2. The Stacks

The red stain of demure pleasure on Pi’s cheeks accented the carnations she held against her chin and lips perfectly. Her eyes become fathomless dark pools of contentment as her current charge had touched her somewhere deep down inside, and not in a sexual way either. Though, part of her mind the succubus was already planning for that. With a sigh she drew closer to him, the sweat on her skin mixing with feminine musk and spiced perfume.

“You like them then?” Eddie was snagged by the expression in her eyes, then reeled in by the gravity of her approach. It wasn’t until he tried to rest his hands on her perfectly plump hips that he recalled he was still holding the chocolate bar. So he tapped her ribs with it. “If not I’ve got chocolate too.”

“They are wonderful, but, I still want the chocolate.” She wasn’t the giggling sort so instead Pi thrummed with deep appreciation. She’d never smelled flowers so sweet. With any luck the treat would be the best she ever tasted too.

It took all of Eddie’s willpower to draw back a step and offer up the confection. “I’m sorry.”

“Eddie.” Pi was unfocused for a moment until she recalled why he should be apologizing. The depression of the last few days pricked at the edges of her psyche, so she snatched up the chocolate. First she used the bouquet to tickle his features before setting the flowers on some shelved books. She wanted the chocolate after all. The wrapper was torn quickly. “You do not have anything to be sorry about.”

Now that his hands were free the mathematician settled them where her thighs ended and sides began. He’d say that was his favorite spot to hold his demoness but that wasn’t quite the case. He wasn’t sure he could actually make a fair list, other than all of her. “Yeah I do. I hurt you, and I’m sorry.”

“We have been over this. I’m a succubus. I can’t expect you to not sleep with other people and visa-versa. It is not how this works.” She was still pleased with the apology, a guilty pleasure. She was an agent of Hell, so that was okay. A bit of chocolate was snapped off before she pushed it between her dark lips. Pi wondered what the treat would taste like while she was wallowing on his cock. “Still, thank you.”

“I know, and you’re welcome. It’s just… Obviously it bothered you. I had no idea she was a demon too and that you two have history. I hurt you and for that I’m sorry.” His hands shifted and spread wide against her ass cheeks, which he used to pull her closer. Once her pillowy chest was against his, Eddie finally relaxed. “I don’t like having a gulf between us.”

“Neither do I.” She readily agreed. “It was as cold as a witch’s tit.”

“Abby would take issue with that.” He laughed in a hushed way before his lips sought hers.

Pi was all too content to let him find them. The taste of their tongues and chocolate mixed in a most decadent manner. Her free hand curled against the fabric of the shirt over his ribs and tugged lightly. Ah she could stay like this for hours. “Really. I over reacted. I know she’s not going to seduce you away.”

“She won’t.” Eddie whispered. He decided in that moment that maybe it was best not to tell the sultry woman about what had happened as he laid there nude on the desk. That most recent episode scared him almost as much as having her walk away. He’d figure out what it was on his own, or ignore it. “I take it that has happened before.”

“Yes. Yes it has.” She realized he probably deserved an explanation. That meant they could snuggle like this longer. So Pi drew him back with the sway of her hips and ass before she rested back on the pillar just now drying from her perspiration. With a tug she made sure his weight crushed against her. A bit of chocolate was held to his lips.

As he was a bit pudgy Eddie couldn’t pass up the offer. His tongue brushed at her fingertips before he took it into his mouth. Oh! It actually was pretty good. He was glad that picking the most expensive chocolate he could afford worked out after all. Whew. “Thanks.”

“So. Belle.” A long breath whistled into the succubus’ pretty little mouth. “Where to start?”

“I don’t know.” He confessed.

She chuckled and kneaded her fingers along his flank. “Hush. We used to be good friends, you know. That was… a long time ago. I and her father never really got along though. He always felt I was a bad influence.”

“You? Never.” Eddie grinned and swallowed the chocolate before kissing her chin, then just under it when she tilted her head back. All the affection he had to offer was accepted now. However, if he kept this up she wasn’t going to get her story out. He deserved to know what was going on.

“I said hush.” There wasn’t a trace of an edge to her soft words. “Let me get this all out, okay. And pay attention. I know you’re not very good at doing that.”

