3. Cat Fight

The wind was knocked out of Belle when Pi was able to land another punch. The succubus drove her fist straight into the sloth-child’s flat stomach. With any luck she’d break the thin bitch in half, that’s what was going through Pi’s mind right now anyway. Belle whimpered as she felt gear-crafted bones shift. Thankfully she was durable, being made of flesh and steel. That didn’t stop her from smashing into a tree trunk though and having the bark bruise up her marble-pale flesh. She sagged and growled low as she slid down bare feet.

“Listen, vache, you keep that up and I’m going to take your head off.” The Frenchwoman lifted her chin with noble difference. Alas that only made it a more tempting target for the red-skinned temptress who struck it with a backhand. Belle went off of her feet again and sailed through the hair before landing amid prickly strawberry bushes.

“I should have done this a long time ago.” Pi’s voice wasn’t husky with seduction as per usual but laced with bloodlust. She didn’t know how to handle the potent mixture of emotions cascading through her at the moment so they were coming out in a violent gusher. She whipped her head around looking for something to smash her rival to pieces with. Heavy breasts swayed with the motion. She settled on a rather bit thick stick, which was actually a sapling. “You slut.”

“Oh that’s funny coming from a succubus! Tch.” One of Belle’s flaming sockets had squeezed shut as she pulled herself to her feet. Delicate toes curled into soft grass. She sprung forward and pounced Pi before the enraged woman could be ready. This cat-fight had been brewing for centuries and now it was time for both demonesses’ to just let go. While Pi liked to punch and kick that was beneath the white she-devil’s sensibilities. She took a nice big handful of Pi’s black head of hair and pulled as hard as she could.

In turn the sultry woman yowled! She was pretty sure a clump of her scalp was threatening to come free! Now that was just dirty pool! Pi grabbed hold of the other woman’s petite waist and tried to pull her away. Instead Belle raked her nails down the side of her former best-friend’s face, possibly going for an eye. With a bellow Pi stomped forward and slammed then both into a tree. The ash buckled with the groan of splitting wood before slowly toppling over. For a brief moment all of their feminine curves were crushed together. While neither of them were elephants it was the grass that was suffering. Woodland animals fled for a good mile around. The two demoness’ hadn’t even started fighting with infernal magic yet.

The strikingly erotic contrast of crimson and chalk didn’t last long though. Pi threw Belle from her, losing some hair in the process. She was foolishly overcome with vanity and felt at the molested spot on her head. That tick of hesitation was what Belle needed to get some breathing room. She crouched low once she landed with a snap of artificial tail, which gouged at the ground beneath her. The Frenchwoman lingered there in the graceful pose until the tree finally smashed down with a great up-burst of sound. Like a lithe bolt of lightning she was off and put her delicate shoulder into Pi’s abdomen. Turn about was fair play after all.

Both of them went down in a heap. Perhaps the Man in the Big Chair was in the mood for a show or just in a jovial mood for it was about that time that the weather remembered that it was the English countryside. Despite the fact there were still hints of twilight-blue sky between dark clouds above it started to rain. It wasn’t a faint drizzle either but a shower of large drops that had a sting to them. More hair was pulled and skin scratched as the pair rolled about. Their all but nakedness, as Pi still had a torn skirt and tattered stockings, was quickly smeared with greedy mud. Wild flailing punches were thrown by both women too but there wasn’t enough room for either to do any real damage. Horns glanced off of one another. They became a tangle of dirt caked flesh where it was hard to tell where one of them began and the other one ended.

That was until Pi managed to wedge her knee in between them and pushed hard. Belle screeched with wordless rage as she was flung away. There was a splash of watery mud where she landed. It took effort for either of them to stand. Both of them were taking in heaving breaths now, their lush bodies splayed lazy in stance. They huffed and puffed while eyeing one another with utter disdain. The cool drops did little to stifle tempers bit it did create sensual clean currents over their bodies. For Pi it cleared off long runs down both of her sides and the round of her rump. For Belle it cleaned off pert tits and then trailed in a line down her stomach toward feminine apex. Neither of them took in how beautiful the other one was, at the moment they were both convinced the others were hags. The seconds dragged out in such a manner that if there was an onlooker they’d like it to a standoff, expecting the strum of a Spanish guitar. At least it was a sexy standoff.

