2. Tangents

It was a warm afternoon that was sliding into a temperate night. The fresh smells of spring washed over St. Agatha’s and deeply saturated ever surface. Long shadows had started to spread across the landscape. A gentle breeze tickled at every bit of Aphex’s exposed skin. The sound of two female co-eds making out in their hidden spot where a tree covered a building corner drifted along too, sprinkled with the occasional moan. While the two sexy ladies were probably not going to move beyond heated snogging and heavy petting anyone within earshot might get a bit randy themselves. It was the perfect sort of night to rub one out, Aphex had decided. So that’s what the imp was working on doing.

His mistress was busy with a faculty meeting and would be for some time yet. The demon didn’t have anything else to do so he was beating the ‘little demon’. Not that Aphex would every say his dick was tiny, in fact he was pretty well hung… for an imp. Right now he half-lounged inside a shadowed gable and daydreamed. His tail lashed up and down in counter-point to his claw as it slid along rigid shaft. It was easy to imagine the lesbian’s fingering one another; sharing dollops of love-honey on outstretch fingers to one another’s needy lips. His smoldering eyes were squeeze nearly shut with a few motes of fire occasionally falling out of the side. A long trail of sticky and salty excitement oozed from his tip only to be swept up by palm and moved back down his quivering need. Unlike Eddie the imp knew to be somewhere private when he whacked off. In his imagination the two Lesbos invited him over to join in, needing a stiff rod to get them both over the edge. That probably wouldn’t be the case but sexual fantasies never made much sense. His eyes finally slipped shut and he let himself be totally enraptured by the visions of sugar-plumbing dancing in his wee head. His pleasure spiked and Aphex resigned himself that he wasn’t going to stop stroking now until he came.

A startled whimper popped out of his needle-filled mouth as a small and rough tongue lapped at his ball sack. Halted breaths followed after the small sound and his eyes flew open. The off-white cat lapped at his testicles, dragging her tongue with much appreciation over the seam of flesh between the two semen-filled globes. A soft-pawn settled on his hand to keep it curled in place before she nuzzled at the side of fingers. Then her pink tongue brushed up drags of pre-cum and she started to purr. Her bright burning eyes narrowed with pleasure.

“Tangy?” Aphex nearly choked out the name.

In response the cat sneezed and slid back a step. Infernal fire rolled over her fur. It was all singed away rapidly and the meat beneath rolled as it bubbled. By the time flames reached her tail all that remained to be sculpted into her true impish shape was the tip. It distended outwards in a flare of flesh before constructing back to a heart like shape. She stood up and cocked one her hips to the side, while the tail curled around front and teased at her small pussy. The flat head of the heart-shape brushed up and down the peach-link rise between her thighs. Simmering juices dripped out. “What other cat’s have you had licking your balls, Aphie?”

“Not a one.” He flashed a sharp smile to her as he let go of his cock. Their small voices didn’t carry very far, nor did the smell of sulfur around them. Most wouldn’t find Tangent anywhere near sexy, but she was put together in all the right ways for another imp. Her hips were slim and sharp, aching to spread and have his between them. He could only assume her ass was still skinny as well but just the right shape to roll against his rutting hips. She stroked a hand along the pit of her sunken stomach and over the round of one breast with its flush of rich crimson for a nipple. Tangy had always been a bit top-heavy for her tiny size – not that Aphex minded one bit. Like him she had a sharp chin and upturned nose along with tiny horns. She’d been one of the lucky little demons of their breed to be born with hair on her head. How the rich red mane had never erupted into fire from the constant scalding heat that came off of her skin was anyone’s guess.

“Please, we all know you’ve been tonguing yourself. You sick fuck.” Tangy wiggled her charred body with a great deal of pleased amusement though.

Aphex snickered and sat up. “I’m so not going to answer that.”

“What? I lick my cunt all the time. It’s tasty, or have you forgotten?” The small, but lewd, devil took a step closer. Her thighs rolled with the motion and her smile remained in place. A few wisps of flame danced along her sides.

“And what if I have?” Aphex cheeky response was countered quickly by his rival. The tip of her tail was offered out just above his chapped lips. The heart-shaped bit of flesh dipped like a flower leaf that was too heavy with dew. He gladly stuck out his boiled tongue to flute every last drop down his throat. Now it was his turn to pull.