“Ha-“He started to try and defend himself only to have her silence him with a press of another chunk of chocolate against her lips. It was accompanied with a heated look. It promised if he was a good boy and stayed quiet there might be an n ever better treat in his future. So Eddie did as told.

Pi winked with the slow brush of lashes. “As I was saying long ago we were friends, despite her father’s disapproval. Now by father I mean Belphegor, the Prince of Sloth. Not that she is not a child directly of course, more a creation, but… there really is not any reason to go into that right now. We used to do everything together, chase men, seduce them and implant the most delicious ideas in their minds afterwards. Oh it was a bloody good time, really. Every day on this green globe was a new adventure and a new chance to expand the horizon of knowledge, after a good lay of course.” Her nose twitched and bust brushed against his chest as memories washed over her. Pi obviously missed that time. “Slowly but surely though things got even more complicated. There were giants in those days, children of the first angels that came down to earth. They were brilliant but… temperamental. Belle always fancied them for one reason or another. I never understood why. I do not have a thing for bad boys I guess. Anyhoo, she didn’t take them all being drowned and their grand civilization, for the time, wiped off of the face of Creation.”

Eddie couldn’t help but interrupt. His hand caressed the side of one of her soft breasts as he spoke though.“The great flood?”

“Yes.” She confirmed. “The ark and everything, though it was a bit different than the story told. Another tale for another time. I was glad to see all the Nephilim and their like go, but as I said Belle was heartbroken. She started to change around then. In addition, I was called into the big man’s office and given this new duty. We started to drift apart… now and again we would meet, very few centuries. I of course had to be freed of the number. I guess she grew curious as to what I was doing, and then envious that it was something big and secret. It all came to a head with Di Vinci. Yes that Di Vinci. He was a brilliant man, not unlike you.” A purr rippled from her and she pressed a bit harder into his groping hand. One of her legs snaked up, inner thigh rubbing against him before leg hooked over. “Well I guess he was just the first major issue. The man was brilliant in so many ways and Belle coveted him for her own. She was stunned to find that I was the one stoking his dreams and inventions. She thought they should be her domain.”

“Wait.” Eddie leaned away from her and peered at her face for a long stretch.

“I said hush. You really do not listen at all.” Pi gave him the most-secretive of smiles, a masterpiece all her own. Then she urged him against her again with her leg. “Where was I. Ah. We had a full falling out at that point. She called me all sorts of names and had Tangent burn a few of Di Vinci’s greatest creations, losing them for all time from mankind. It was a setback, but at the time I was too shaken up by her reaction to do anything. It was hard to have her act like that toward me. Envy is a deadly sin for a reason after all. We did not speak or see one another for quite some time, mostly because I was still bound up in the sacred geometry for great stretches of time. Then I was back in France…”

Eddie nodded. “Descartes.”

Pi pushed out her lower lip and her eyes grew stormy with the distant memory. “She waited until I was out and then seduced him right out from under me. All the while she claimed it was to get me back for fooling around in her domain, as she worked to try and change him over to one of her toys. It was… well it was a mess. I did not get to do as much as I should have done with him. It really was not a matter of losing his, mmm, affection because after she poisoned him with lies he would never touch me again. It was more that ultimate betrayal from her, that final break away from the friend I once knew. Since then every few times I am set free she is there trying to muck things up again. I do not seek her out; in fact I try and stay away. Which is hard on poor Aphie.”

On reflex he kissed her lower lip until she sucked it back in, he didn’t like seeing her sad. It didn’t suit the sexy woman he knew one bit. His thumb pressed against her nipple even though it was under both shirt and bra. “Why?”

“Oh he and Tangent are pretty close. Let us just leave it at that, shall we. So that was why I reacted so terribly the other evening.” Pi admitted with a small catch of breath. She still couldn’t explain it accurately. That wasn’t the point. Her forehead settled against his and strands of her sable hair caressed at his cheeks. “I had thought she had gotten her hooks into you, too.”

“So it wasn’t because you felt betrayed then, but because you’re afraid of losing me?” The question was innocent as it slipped past Eddie’s lips as they still hovered so close to hers.

The words drover her thrumming into even deeper tones at first. Then what he said and her reaction sank into her rational mind and the succubus’ spine stiffened. That could not be the case, Pi wasn’t human after all. She didn’t have feelings in the traditional sense. Maybe it was just a sense of ownership that Belle had tramped on, yes that had to be it. “You are not going anywhere. We both know that, so do not be silly.”