The muscles along Belle’s legs tensed while internal gears turned like poetry in motion. Her tail of steel bones lashed back and forth. Her slim fingers spread wide and an invisible but heavy power gathered to them. It didn’t seem like her enemy was going to stop – so she was going to have to stop her – hard.

Pi’s captivating eyes narrowed and moist lashes smoldered with fire. One of her hooves carved into the mud beneath her. Her stance shifted lightly and she riveted her gaze into the other woman’s. Unwisely Belle didn’t look away. Really, besides being extraordinarily strong Pi didn’t have much else going for her. She was a creature spun out of lust and want. There was little direct offensive magic that she had – so in this instant she focused on what she could do. A thread of sorcery slithered from Pi’s eyes into Belle’s. A viper made of desire drove down the pale devil’s throat leaving a flush in its wake. It made Belle’s nipples grown taut before ravishing her belly with the warm pulses that preceded an orgasm. Whatever spell the Frenchwoman was reading fumbled as she cried out – half in erotic bliss and half in undignified rage.

Belle doubled over as her feminine core controlled her. Her legs went out next and she fell to the ground, wracked by heavy spikes of pleasure. She should have been more carefully but at least the attack was mind-blowingly fantastic! The only thing that was bad about the explosion of carnal excitement was the lack of anything for her velvety insides to grip. As she wrapped her arms around her waist Belle tried to mentally force her traitorous sex back into line. “Not cool.”

“You started it.” The growl pushed out of Pi as she moved to take advantage of the other woman’s moment of weakness. She reared back one foot, fully intent to smash one cloven hoof into the side of Belle’s jaw. Eddie would never want to touch the disfigured stick of a woman again if the kick connected.

It didn’t.

While Belle’s thighs were quivering, her insides riding the wave of ecstasy and her chest heaving with whimpers that skeletal tail was unaffected. The prehensile appendage lashed out and not only stopped Pi’s vicious kick but wrapped around the offending limb as well. Metal didn’t even grind as the tail pulled the succubus off of her feet and onto wet earth. It even left a few gouges in Pi’s shin.

“And I’m going to finish it!” Belle’s threat was tempered with a fresh ripple of halting breath that rode about in her throat. The orgasm whammy totally wasn’t fair. She tried to crawl on top of the other woman with mixed results. She did manage to sock the crimson woman in the jaw, and broke a nail in the process. “Feh! Now see what you’ve done!”

“Oh sure this is all my fault.” Pi grabbed a hold of Belle’s fine-boned jaw and pushed her away. This time it wasn’t so easy because she’d had breath knocked from her, not to mention she was still seeing stars. Belle made sure to push one of her knees into Pi’s stomach to keep air from coming back in. Her other coltish leg stretched out and caressed along one of Pi’s. The gush of pent up fluids from wracking lust spilled out over the round of the succubus thigh. It wasn’t a sensation that Pi was unused to after all so it was ignored, she grabbed onto the side of Belle’s chest and kept pushing. “Get off!”

“Well I know I’m about to.” Aphex ruined the moment by speaking up instead of watching entranced. It was said that men enjoyed watch catfights because at any moment it could break into full blown lesbo-kung-fu-grip-action. By voicing his internal thoughts though, Aphex ruined any chance of that.

The two demoness’ froze. They stared at one another for a moment with wide eyes before tilting their heads slightly to look over. Both of the imps had switched from cats to their natural burning forms now that they were from prying eyes. That and it was raining and neither of them wanted to get their fur wet. Ripples of steam came off of both Aphex and Tangent whenever a raindrop hit them. More importantly the two small fiends were hovering in the air around Eddie like drunken bumblebees. As the rain washed both of them clean it seemed as if the red hue of Pi’s skin was bleeding over onto Belles but it was actually a blush. The pair of brawlers broke away from one another, quickly scooting to the side and trying to rapidly make themselves presentable. It wasn’t a task that that was easy go do out in the middle of the forest during torrential rain. Neither of them wanted to be blamed for instigating the fight.