Tangy, as usual, was as base as her favorite lover. She settled down between his legs while he continued to wallow on her hot juices. Her tender palm squeezed at his sac and she sighed in a heated way. Her teeth were used to barely prick along the edge of his crown. “I caught you right before you sprayed all over your fingers and chest didn’t I?”

“Pretty much yeah. “ As her tail started to curl away his mouth chased after it. His teeth sank into the sensitive tip so he could suckle and wallow. Whatever he said next was muffled by the full mouth.

Even though the bite to her tail hurt the female imp didn’t pull away. Instead she straddled his thighs and stroked steaming labia against the flat length of his meat. When the cock lurched she moaned, more sinful than either woman within earshot. “Well then. I guess I’m just going to have to steal all that cum instead, aren’t I?”

Aphex let go, leaving a trail of saliva between his maw and her tip. “How about I just give you ever last drop?”

“Only if you fuck me hard, Aphie. I’ve been aching to be pounded by you for so very long.” She bucked her hips against his. Her folds spread and let him in, a fresh whimper bubbled out of her when his crown crushed against her clit. “Fuck me, please. I had to track you down by the smell of your pre.”

“Such a greedy slut.” He cackled. Neither of them ever shied away from using the foulest of language. He shifted his hips until he was ready to spread her with his thickness, and he did hard. As usual her inner walls had just enough give for his girth to fill her. As he pushed up in a rough manner she grunted as she spread her legs wider and worked on impaling herself.

“Oh shit. You’re so fucking hard, Aphie.” Her back arched and breasts bounced as they started to copulate. She knew she was embarrassingly wet but it was good to have his rod sinking in deep and already so close to bottoming out. With any luck she’d go away feeling like he’d bruised her up deep inside. “That’s it, split me wide open.”

He reached out and pressed her clit against his cock as he kept rolling his hip in tight brutal circles against her needy hips. His eyes sparked with fresh flame as visible pleasure twitched through her stomach muscles and took hold of her lungs and voice box. She raggedly called out his name. “I take it they’ve not seen-“

She clamped a hand over his mouth, squeezed and scowled. Her tattered wings snapped wide with irritation. “Shut the fuck up and cum in me.”

‘What’s that?” The words only got out when he managed to wiggle his face away. Their bodies kept slamming against one another with a hot wet sound. The fires around them both spread and blackened the black around them. “I didn’t hear you.”

She clawed at his chest and ran sharp nails all the way down his stomach, leaving scalding welts. Her thighs squeezed and inner walls milked at the thick maleness wedged within her. Her needle-like teeth were bared. “Cum in me!”

“Make me.” He savagely pushed his hips into her, driving his cock up until it crushed against the delicate tissue that was the bedrock of her grasping pussy. Oh he knew what she wanted, of course. Even as he said that words the first spurt of seed was frothing up through his shaft. His hands slapped onto her boney ass and held her right there in that spot. Fallow womb was spattered with a jet of cum that was nearly as hot as the fire writhing around them. Neither of them got any words out, their cries mingled with one another’s as the sun set. Their bodily fluids mixed and stirred as well. When all was said and done Tangent rested her head atop Aphie’s quivering chest. Her aftershocks milked every last drop out of her favorite lover.

“That was great.” Aphex finally managed to speak and tried to complain about how hard she’d squeezed his balls. They were aching right now, but the afterglow made it okay. His tongue lolled out of the side of his lips.

The teeny demoness nipped at his pointed chin before licking along his throat. She didn’t mind as their fires danced and burned one another either. “Damn right it was. See I made you.”

“I made you too, Tangy.” Laughter hissed out of Aphex.

“You did. I can’t deny that.”

The male imp stretched out his arms and scratched talons against the angle of their gable. A sight pressed out of his lips before he folded arms under his head. He basked in the shared heat and let his eyes half closed. He’d really missed this, which was a strange thing to realize. Aphex cleared his throat.

“Yes?” She lifted hear head, a wave of her bright hair obscuring one eye as she did so. “Something on your mind, Aphie?”

“Maybe. I’m totally fucking flattered that you came to seek me out first thing. Listen…” Aphex’s voice trailed off as he worked on how to exactly phrase something he didn’t understand. She, in turn, blinked her eyes at him and pressed her sharp elbows onto his chest.

