous Thistle Sisters, Ms. Rosemary, lends her brute strength to the regular troops trying to get to the beach, and into the thick of it. Ordered on ahead of the brave men Ms. Rosemary arrives just in time to tangle with a greater threat than clockwork fairies and fomoroian overseers, one of the Vain.

4.Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme United the Thistle Sisters face off against the deadliest and most handsome of adversaries. If they fail to slay the eflin menace Scarborough and every living human soul within, will be lost.

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