3. Make Up Exam

White petals glinted with the sheen of Pi’s honey as she caressed the carnation between her legs. She’d taken only the one flower out of the bouquet when she’d snuck away from her genius’ side. All along the way as she discarded clothing for him to follow the succubus had brushed the silky soft calyx against her body. First she’d used it to tease the nape of her neck, then over one nipple and the other as they grew hard. She used the flower to imagine what Eddie’s kisses on the rigid buds would feel like, then trailed it down her stomach in much the same manner. Because she’d needed to walk down the stairs and to a storage room she’d forgone touching her sex at first, sliding petals over thighs instead.

It wasn’t until she’d bent over an old metal desk, which had to be a product of the 1950’s, that Pi had finally given in. While she waited for Eddie to come and fuck her the demoness had hotly fondled her breast and used fingers and flower to tease her apex. Now that the mathematician had finally followed the sexy breadcrumbs and opened the door she made sure to give him a show.

She purred as he stepped inside. “Well hello, Eddie.”

“Wow.” No matter how many times they’d coupled the poor mortal was still easily awed by Pi. At that moment he felt dizzy as more blood rushed through his veins than was generated form a hard run. He leaned against the steel door frame and watched her.

“Mm. Thank you.” Pi responded as she looked over her finely shaped shoulder. Crimson light dripped from her eyes and forked tongue lashed out before sliding back behind perfect rows of white teeth. Her dark mane was already tasseled and she was more than ready to be taken. Apparently Eddie needed more coaxing though. Perhaps it was the setting that threw him off with all the stacked chairs from a bygone age of learning. There were a few boxes that hadn’t been checked in ages and probably served as mouse homes now against the far wall. The single desk was the only real bit of furniture in the room. Pi’d cleaned off its top some time ago and hidden a few odds and ends here as needed. Which was to mean sex toys in the drawers or in boxes on top. It was obvious that aides weren’t going to be needed tonight.

She cocked her hips one way and then the other to present him with the vision of her dripping folds shifting against one another. Not that Pi looked away as she offered him her behind. The despoiled carnation was pulled over her pussy again and she allowed a few of its petals to intermingle with hers. The hard shudder of breath Eddie let out was music to her ears. There were few better sounds in all of Creation, save that of his hips socketing wet against hers. The very thought made her quake and moan his name. She set down the flower on the desk to free up that hand, the other one was bracing. Her deft fingers slid between her soaked thighs once more and she wasted no time inserting two of them into her, all the way to the third knuckle. She spread her legs wider and put more weight on her leaning arm as she worked at her own inner flame. Rivers of liquid want were brought up by her own fingers and her ass swayed rhythmically. All of it was designed to draw Eddie over.

She grinned with a kittenish sound when he finally pulled his boxers away from his hips and exposed his swollen maleness. He tugged the wet grey fabric down and let it slide to his ankles before stepping out of it. As he moved away from the door it slowly swung close under its own weight. It left them along and secreted, bathed in the yellowed light of the old light bulb in its tin hood above. Wasn’t this more or less the situation he’d been daydreaming about when he first whacked off to Pi weeks ago? If not it was something close. She was already hot and ready for him, needy really. The only bit of clothing that remained on her body was one askew stocking. As she shivered her erect nipples brushed against the cold top of the desk.

“That is a good boy. Come over here and give me that cock before I cum all over my fingers.” Pi gasped the words out. Her body vibrated with such intense feeling of being empty and Eddie needed to make it all go away. Her fingers just weren’t doing it for her, but that was okay. He would be inside of her soon.

A husky laugh rolled out of her as he finally took control of her shapely ass with the firm grip of one hand. His other set of fingers brushed against those of hers that were now retreating out of her greedy sex, trailing sticky strings of excitement the whole way. She slapped the damp hand down on the table as his hips pressed against her rump. There was nothing more that she needed at the moment than to feel the crown of his cock invading her. That requirement was swiftly fulfilled as Eddie first found the correct indentation and then with a grunt pressed her hard against the steel lip of the table.

Her breath was strangled as he stretched her and pinned her with the same motion. After so many days without sheathing his meat within her cunt this felt heavenly. Well, heavenly wasn’t quite the word but it was a relief. The demoness’ body trembled with pent up desire while one of his hands ran up the length of her spine and brushed at the ends of her sable mane. Neither of them said a word but relished the returned connection.