“Yes?” It was hard for Tangent to fight down her smile.

Aphex was saved from delving any deeper into the confusing subject as the roof above them ominously creaked. In time with the moan of wood the recently risen moon hid her face behind clouds. A curl of flowery perfume sliced straight through the stench of sex.

“Oh, shit.” The two small devils said in union as they looked up in dread.

Pi was perched on the pinnacle of the gable, crouched with the sort of grace a full-figured woman should not have. In truth most humans couldn’t replicate the poise that she held, nor the deep seated fury on her face. Her black hair was free of its bun and drifted in a long banner behind her. Her eyes glowed a deep and sinful red. The little black skirt she wore had slipped all the way up one milky thigh which revealed pale stockings and ruffled panties. One hand well-kept nails gripped at the wood under her fingers and her teeth had become jagged. Hell’s librarian pressed her perfectly plucked brows together and a growl – a deridingly unsexy one – trickled down from her. She’d shed her jacket and held it loosely in her other hand, the article was caught in the breeze as well.

“Where is she?” Pi’s question was meant for the both of them. It came out of her mouth so hard it twisted up plush lips. Her expressive chest shifted with every terse breath. “Now.”

Aphex didn’t answer, as he didn’t know. On the other hand Tangent pouted up at the succubus and snorted. One would think that a creature born of carnality would respect this post-coital moment but no… “She’s in classroom 124 in the English Department.”

“Oh…shit.” Aphex spat out. He knew Eddie’s school schedule as well as Pi did. Right now he was supposed to be just getting out of Professor Yew’s class. Professor Yew’s class was in room 124. He didn’t try to push Tangy off of him. He liked being underneath her at the moment. Besides no sort of pleading was going to stop what was going to happen now. He made a face.

“That whore…” Pi’s jaw gritted so hard it sounded like her teeth cracked. The back of the infernal woman’s shirt throbbed as if her leather wings were about to burst free. She had more self control than that, but not by much.

Tangent really couldn’t disagree with that statement. Demons weren’t known for their loyalty after all. When she spoke it was still laced with sarcasm though. “Yeah about that. You should probably hurry. Good see you again.”

Pi didn’t respond. Instead she let herself slide down the side of the gable and was gone over the edge in a controlled fall. Her discarded jacket fluttered in the wind for a moment before settling against the roof tiles as well, tumbling over itself once. A few ink pens went skittering off. The lesbians below screamed as Pi startled them but she didn’t stick around for any apologies. Her heels were kicked off in the middle of running across the quad. She had no concern for her soles or the tearing of nylons. She’d have to stop Belle from taking her Eddie too.

“Thank goodness we got to plow first, eh Aphie?” With a grunt Tangent finally pulled herself off of his soft dick and a mix of spent fluids evaporated into steam as they oozed from her onto his thighs. Part of being an imp was never having to ever sleep in a wet spot, it was nice. She stretched and sighed in a sated way. She did feel bruised deep inside. Tangent shook and by the time the ripple was done was back down on all fours. Off-white fur and a cute cat face were back in place by then. She snapped her tail. “It’s going to be a really long night, you realize.”

“Yeah, yeah. I don’t want to move.” Nevertheless Aphex rolled over onto his hand and knees. Thus when he shape-shifted back into a cat his ass was pushed up right at the fellow imps face. She gave his flank a claw-less swat and curled her head away. He was disappointed he didn’t have a cat fart on cue. Aphex wigged a bit more and headed along to the edge as well. After a glance back to her he launched himself down to the ground below. Even if he was only pretending to be a feline, Aphex still landed on all fours.

Tangent came following after. “So, what is Pie-Thighs up to this time?”

Aphex flicked her with his tail as they both started to stroll toward what was going to soon be a warzone. “I really hate when you call her that.”

“Oh now you take the higher road. Fine.” A kitty sneeze interrupted the woman’s words. The pair ducked under a stone bench so they could rub their spines along it. “Then no calling my mistress Frogger.”

“Oh come on, that’s not fair.” He sighed and dashed along between two of the buildings. “You know I can’t tell you what Pi is doing.”

“How is that not fair? Really, you’ve got a skewed view of things. So you mean it’s her and the big L’s secret project, again.” She licked at her chops and bounced ahead a few steps. Up she jumped to walk along one window sill for a stretch.