“Only if you promise not to be.” He quipped back and started to unbutton her shirt with one hand. The other slid around and wiggled toward the zipper of on the back of her skirt. As usual she stirred the nerd’s blood to the boiling point and there was only one way he was going to let off steam. Well, a stream anyway… the words rhymed for a reason.

“I do not know if I can do that.” A hot breath pushed out of her plush lips and washed against his. She turned her body so soft bosom brushed across his fingers to help get her top off. It was said there was nothing better than make-up sex. Pi reached out with one shaky hand to set her precious chocolate down somewhere. The stretch of her body let flowing juices barely trapped by sodden panties to fill the air with the deep scent of her excitement. “I need you to fuck me.”

“Elllllloise?” Ivy’s voice rang through the basement level, almost sing-songy in its timbre. The jingle of a few extra chains on her pants and the clomp of her stompy boots reverberated off of walls made of stored knowledge. She whistled as well before making a put out snort. One had to assume that Locke had to be with her because of it. He fought the constant losing battle to keep her in line.

Eddie groaned and his head rested against Pi’s again as he smiled in an annoyed way. Well hell, that put a damper on his plans. He pecked her lower lip lightly before whispering. “Do you think if we’re quiet they’ll go away?

“Are you down here, Ms. Baker?” It was Locke that spoke up this time, confirming that he was around as well. The siblings could be heard moving along the central walkway at a slow pace, trying to find her.

A pretty pout preceded a frustrated sigh from Pi. Her leg slid down off of Eddie’s rump before she gave him a small push. It wasn’t that she wanted him to move away, nor was she ashamed of their affection for one another. It just wasn’t appropriate at the moment, though a large part of her considered going on with the fucking anyway so folks would know Eddie was hers… but he wasn’t. Her dark brows pressed together in consternation. “Probably not. Here fix your fly and try and look presentable.”

Eddie, of course, mistook her look for one of disappointment. It was what he felt deep down inside too. He nodded and tried to will his boner to go away as he pulled here and there to try and get his clothes back on straight. In the meantime, Pi took a step to the side and forced the hem of her skirt back down into place before deftly sealing back up her shirt. A few long lines of liquid desire had made it out of her panties, though, and stained the top of her stockings. Hopefully the smell wasn’t too strong. She tried to ignore the knot of need that bunched up in her stomach, as well as drown any thoughts of ownership. Why did Belle have to come along and ruin everything?

“Foo.” The demoness stroked her nails along her lover’s jaw as she stepped around him and peeked around the corner. Her soft mouth formed a tight O in its shape and she looked over the top of her steamed up glasses at the aristocratic pair.

It was Ivy that spotted first and waved so hard it sent her whole body wiggling. As usual she stood out in stark juxtaposition to her brother. While Locke had a prim and pressed white shirt with a suit jacket and jeans that looked like they’d never been worn, Ivy was in one word punk. She had baggy trousers that pooled over the top of her shoes to the point where only some of the while soles could be seen, and the pants were black and green checkmarks. She had a few chains hanging from a thick leather belt into one of the pockets. Her short blonde hair was spiked up and slicked back at the same time and she wore a sleeveless t-shirt depicting some entity made out of spaghetti noodles, meatballs and cartoonish eyes. Pi was sure she’d met something that looked closed to it at some point.

“Eloise! There you are.” Ivy bounced in pleasure and took a few extra steps to get to her first.

Locke, on the other hand, simply shook his head and looked skyward after rolling his handsome eyes. The smirk he had was worn in a heroic manner that fit his usual demeanor. He strolled after his sister, taking a look now and again down the stacks as he passed them. He was certainly more guarded than his sister, but the world took all kinds.

When Ivy offered an enthusiastic hug Pi gracious accepted and gave the little bundle of energy a firm squeeze. She didn’t dislike the quick and ‘accidental’ brush of the woman’s hand against the side of her backside either. It was nice to be desirable and really it wasn’t like Eddie had any right to be offended. The sedate hooligan sniffed slightly as she pulled away and shivered when she gleaned the edge of feminine arousal in the air. It started up her own engines, though in that instant she noticed Eddie standing back a few paces and instantly sulked.