Once Eddie was buried to his root he didn’t pause but started rolling against her back side, hard. He was driven on by the soft plane of her ass as they matched the same tight circles. Whenever his turgid need started to pull away from being snug against her cervix Pi chased after with the press of her full ripe body into him. Whenever Eddie thrust once more he pushed her down and sent rolling waves through her body that came out in guttural cries as she gasped for breath. He’d never fucked her this strongly before, never taken her like some sort of beast. She’d never felt so hot against the sensitive skin of his rod. The dripping friction tugged at his ever sensation. Maybe it was the fact that he could hear the metal creaking in between each slap of his body into hers that made him forceful tonight as well.

It was hard to tell and it didn’t matter.

The succubus’ heavy bosom flattened against cool steel and her eyes squeezed shut. “Harder. Lakes of Fire! Harder.”

Eddie responded to her wishes, dominating her with each plowing motion. Her gathered juices started to spill out and drizzle on the side of the desk or coat his sack with such delicious slickness. He didn’t think about slowing down, or of anything else at all. Both hands took firm control of her hips. One would not be surprised if his fingers left marks of ownership. Surely there were going to be bruises on the front of her thighs.

Not that Pi cared. In the morning to come she’d even relish the purple stripes across her moon pale flesh. It wasn’t some obsession with being owned or submitting. Just a reminder that he wanted to take her like this – that he’d given into his desire. Her back arched and eyes widened. Fingers gripped at the far side of the desk as they become one. Locked against one another with a series of wet sounds she cried out again while he growled in satisfaction.

“Like that?” He finally found words to say. His crown pressed in deep, building pressure at the bottom of her velvet tunnel.

At first Hell’s librarian could only purr. Because of how her body was all bit immobilized and only her rump and thighs could move, quiver really, Eddie’s cock seemed bigger than before. There was just the right amount of discomfort as he remained bottomed out. Tendrils of sweat rolled across her sides, over the round of boobs. Her head fell forward, dark hair spreading like a pot of spilled ink. “Just like that, Eddie. Oh… just like that.”

Perhaps the irony of having makeup sex on a desk as well would dawn on either of them later. For now the sodden carnation had been cast aside as well, settled against a bag full of vibrators and magic bullets. She swore she could feel his balls churning against her labia. He could feel her dusting of pubic hair ticking at the base of his rod and scrotum. Everything was just perfect, or close enough. Eddie’s green gaze narrowed as the reptile part of his brain took full control. Without thinking he reached out and grabbed a few curls of her hair and pulled, not to rip it from scalp.

The controlling gesture ripped a fresh gasp from Pi as she arched as he wanted her too. Right now her body was little more than an instrument for his pleasure, and the same could be same for his and her release as well. Raw nipples slid across the desk’s top. The next time his full length pressed home the warmth at the pit of the demoness’ belly became undone. It wasn’t just her lower half that twitched now but every single muscle of her pussy. She was so close but could not let him know with sounds. So instead her ass pushed back savagely against his body, as if he could actually go any deeper. The tension against her cervix passed the threshold into painful. The instinct of her lust ridden body knew that his cum would have nowhere else to go but directly into her womb. It did not matter that it was a fallow field; it needed libation all the same.

Devilish crimson pushed out every last ounce of white pigment from her skin as she came violently.

So much so that the mathematician felt crushed, and trapped in the most pleasant of ways. Her core didn’t spasm now but rather gripped and milked at his shaft. She didn’t need to vocally beg for his seed, her body did it for him.

Instinct took over Eddie as well. He tried to pull back as far in her vise like grip as he could as her cum gushed out. Then he pressed hard with the skin of his dick dragging against her lining. Indeed there was no place for the first wad to shoot but into the recesses of Pi’s body. In fact he continued to drain each ropey jet precisely where both of them wanted it. His fingers lost strength and she sagged back down to the desktop. Her aftershocks continued to squeeze every last drop out of him.

There was so much cum on both sides of the equation that even as it mixed and pooled there was simply too much for her tight cunny to contain. The excess oozed out of the point where their bodies were joined. From there it dripped down onto the desk, languishing before starting to pitter patter over the edge. The room was filled with such a lovely scent – and their mutual and ragged panting.

The heavy breathing eventually fell off as Eddie slumped forward and started to use his lover a cushion. It wasn’t long before Pi huffed in protest and wiggled until he pulled out of her and slid to the side. She didn’t stop laying stomach down, though. Her body was filled with equal measures of fatigue’s poison and ecstasy’s ambrosia. The last thing the infernal wanted to do was to get up.