Aphex just shook his head and neither confirmed or denied. “What’s Belle doing here? She’s not just trying to stick it to Pi is she? I really don’t want to get in the middle of that again.”

“Nor do I.” A small hop carried Tangent back down to his side. She batted his head against hers, ears twitching. “It wasn’t any fun the last time. Still, she feels this Eddie is supposed to be one of hers. He’s a pretty complicated fellow you know, from a very powerful bloodline. Not anything like Pi’s usual boy toys. So come on, Aphie, what is she up to?”

“You know I can’t say, but I’m sure right now probably screaming at your mistress.”

That wasn’t very far from the truth.

Pi had heard Eddie’s muffled cries of release when she was just a few feet from the door and it made her blood literally boil. She’d recognize that sound anywwhere. Rage moved out of her damned core and made her hand shake violently when it tested the door. While it was locked that did not last long at all. With a hard twist she bent the latch all the way around and pulled until it came free. Even if she was crafted for sex Pi was still a demon after all. Her skin was moving from flushed with anger to an actual red as she pushed inside. Horror and sadness threatened to drown her fury though when she spotted the two of them still attached in the most intimate of ways. Eddie’s abdomen was smeared with the sheen of both of their orgasms. The roil of emotion in Pi wasn’t the same as when Belle had topped Descartes, which was a deep sense of loathing and betrayl. What snaked through her veins was as insidious as it was unknown.

The blonde bitch grinned jagged. She made a quite the show of pulling her ravaged French pink with its downy field off of Eddie’s softening meat and let it slap down to his body. Belle didn’t speak yet. She stretched, radiant and thin. One hand worked on getting her sex-mussed hair arranged once more. Eddie didn’t even look over, nor was he focused on the preening French strumpet. The good thing was he was still breathing even if it looked like he was staring at the ceiling. The young genius didn’t have a goofy grin on his face, or much expression at all. His imagination had been made manifest before him and the poor fellow was too caught up in graphs, formula and concepts twisting and turning in the air – hallucinations all. It was like the secret mathematic proof behind the mysteries of the universe was frolicking above him. Such was a bit too much for his mind to handle – it would be for any mortal. He reached up slowly at the empty air above him and started moving those imaginary numbers.

“I’m going to kill you.” Pi declared and her forked tongue flickered out.

Belle rolled her soft brown eyes in time with long curled horns pushing their way out of her temple. Her already pale flesh lost even more color until it was nearly as pure as chalk. She flexed her hands to the side before scratched at her stomach. Her other hand reached out and caressed over Eddie’s relaxed cock. Her smirk curled up with good humor. “I have to say, Pi, your beau is a fantastic lay. But still, kill? You are overreacting a bit, oui?”

“I’ll show you overreacting!” Nearly any pretext had fled from Pi by the time the door had closed. Her skin was a rich red, bone spurs had torn through the back of her blouse. Her stockings were totally ruined now that only cloven hooves remained. In fact they left scorch marks on the floor as she surged forward. Belle was caught off guard by the torrent off the succubus’ fury. Oh they had fought before, but it rarely went beyond dagger-filled glares and cruel insults. Her small chest caught the brunt of Pi’s powerful shove which crushed the breath out of her. In addition it sent the Frenchwoman flying across the room with a dainty squeak. When Belle hit one of the double-pained windows it couldn’t contain the force of the blow and so she went straight through.

The demonic rival never hit the ground though. Her wings, considerably smaller than Pi’s, snapped open and carried her upwards through the spray of glass. Her perfect skin had only been nicked here and there thankfully. Belle’s eyes were little more than sockets full of yellow flame now. Her petite body flexed elegantly as hell-forge gears pressed on the inside of her skin instead of bones. Belphegoria, Belle for short, wasn’t a succubus. She was the daughter of one of the seven princes of Hell. Her duty to Pandemonium was that of infernal innovation. The better Man’s machines and hi-tech toys the more idle he became. Idle hands did the Devil’s work, it was simple really. Her father, though, was always a bit disappointed with how active she was at her job. It wasn’t befitting the daughter of Sloth at all. Alas parents’ expectations always went unfulfilled – at the moment that was neither here nor there.