Eddie looked between the two women as they moved. His face screwed up with confusion and he started to say something, before stopping. He was sodden now too but not covered in mud like them, and he was dressed of course. He lifted a hand to vaguely point to Pi but remained silent. This wasn’t the sort of scene he expected to walk in on. Likewise, he hadn’t expected Belle to be still naked and a demon… mostly the demon bit. Thus his stare ended up on her as he drank in what she really looked like. He had to say that overall she looked less human that Pi in a lot of ways – more like a crafted doll of porcelain and corn silk. Pi cleared her throat full of agitation and it forced his gaze back over to her. This was probably the most uncomfortable moment in his life, ever. He scratched at the scruff that he dared to call a beard.

“Oh dear. I am so sorry, my little Génial.” Belle’s lower lip quivered as it jutted from her face. Even in this ‘horrific’ form she still had the heart tattoo on the inside round of her breast. She fluttered soft fingers atop it. “I never meant for any of this to happen.”

Pi snorted and rolled her eyes. Her hands settled on spacious hips. “Bullshit.”

“Sacre bleu! Such language, my sweet Pi.” Belle lifted her sharp nose in a haughty fashion as if she’d never heard such language. She shifted from foot to foot in such a coy manner before looking over at the stricken genius. “How ever did you put up with this barbarian for so long, Edward?”

A glower consumed Pi’s usually becoming features. “I’ll show you barbarian.”

“Eep! She’s going to throttle me again!” Belle played the damsel in distress very well but Eddie didn’t move from his spot.

Instead the mathematician rubbed at his face slowly and groaned. Oh this had become a total mess. Why had he done all his thinking with his dick? Yes, Pi had said that it was technically okay if he slept around. However, this was apparently a woman that she had a lot of history with, bad history. He lifted a hand to still both of them. “No one’s throttling anyone, okay. I just want to know what’s going on. Pi?”

The succubus felt put on the spot as he leveled an expectant gaze at her. The two imps took up residence on Eddie’s shoulders –a pair of devils instead of the usual angel and demon of warring conscience. Pi swallowed and was glad enough that Eddie trusted her to give a truthful explanation. The trouble was if she tried to cast this in a favorable light she might break that trust. Then again if she told the truth, she might break that trust. Her heart sank down into her stomach. “I… sort of… threw Belphegoria through the window.”

“Through the wall!” Belle stomped her foot.

“Okay. So… who are you really then?” Eddie’s gaze swung to the white woman as his expression soured. He hardly believed that Pi would be so violent out of petty jealously. After all this ‘Belphegoria’ had an imp as well. It figured she had some sort of agenda.

After staring back for a long stretch the prim hellion let her act drift away. It was then that her full royal bearing came out in full force. Belle’s tiny wings fluttered and she looked her broken blue nail with a fresh pout. It was hard to be hoity-toity to Eddie though. She found she was craving his positive attention. While Belle did soften she still kept somewhat of an aloof air to her. A smile crept onto her demure lips. “Princess Belphegoria, daughter of the Prince of Sloth, Belphegor. Papa is the patron demon of Paris you know? Very sophisticated. I take after him in inspiring humanity to innovate and delight in the new distractions that they create. I even have a hard time keeping up with them now. Pi and I… we have known one another for a very long time.”

Pi muttered under her breath and folded her arms. Her impressive bust line was pushed up, for Eddie’s benefit even if she was angry with him too at the moment. How dare he fuck Belle! Still, it wasn’t like he knew who she was. She tilted her head just right so he’d not notice her missing hair. She’d just die if he pointed it out.

“Nice to meet you… your highness.” As he wasn’t sure what to do Eddie bowed a bit, this dislodged both imps. They took to the air with a grumble and hiss – while Belle giggled with a fresh and sparkling sound. She couldn’t help herself. The geek looked over to Pi then and popped up both of his eyebrows. The rain had spent its initial fury and had died down to a steady drizzle. He was far too wet to worry about it now though. Clean water glided over his handsome features. “Okay so… why did you throw her through a window?”

“I…” Pi fumbled at her words. “We have been rivals for centuries now, Eddie. You have to understand that. I do what I do for the sake of mathematics. As that usually leads to leaps ahead in technology Belle thinks, incorrectly, it should fall under her authority.”

“Excuse me?!”

