The Scarborough Affair


The world should have been enough for Victoria’s England but Man has always dreamed of touching the stars in heaven and it was only natural that the Empire should be the first to reach where Humanity has never tread before. The Bedford Cavor Moon Expedition set the world’s imagination on fire, but when the very moon in the sky itself lit up into crackling mass of red crystal then split like a serpents age collectively the human race screamed in horror. Shards of the moon, now a ruptured and baleful eye, brought down with it ancient enemies whose spires of red stone sizzled seas, split mountains, drove deep into the earth’s crust and hollow worlds below.

It is the year of our Lord 1914 and the world is at war with these alien invaders from the far east, to once colonies, to the very shores of Britain itself. The fomorians, as they are called among other names, have on their side ancient sorcery and fell machines powered by the very captured souls of men while humanity has every ingenuity they can muster and home field advantage. Against these violent backdrop for young women who are not what they seem, Ms. Parsley, Ms Sage, Ms. Rosemary, and Ms. Thyme work for the mysterious Order of Thistle. They are but cogs in a grand machine that is trying to turn the tide back in mankind’s favor, but against such foul forces can they ever prevail?

Concept: Clockwork Women who aren’t sure if they were ever human or not are Britain’s and perhaps the world’s only chance against alien invaders fueled by magic and arcane technology. Mystery, mayhem, and steampunk craziness ensues.

Verse One
Verse Two
Verse Three
Verse Four
Verse Five
Verse Six
Verse Seven
Verse Eight

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