What mattered was that Pi was already pushing through the hole she’d made in the wall and out of the side of the building. The Fates were kind because this wall faced away from the central part of the university and into a rolling field and woodlands beyond. After all Belle was already nude and in all her hellish glory. Hell’s librarian followed suit. Pi tore her cat’s eye glasses off and tossed them to the side. At the same time her bra and blouse fully shredded as her wide wings popped free – along with heavy bosom.

Belle’s gaze went wide and she turned gracefully in the air to flee. Her long tail of interlocked steel bones flared behind her. “Merde! You are blowing this out of proportion, mon ami!”

No response came from Pi. Instead she took flight with a heavy snap of leather and followed Belle into the tree line. Her ink-stained fingers became claws as she moved. Little consideration was given to branches; she just smashed them out of her way. Thus a trail of wood flakes and tumbling leaves was left in their wake. Passion was a powerful motivator after all; they had a whole class of crimes named after them.

Then two imp- turned-cats were running now as they turned the corner. They’d heard the obliteration of glass and the mortar around it. No doubt there would be others drawn by morbid curiosity, wondering if some sort of bomb had gone off. They’d only have a few minutes to contain the situation…

“Oh shit.” Tangent skittered to a halt and blinked at the gap in the wall.

On the other hand Aphex kept moving, though with a cautious trot. He was careful not to cut up his paws on the glass as he neared the hole. His kitty ears slicked back against the slope of his skin and an irritated yowl issued before he spoke. “I’m all for a sexy cat fight but this is ridiculous. Come on, Tangy.”

“Are they still in there?” The other minion didn’t move forward just yet. She didn’t want to get crushed. It was the guy’s job to make sure it was safe first after all. Even Aphie should know that. Though, they were both of a cowardly nature.

Aphex was able to overcome his. His forepaws settled on rent brick as he looked inside. Well there was Eddie naked as a jaybird and… stoned? He hoped up carefully, as not to cut himself, and looked around. His tail twitched with agitation. Neither demon-woman was anywhere to seen.

A startled hiss bounced out of Tangent when she spotted a tree deeper in the forest be violently uprooted and toppled over. For a brief moment she caught the white form of her mistress pushed out of the canopy, veer away from a thrown boulder, and then dive back under the green. “Uh. Aphie… I think they’re in the forest.”

“At least that’s away from here. Come on, we need to get the great white knuckler here away before anyone spots him. Or there’s going to be trouble… more of it anyway.” After a glance back at his companion, and a cat-smile, Aphex slipped inside. Pi was obviously more than a little bit mad this time. Usually the two just yelled at one another, threw things. This had crossed a line.

He didn’t bother looking back to see if Tangy was following him. Once he got to the edge of the desk Aphex wiggled his rump as he got ready to jump up – then did so. He cleared his throat and tried not to look at more of the nerd’s pasty and pudgy body than he had to. “Right, I’m sure Belle was fun to fuck but we need to get out of here, Eddie. You need pants… Eddie?”

The mathematician didn’t react. Instead he continued to brush fingers at the open air, like he was on a very bad acid drip. Lines of gore-red code aligned and fell into place with each sweeping gesture. Eddie could feel himself getting closer and closer to unlocking the knot of reality, or would that be severing it? He didn’t really care one way or another. Bits of mathematic code were shorn away from each line as he forced the proof before him to do what he wanted it to do. There was such beauty in it all… and madness.

“Eddie?”Aphex tilted his head to the left.

The once-white cat hopped up to beside her lover. “Is he high?”

“I don’t think so. He’s pretty boring actually. It’s all the cheeseburgers he eats.” Aphex said before butting his head against Eddie’s ribs. “Hey, come on man. Wake up.”

Tangent licked her chops. “Mmm. I could so go for a cheeseburger right now.”

“You so didn’t just say that.” The two cats started at one another after Aphex spoke.

Tangent was the first to blink before she giggled in a girlish fashion. “Let’s just bite and scratch him until he wakes up. We can pretend I never said that. Though for the record one sounds good right now, with extra pickle.”

The pair of imps shrugged to one another before assaulting Eddie with their tiny teeth and claws. In turn, befuddlement washed away from the nerd quickly and he sat up with a bit of a cry. So precarious was his position on the sex-juice soaked desk that when he tried to scoot away from the source of sudden pain he toppled over the side. He hit the floor with another shout and the last ruminants of the hazy secrets of the universe evaporated from his mind. A craving hollowness was left behind. He shook his head and groaned before pushing to his feet, one hand slapping on the table to help.

