Kaiju Haiku

Sun harnessed For War
Win peace wielding biggest sword
Regret, Scientist

Man disturbs Ancient
Seals Broken; Nature Poisoned
Vengeance stirs In Sea

Fishing ship sinks deep
Crew consumed by History
Mystery Unsolved

Silence Deep Water
Panic! Submarine is lost
War Room hushed breath held

Children play Spring Day
Scientist sits under trees
Worries for Future

Earth needs not Mankind
Nations heed no warnings made
Race To Doom always

Massive Sonar Ping
Floating destroyer destroyed
Water burns bright hot

Music rises Bay
Folly crests angry water
Scales Talons Teeth Rage

Waterfront ruined
Giant claws crush warehouses
Sirens scream warning

Running people shout
High-Rise collapses, rumble
Procession of tanks

Mutant marches on
Metal melts, Good soldiers die
Panic – Flee In fear

Dinner forgotten
Knife drops emergency news
Wife runs down hallway

Atomic Fire
City aflame, Pride cremates
Monster bellows deep

Dark laboratory
Scientist smokes, shakes and knows
Hubris has come home

Atomic Fire
City aflame, Pride cremates
Monster bellows deep

Scramble To danger
Missiles fly, Rain faith and dreams
Fear slays valiant men

Skyline falls with sun
Devastation fills the night
Downtown ignited

Behemoth’s Shadow
Snaps power lines, Stifles hope
Looms across the world

Dawn breaks to ruin
Metropolis flattened grey
Leviathan feasts

Frantic army lost
Despair eats counter attacks
Nuclear Option

Men give bleak salutes
Mushroom cloud festers, Hearts soar
Smoke clears with failure.

Scientist rides
Motorbike over rubble
Fateful clash awaits

Death strewn streets give pause
Child’s park wreckage. He watches
Radiation falls

Last secret project
Cancers grow in guts, Grim Smile
Sacrifice cleanses

Towering Beast’s Eyes
Father meets Child for murder
Parent weeps bitter

Poison works from wound
Man Dies, Fiend Dies, Full Circle
Capital is Gone

Relief eats World
Plundering continues on
Screen black, Roll credits

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