Both of them ignore Belle’s outburst, though Tangent did buzz over and give her mistress a pat on the head. It earned the imp a scowl and a dismissive gesture. Eddie continued talking to Pi while eyeing the pair out of the corner of his eye. “Oh. So… okay I see, I think. So this has happened before?”

“She usually tries to seduce the people I am musing away from me, yes.” The fire was gone from Pi’s eyes and her posture softened. “I… I should not have started a fight though. Oh, I can imagine the trouble this is going to cause at the school for you. I am so sorry, Eddie.”

“It’s okay. We’ll deal with what we have to deal with.” He shrugged, though he had no idea on the ‘how’ of that statement. Right now she needed to be reassured. He stood his ground though. He didn’t want to get caught in the middle of a knock-down drag-out fight between these two if it started off again.

“In her defense she has never been that violent before.” Belle added with a small bit of her spiced accent. A forced smile was pushed onto her lips and she gave Pi what for a moment was a worried look. There was obviously more between the two than either wanted to let on.

Eddie took in a slow breath and tried to focus on the now, what he knew as opposed to what he didn’t know. The siren’s call of the formulae that had set him to fugue was still there. What he really wanted to be doing wasn’t either one of the luscious women before him but jotting down everything before he forgot it. That didn’t seem like it was going to happen. “Okay, so no more fighting then? Can we agree on that?”

“Okay.” Pi closed her eyes and tried not to look disappointed.

“Oui.” Belle added.

“Okay then. So what exactly are you doing here then, Belle?” Any pretense of being a doctor was gone now so Eddie addressed the demon-princess directly. He felt like he should have used some sort of title again but, eh, it was too late now. He did focus a kindly smile on her. “Trying to seduce me away from Pi? Because if so, that’s not going to happen.”

A trace of a smile worked its way onto Pi’s full lips. Her mood started to lift. That was really what she needed to hear Eddie say, even if she hadn’t expected too. It made her feel special that was for damn sure.

“Oh.” Belle blinked and then motioned Tangent closer. In whisper she ordered the imp to fetch her some clothes and something to wash up with. Standing around nude and earth-caked was hardly dignified. Tangent wiggled fingers at Aphex, who returned the gesture, then disappeared in a ripple of intense heat. “Well really I just wanted to get under her skin and find out what she was up to. Honestly, you are not the constructing new machines sort. You seem like a pretty nice gent, though.”

“Uh thanks. I think you got under her skin though.” One thing was for sure, Eddie didn’t like being used. It showed plain on his face.

Belle looked away and down as unfamiliar embarrassment. Her tail flicked lazily before retracting back into her body. Her horns quickly followed suit as well as her skin took on a trace of color. The splash of freckles returned to her shoulders and back. “Oui.”

The two demoness’ stole a look at one another. Then they both harrumphed in unison and looked away with chins raised. This really wasn’t getting any of them anywhere. There was just too much old baggage. Eddie rubbed at his face again. “So now what?”

“Well, to convince Hoffie to let me come into the classroom I had to take the whole semester over for that Yew gentleman. So I am going to be around for at least the next few months. Perhaps it would be just best for us to call some sort of truce?” The Frenchwoman gestured between all three of them. Aphex flew over to his owner and settled on her shoulder; one claw gently petted at the succubus’s hair to try and sooth her.

“That depends on Pi. What do you think?” Eddie didn’t give any orders or make a grand decision, as per usual. Part of it was that he was out of his element. Most of it was of course his lack of any sort of dominate personality. He was at his core a nice guy.

The red-skinned woman blinked in quiet disbelief as she was put on the spot – again! Her front teeth raked over soft lip and her throat was consumed with a thinking sound. She didn’t trust Belle was far as she could throw her, which wasn’t really the best cliché to use now that she thought about it. Still… Belle would have to fulfill her promise. All infernals were bound by their word and contracts. It would also be best to find out what the sneaky bitch was actually up to. “Fine.”

Now, any man should know that when a woman said fine she didn’t really mean it. Eddie was still young though, barely out of his teenage years, and thus he was ignorant. Aphex on the other hand winced. This was far from over, that was for sure. Eddie nodded and finally deflated. That had been easier than he expected. He cleared his throat and moved closer not to either woman but to a tree he could lean against. He was going to need a warm bath when he got home; that and some aspirin.