“What the hell?” Eddie blew out a breath and shivered as the cool air of the first hour of night rolled in. He looked around with little clue as to where he was and what was going on.

“Pants. Now. Seriously.” Aphex tapped on his hand with a paw. In the meantime Tangent was tilting her head and examining Eddie’s maleness. Well, he did have certain attributes that a woman might find appealing after all.

The mortal looked at the two cats in a dim-witted fashion. Then he glanced past them to the hole in the wall. He paled. “Uh. Why… what… where’s… Aphex what’s going on?”

“Pants.” Both of the imps said in unison.

Eddie complied with shaky hands, going commando. He looked about before snatching up the shirt that had been discarded and roughly worked on tugging it over his head. “Why is there a hole in the wall? Where is Dr. Fournier? What’s going on? Terrorist attack or something? I mean, there’s no screaming or alarms.”

“He’s right.” Tangent paced away from the two men and to a corner edge as she looked at the busted door. There were the sounds of others in the hall but it was just students going about their usual business at the end of a long day of learning. Folks were texting away while chatting, others singing along to the music in the ear buds. There were no fire alarms, no one busting in to see what had happened. It was as if the little cell of weirdness they were in didn’t exist. “Aphie…”

“I don’t know, sugar-ass. I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.” Aphex shivered though as the hair along his back stood up on its end. There were too many odd things about St. Agatha’s, hell the whole town of Devonshire that didn’t sit well with him. Maybe it was just because there were so many Satanists in the same place. “Come on, Eddie. Time to go. Seriously though, think about where you stick your dick next time.”

“Shoes.” Eddie didn’t want to cut up his feet. He didn’t even remember getting fully undressed. There were some thinned out recollections of Dr. Fournier doing so, being so hot and slutty at the same time. Oh the way she laughed was heavenly and the way her body squeezed at his. He coughed and sat down at a desk to get his sneakers on. “Uh, who’s she?”

“Tangent. I’m the doctor’s imp.” The once-white cat paced with agitation atop the desk. She jumped off and headed over to the pile of Belle’s clothes. With a swipe of paw she gathered up the outfit and it was whisked away back to Belle’s bedroom with a puff of brimstone. “In his defense though. I think Eddie here has a magic dick. Seriously, the things women do once he fucks them silly. It’s pretty amazing.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” Aphex’s whiskers twitched. He wondered exactly how long his tasty morsel had been spying on them.

“Wait… what?” Eddie stammered.

“You have a magical dick. Or something, hell I don’t know.” Tangy muttered and pattered over to him. “Though it seems like you’re hearing could use some work. Are you stoned or something?”

The mathematician rubbed at his face slowly and sighed. His life had just totally spiraled out of control. Maybe he was just insane and this was all some drug-addled wet dream he was having while soiling himself in a rubber room. “Dr. Fournier a demon?”

“One of the best!” The little she=devil proclaimed before head-motioning to the tear in the wall. “We’re going out that way. Grab your book bag too.”

“Yeah that’s a great idea.” With a nod of agreement Aphex was off for the gap. “Let’s get the hell of out here.”

Eddie cleared his throat, loudly, as he stood up straight. He didn’t bother going for his pack just yet. Right now he really needed to know what was going on. “Why is there a hole in the wall?”

“Pi threw my poor mistress through it.” Tangent hissed. “Is she on the rag or something?”

“Pi did what? Is she okay!” There was no hesitation now. Eddie snatched his bag and double-timed it for the gash in the stone. Broken glass crunched under his feet and worry lines crossed his face.

Aphex jumped out of the way of the human’s stomping feet. Oh sure, now he was concerned. Men! Wait… he was one of those. He should probably congratulate Eddie on plowing another hot broad but that didn’t sit right with him in this instance. “They’re having a cat fight right now. Um, are you okay Eddie?”

“I’ll be fine! We’ve got to stop them!” Eddie pushed outside, wincing as he slashed open his hand on what remained of the window. He didn’t stop though. Neither did either imp as all three of them ran for the tree line.

The Blackmoor heir’s blood oozed downwards but not in the straight line as gravity would dictate. Instead the rich and potent red liquid drew sideways only to be sucked up by the greedy stone of the wall until none remained.

To be concluded

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