Verse Five


1. Gloriana: The Thistle Sisters travel to the edge of the Scottish Grey Zone after one of the border fortress’ goes silent. Accompanied by soldiers, Mr. Thistle, and the powerful airship The Gloriana what they find is worse than they could have imagined.

2. Steampunk Trolling: The Thistle Sisters face some of the toughest adversaries yet, Trolls. The massive machines use brute force and array of weapons, and the situation becomes so dire the Gloriana’s ship-mounted weapons may even be needed. Can the gynoid’s come out on top?

3. Burning Bright: Delving into the abandoned fortress our heroines continue to face new and dangerous enemies, which bring Ms. Rosemary to the edge of death! Even worse is the secret they find at the heart of the fortress, a chilling sign of things to come.

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