“I will try to stay out of your hair.” Belle lanced the other fiend with a saccharine smile. Pi didn’t believe it one bit, but she nodded anyway. Right now all the seductress wanted was a hot bath, chocolate and a shoulder to cry on.

“Right okay then. Let’s go back to our corners and get some rest?” Aphex smiled a bit too wide.

With all too perfect timing Tangent appeared again with an expensive, and very large, purse in hand. One could easily imagine that each rain drop that hit the accessory depreciated its value by hundreds of dollars. It was clear that Belle didn’t care one bit; she started with tugging out a wash cloth and holding it up to the rain. Some of her pink was easily seen as she stretched out one leg to lean against a rock. The pale-woman made quite a show of giving herself what amounted to a sponge bath all for Eddie’s benefit. The poor fellow did his best not to watch but it wasn’t easy.

Pi’s greatest strength was her softness, her sultry power. Belle, on the other hand, oh… she was grace given flesh. Each stroke of the towel in hand perfectly highlighted the flex of muscle beneath skin as she took on her human shape one more. Every stretch shifted the tight lines of her sexy little body in just the right way, and with just the right amount of high-toned exhalations. She was mindful of the eyes on her, turning her right the right way for a pretty display, arching her back in the sort of manner that made a man want to run his rigid cock along the surface of her spine. Her twice ravaged sex glistened with renewed need but at the same time it was as if she might frolic off like some wood dryad ripped from classical theater. It was easy to understand why Pi would feel intimidated by the pliant and supple woman. Belle tossed her pale head of hair and rolled her neck, causing the sun-spun strands to kiss her shoulders. Again it gave any man ideas of where his lips should be.

Eddie felt his blood warming and want stirring again so he forced himself to look down at his shoes and the roots around him. This was getting just plain weird. He lightly shook before glancing over to Pi once his vision rose.

Surprisingly she wasn’t watching him but chatting in whisper with Aphex, who was now perched in her up turned hands. He couldn’t really make out what the pair was saying but from the expressions both wore it was like they were having a hushed argument. He swallowed, took a third look at Belle as she finished and started getting dressed, then he strolled over to the first demon he met. Well that he knew of anyway. With how upside down his life had become lately he’d not be surprised if his best friend in first grade was actually a devil in disguise, hell, even the antichrist. Well, he really hoped that wasn’t the case. Aphex and Pi stopped talking in mid-conversation when he neared.

“Is everything okay?” Eddie dared to ask.

“Yes. Just fine.” The deadly word rolled out of Pi’s lips. She was at this stage more heartsick than angry. Nor would she meet Eddie’s eyes now no matter how hard he tried. Some distance was needed until she sorted out why she went over the deep end. Yes she loathed Belle but she’d never flown off the handle before. Maybe this had just been the straw that broke the camel’s back.

On the other hand Aphex couldn’t put a damper on his sarcasm. “Oh. Yeah. Just fine. Nothing to worry about here. Not at all.” Oh he was going to have a hell of a sit down talk with Eddie later, as long as Pi didn’t forbid it anyway. “Listen I was just telling sweet cheeks here that no one back at the school noticed the damage caused.”

“Which is very strange.” Pi added with a faint nod and very soft voice. She tried to stiffen her spine and stop acting like a kicked kitten. Alas it was to no avail. She really wanted that chocolate rightthefucknowthankyouverymuch! She shrugged and the crimson of her skin receded along with bone spurs. Her wings folded in on one another before slipping under the smooth shape of her back too. She wanted to mold against Eddie’s side in a display of ownership, but knew that wouldn’t be right. “I suppose fortunate.”

“Oui, it is both.” As she slipped up behind Eddie, Belle started to reach out but stopped. She wanted to wrap her slim arms his waist and settle her chest against his back, her chin on her shoulder. In the end she was sure that would set off Pi again. Belle might not get off so lucky a second time; she didn’t want a broken jaw or worse. So the wicked princess kept her hands to herself. Her body was already craving his again though, it was most frustrating. Thankfully the flowing white summer dress she’d pulled on hid the most obvious signs of such a weakness. “It there some sort of reason why?”