“Wow, make up sex is amazing.” The budding genius was the first to speak up as he sat on the cold floor. His head tilted just enough to watch sexual juices run down the insides of the succubus’ legs. One thing was for sure, love-making was always messy.

“Mmm hmm.” For all the world Pi could not sound more like a content cat with her fill of cream. She found strength enough to pull herself to lie atop the desk fully. A few of the boxes full of sexual aides were moved to make room. “Let’s never have to do it again.”

“I thought you said you were fine.”

“Edward. No woman ever means that. Hey? What are you doooOoOOooO.” Her harsh words evaporated into a throaty laugh as he pulled her legs closer to him. Eddie ran his tongue across the soft and currently red field of her leg. The intoxicating combination of their spent desire was salty but a perfect treat when accented with her flesh. He couldn’t explain why he wanted to do that.

He ended the lick with a nip. “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“I know. It is my own fault. After all I said no restrictions. Just please be careful around Belle. She is devious.” Because the lapping at her skin tickled Pi moved her leg away, twisting so she could lay and look over at the edge down at him. It meant they were nearly face to face.

“Aren’t all devils?”

“Nyah! Smart guy are you?” She stuck out her tongue.

“Okay. Okay. I’m sorry.” It seemed like Eddie had changed his tune. “I meant to say aren’t all women?”

“Oh… you.” Pi narrowed her gaze at him, her strong features crushing up in a cute way. The crimson hue faded like sunrise giving into the day. Her skin was creamy white once more. “Maybe I should dump you and start running about with your mates. They seem like better men.”

“Hey!” A whisper of laughter was all he could manage at the moment. Eddie felt so terribly spent. He watched her coal black eyes for a very long stretch before he felt himself blush. He didn’t answer her questioning look and instead turned away.

“What, Eddie?”

“Nothing. Nothing.” He looked back up at her before stretching to get a kiss. His cock was still a bit hard but resting against his leg now. He could feel all the smeared liquid drying cool on his thighs and crotch. It was a lovely feeling. “So. Lots of strange stuff going on. No one noticed the ruined room at all before Aphex and Tangent fixed it. Don’t you find that odd?”

“This is not the pillow talk I signed up for.” After a nip at his lips Pi nodded anyway. “It is strange, yes. I suspect there is more than a few odd wards and magical…things… laced around the campus though.”

“Magical things, eh?” A laugh sprung out of him. Here in this forgotten corner of the basement it felt like the rest of the world didn’t exist.

“Yes. Well you did fuck me silly. I cannot quite think at the moment.” She rolled her eyes and turned away to lay on her back and stretch. Pi wasn’t really complaining of course. A note was made to look into the magical nature of St. Agatha’s a bit more.

Eddie considered bringing up the last deep fugue that he had. The way he nearly lost himself in it. Considering how it came while Belle was impaling herself down on him that didn’t seem like a wise thing to bring up right now. So he let it go, like a nagging cough. “So where is Hell, Pi?”

“Eh?” She tipped her head back toward him, sable tresses spilling free to hang in the air beside his face. A few strings of hair tickled at his nose.

“Where is it? Buried deep in the earth? Some other plane of existence? If you peel back the stars is Heaven just on the other side like the backstage of a theater?” Eddie felt that this was a safer way of asking what was on his mind at the moment.

“Oh. I do not think that they are really concepts I can easily explain. It is all very metaphysical.” One of her teeth raked at plump lower lip as she studied the ceiling. In truth she wasn’t exactly sure where they were in relation to Creation.

“Well it all has to be part of the same cosmos doesn’t it? That means that it works on math, of a sort. Well the connections do at any rate as you said. The more we change our reality with math the more it shuts down the ways between. One would think that means that they all have a mathematical relationship to one another.” Yep, pillow talk went right out the window. Relaxed and mind re-tooled by the sex, and through it the release of the tension between them, Eddie’s brain started working once more. It was coming out in a torrent.

“I suppose so. That does make sense. I have never thought of it that way before.” Pi felt the connection between them twitch as it had so many times before. Not just between she and Eddie but between her and other great men of Math. The young man she had just been plowed by had the power to change the world in the palm of his hands, even if he didn’t believe it. This made her wonder where he was going with all this.

“Have you ever heard of emanations before? The idea that the heavens, or even Heaven as it were, depending on its position and the resonance that it makes because of said position influences every last aspect of daily life? I mean it sounds a lot like astrology of course but the idea that somehow the higher spheres of existence dictate everything has been around for a while. I was reading about it for my Arabic philosophy class the other day.” Eddie’s hands lifted and he made a few wide sweeping gestures to accent what he was discussing.