“I don’t know, Hoffman maybe? Another one of the covens?” Eddie speculated out loud as he looked back toward the campus. There wasn’t any hint of sirens or anyone fanning out to look for them. If this had been back in the States Homeland Security would have already had the place on lockdown and be hacking everyone’s computers. “Though you’d think they’d be right on top of it too.”

“You’d think.” Pi forced herself to take a step back. One hoof split into cute little toes and then the other. She curled them hard into the wet ground to keep herself from falling over. The swirl of emotions was making her light headed. “I… you should get back to the estate. Belle, I’m sorry I tried to kill you.”

In turn Sloth’s daughter raised one shoulder and sniffed as if it wasn’t that big of a deal. Belle was as confused by Pi’s behavior as the succubus was herself. Part of her considered sticking around and stealing Eddie away for the night, but discretion was the better part of valor. She danced back a step and motioned Tangent back over. “Mademoiselle Tangent, you are going to need to repair the classroom before anyone else sees it.”

“Aww. Come on, Belle!” The female imp huffed and tossed the bag down to the ground. Her bottom lip pushed out in a petulant manner even as her flames died down. She’d have to follow orders.

A tinkle of laughter spilled out of Belle. “Now, now. None of that, me petite. I’m sure if you ask very nicely Monsieur Aphex will stay behind and help. Won’t you, Aphex?”

“Oh, shit.” Aphex smoothed a hand over his bald and leathery skull. His only out from a night of manual labor was Pi taking her with him. He gave his mistress a pleading look, but it was to no avail. Her dimples barely showed as she offered up a lack luster smile and waved him off toward the other imp. She well knew the raunchy affection the duo had for one another. It wasn’t right to stand between that.

“Pi, I really think we should just go home.” The ‘together’ was heavily implied as Eddie started at his muse.

The gentle slope of her shoulders rolled and she puffed out a breath. “You can order me to go with you.”

As expected Eddie recoiled from that answer. His face screwed up with some disgust. He blushed when he noted Belle raise an inquisitive eyebrow at that statement. He coughed into a fist. “No, no that’s okay. I… well. I’ll just be at home when you need me okay? Don’t stay out too late., I’ll worry.”

“I’ll try.” Pi’s weak smile bloomed and wilted again. Disappointment was the bitterest of pills. She just wasn’t sure if she was left down with him or herself.

“Come off, Aphie, let’s get to work. If you’re a good boy I’ll let you finger bang me later.” Tangent displayed a flash of needle-like teeth before flitting off through the trees. After a heavy sigh and a worried look to Pi, Aphex followed after. He kept checking back in hope that his mistress would call her back, but she never did.

Belle cleared her throat but didn’t say another word before she headed off in the direction of the schooltoo. She did give them both a wiggle of her fingers and a flash of her smile. There were people to talk to now that she’s gotten a few snippets of what was going on with Pi. What the hell was this about a master and servant contract between the two? She’d have to tap contacts in Pandemonium right away.

That left Eddie and Pi standing there to be awkward and silent. She was the first to take another step away and turn. Despite the summer heat her milky skin pebbled as a shiver consumed her. It felt as if the gulf between her and he was a thousand times wider that it really was. He frowned and took a halting step after.

“Just go home, Eddie. I’ll be fine.” Her black mane swayed along the slope of her back as she barely turned his head. The demoness didn’t dare look back at him for her eyes would betray that she was lying. “I need some air, okay?”

“Okay.” His tone came out defeated. Even though his hand quivered with the need to reach out for her the nerd couldn’t make himself do it. He turned away and started walking, before stopping. His hands slid into jeans pockets before they could fist up. Already terrible posture eroded further. “I’m sorry, Pi.”

“You don’t have any need to be.” The rain picked back up again with a sweep of rain that blew out her hair in a dark banner. The downpour washed the ability for either of them to see one another clearly within a few moments. So Eddie kept walking.

Pi didn’t. Once she was sure that the storm would hide her sorrow she began crying. The path she took deeper into the forest was haphazard and thoughtless. It would be some time before she headed home. She felt cold to her very center in that moment. What had gotten into her?


Session Seven

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