“It reminded me of a few articles from years back. The idea that reality as we know it is a hologram of sort. That the true existence of it all is another higher plane of mathematics we do not understand and this is all formed by a projection of energy moving through it. Some folks say it is light, other sub-atomic particles depending on what one wants to think. It all sounds very similar to me. All related to a great and grand chain that’s based on mathematical relationships.”

As the mathematician fell silent the demonic muse shifted to focus one of her eyes on his profile. Oh, he was thinking on deep concepts. It was a look she was used to after so many centuries. Thus she’d do nothing to interrupt his reverie; she was here to aid him after all. She had to admit that it made her feel warm and fuzzy, to be needed. “Go on.”

“Well there has to be math that explains that connection I would think. What if that’s the way it all works, Pi. Heaven and Hell do exist, you are proof of that. What if the projection of energy through them is what gives human reality its shape? Yes we have control over it but… but… well I mean that could easily explain why the world becoming more secular cuts off the connections. Like an infant no longer needing a mother’s umbilical cord.” He met her gaze and then swallowed as if the heady idea of it was almost too much to bear. Yes. That had to be what he had been looking at, the formulae that plagued him. Or maybe he was just going mad. “The big bang being the ‘let there be light’ as that energy was first pushed through those filters?”


“What do you mean, oh? Am I right?” Eddie’s eyebrows curved up with supreme wonder.

“I cannot say because I do not know. I am here to stand by your side and to encourage. Not to influence you.” The ideas he put forth though made her spine tingle, with either fear or anticipation, which she wasn’t sure. Out the buxom woman reached and brushed fingers through his sweaty mop. Then in she dipped to get a kiss and be tickled by the scruff of hair around his chin once more. “Why do you wonder about this?”

‘I just. From the moment you mentioned it I suppose. It’s just there at the edge of my mind, growing a bit day by day. We feel like we’re alone in the universe. People are always mocked for believing otherwise. But what if we really are all connected? I mean, I know it sounds like some sort of hokey new age idea. Well maybe not to you. I just feel like if it can be locked down by math then it has to be made on math. The bridges between Earth and these other places. Hell that doesn’t even speak to the ideas of alternate worlds that are all set up by the different angles that that energy strikes the real reality and then broadcasts out. I mean they could be just one difference of a frequency off from us and we’d never know. Not quite all occupying the same space, you know what I mean.” He blinked slowly before pressing the meat of his thumb against his temple. The fugue was threatening to come back. It was at that point, with the way that Pi was looking at him, that he’d let it all out in some strange stream of consciousness way. “Sorry.”

“No. No. It is okay.” She continued to pet his hair. Her crisply perfect nails teased at his scalp trying to sooth him. Worry gripped Pi’s heart, which was softer than any hellish creatures should be, she could see the threads of madness teasing at the edge of her lover’s eyes. That, alas, was a constant worry that came with each genius she mused. The line between insanity and high acumen was very thin indeed. “Why are you wondering about that?”

“Because you told me why you are here in such a blunt way.” His eyebrows slid closer together.
“Pi, did you ever tell the others exactly why you were helping them? I mean the way that you told me?”

The succubus had to think about that longer than she should. It wasn’t that the ache deep down in her bruised core distracted her, nor the ripple of afterglow that welled up. She was trying, honestly, to recall if she ever had. Pi sat up then with a look of confusion across her becoming face. Then she raked at her hair. “I never recall doing so.”

“Then why this time? Why clue me in?” His expression only knotted up further.

The light bulb above them flickered as power fluxed throughout the building. It did not wink out or dim. The mixing of their juices on the floor had long since dried, or so it seemed. In all truth – though neither of them noticed – it had been absorbed into the old tile of the floor. Every last drop sucked into the seams as if on the other side there was someone with a straw. There was indeed something strange about the grounds of St. Agatha’s.

“I. I do not know. I just felt that at the time it was what I needed to say. I am… mmm this is hard to explain.” One of her fine and firm legs stretched out and she tapped the side of her nose with a toe. Oh her current feet were so damn cute! Pi had yet to get over that. “As I have stressed now and again I am not a person, not like you. When we were made we were crafted with a purpose. Some are there to guard a certain minute each and every day. Others to make sure that clouds stretch the way they are supposed to across the sky. Well, not that there are many angels around Creation anymore. Even after the great Fall all of us were given a function. We just work the way we work.”

“That sounds like a terrible lack of Free Will.” The thought horrified Eddie and it showed so strongly in his eyes he had to shut them before his gentle lover could see. After all she was a person, no matter her claims, and he couldn’t stand the thought of every one of her actions being dictated for her.

Lids closed or not Pi still felt his distress. She slid the top of her foot under his chin and tapped lightly. “Such was the real gift given to Mankind. Both a gift and a curse depending on you look at it.”

Eddie’s eyes opened back up but only to small slits. “But didn’t you chose, you know, the whole war in Heaven thing?” Clearly he felt a bit odd even asking the question. After all he didn’t believe in the bible. It struck him them to wonder how much of it was actually literal. Could the fiery Baptists back home be right?

“Did we? Some of us are not so sure.” Pi shook her head slowly, dark hair cascading over her shoulders and settling across the top of her heavy rack. She was starting to realize her nipples had been rubbed raw and didn’t care in the slightest.

“Why did you fall, Pi?”

“I would rather not speak of it.” She dug her lower lip under the front row of her teeth again. “Okay?”

Eddie shrugged and let it go. There was no reason to have a hard conversation now. He felt like things were on the mend and that might break it again if he pressed too damn hard. So yes, best to just let it go. He closed his eyes again but could still see her ravaged beauty in his mind’s eye. “Okay. That’s fine. Sorry to bring this all up. I guess you can just say that sex gets my mind going.”

“I thought it was supposed to put men to sleep.” Her thrumming amusement echoed around the room. The light flickered again and the demoness gave it a bit of a skeptical look. Was there bad wiring down here?

“That’s only when you have it right before bedtime. It makes me a bit hungry and the rush of energy to the brain. Well all the wheels start turning. Is my line of thought really all that odd?” As his eyes opened back up Eddie tilted his head to the left. Then he nibbled at the side of her foot, considered sucking on it. He’d heard that was erotic. How it could be he didn’t have any idea at all.

“Are you going to eat me?” Her smile hinged on a single mote of amusement, mostly because of his contemplating look. For once Pi didn’t even mean that in a dirty way, for now. She sighed expressively. Her bosom shifted with a small bounce as she did so. “I understand. I cannot fathom why you would wonder about such things, Eddie. If you did figure out the math involved, what would you do with it?”

“I suppose that might be the plan, to shut them closed forever.” The mortal shrugged. After all he was just a pawn in a great game here. He didn’t like it every much either. Did he really have free will? Oh hell, he should have stayed quiet about all this. This was starting to give him such the headache. He rested against the desk’s side once more and fiddled with a drawer. “I don’t know. I guess we’ll wait and see.”

“Maybe solving some sort of travel issue that will allow mankind to move into space? Now would that not be grand?” Pi fussed with her hair and found that she wanted a drink of water ever so terribly. She’d have to see to it that Aphex got some bottles of it down here. Part of her considered summoning him, but she didn’t want to ruin the moment. Besides he was probably balls deep in Tangent. Her nose wrinkled but the expression quickly faded.

“Is it really space out there? I mean really?” He had to wonder now.

A small huff bubbled out of Pi and she gave his face a playful push with the ball of her foot. “As I have said a dozen times already, reality is what man makes it. So yes, there is outer space. It is just waiting for someone to figure out how to claim it.”

“Oh. I suppose that makes some sense. Mmm, it’s odd, isn’t it? That it was all designed this way on purpose. Well that it was all designed at all. I mean that just puts a big crack into my world view.” Eddie scrubbed at his hair.

After another slow breath she turned and rummaged in one of the boxes. A bottle of baby lotion was pulled out and given a wiggle before she glanced back to him. Her lips twisted into a sultry bit of smile. Her head was starting to hurt to, along with her heart. She had no idea where this was all going but she didn’t like it. “Enough of this. I want my pillow talk and a rub down. Then all shall be forgiven, fair?”

“I guess?” Eddie blinked but relented when the bottle was shoved out at him. “I’ve not given a backrub before.”

“Then it is a fine time for you to learn. Get up here.” It only took a wink and a wiggle to make room to get Eddie where he needed to be. Pi cooed as the cold cream was drizzled along her back and purred when he put his hands on her. There, that was a thousand times better.

The room was filled with her pleased moans just as it had absorbed all of their sensual cries. Every last word of their very interesting conversation as well as precious juices spilled had been practically devoured by the building. All if it was of great interest to the hungry grounds of St. Agatha’s. It was as if the very plot of land was waking up and demanded more and more to sustain it. How long before mere drops of blood and cum no longer be enough?


Session Eight

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