“Oh, hello there.” Ivy offered in a hollow way.

The tone caught Eddie off guard and he coughed into his hand. His cheeks took on some color. “Hello there, Ivy. Good to see you too I guess?”

The slight lesbian’s eyes traced to the flowers in one direction and then the chocolate in the other. One could almost see every second of her becoming crestfallen in slow motion. Her lower lip pressed out and started to shake. “I guess. We’re interrupting something.”

“No. No.” Reaching out in a sympathetic manner Pi tapped on Ivy’s lower lip. She did feel a bit let-down when there was no nip to follow. She’d work on that later. Yes it was true that poor Eddie was getting cock-blocked but that would make the sex later all the more desperate and hot. “We were just talking, it is okay.”

“If you are certain.” Locke offered as he drew up behind his sister. He looked from Pi, to Eddie and then to the various articles of apology lying about. It didn’t seem that he noticed the musk in the air. Either way though the dutiful brother reached out and settled a hand on Ivy’s shoulder to calm her, which worked. “Edward, it is good to see you.”

“Eddie, please.?” A fresh cough popped out of the mathematician and he moved a step closer to Pi. An apologetic smile was flashed to Ivy before his glance shifted back to Locke. “You two are looking good. Eloise is right though, there’s nothing to worry about. We were just talking. If you two need her for a bit…?”

The siblings shared a look with one another before Ivy moved back and around behind her brother. She gave him a little shove then dug in her purse for some gum. Right now the poor girl needed to occupy her mouth with something other than pouting, she was feeling crushed! Though, truth be told she’d get over it soon enough. “You’re up, Locke.”

“You are too kind, Ivy dear.” Color brushed into Locke’s face. He did not falter though, his hands skid into his pant pockets. While his posture did relax there was still something regal to it that never went away. His chin lifted ever so slightly. “We were going to invite you, both of you, over to dinner this weekend, along with Abby. We are going to have an affair on the lawn with several friends and business associates. We would like for you to be there.”

Eddie felt like… a bit of a third wheel, or was it a fourth or fifth in this situation. It didn’t seem like he originally was going to be on the invite list. To be fair he didn’t know the Wolsey’s all that well. He’d always been on the fringe of Abby’s interactions with them. “Um, sure.”

“We would be happy to be there. What sort of fete are you throwing?” Good humor rested on Pi’s eyes. She winked to Ivy hoping to cheer the young woman up. It didn’t work so she looked back to Locke. Really she figured this was all a reason to get close to Abby, but she didn’t mind feeling used. Her hands settled on the swell of her hips. “I hope there will be games and all sorts of decadent food.”

“We were thinking of hiring a caterer from Ipswich that does… and correct me if I am off base, Eddie… Southern United States barbecue.” Locke looked to the American for confirmation that he was saying it right. Once the nerd nodded the dashing blueblood continued. “Splendid. Yes, we thought it would be a good chance to mix things up a bit. One can only eat so many finger sandwiches and sip at tea, I am afraid.”

“I told him we needed to do something bold.” Ivy finally found her voice again.

“Well, you can’t get much bolder than southern bar-b-que. “ When Eddie pronounced the word he put the right emphasis on the way it should be said, to help them in the future. He could well imagine that most of the Englishmen were going to find good down-home cooking a bit too strong and spicy for their pallets. The gravy and sauces and here just weren’t the same. He could feel himself salivating already. “Like Pi said, I’d be happy to be there. What day and time?”

“Saturday evening, whenever you have the chance to come over. Mmm, I am sure you can show use the proper Yankee way to eat things?” Locke offered out a handshake as he slipped forward a step. His smile bloomed all the wider.

“Well, a good southerner would say that a Yankee can’t do anything right.” Eddie chuckled for just a moment before his sound trailed off. None of the other three had any clue why that was funny, and it showed in their expressions. He weakly laughed and shook his head. “Nevermind. I’ll do what I can.”

“Fantastic!” As she slipped back to Eddie’s side the succubus gathered up her flowers and her chocolate. “Was that all that you came down here for, Locke? I mean, I am flattered that the two of you came all this way just to ask me… us.”

That confirmed to Eddie that Pi suspected the same thing he did. The mathematician made sure he didn’t frown. He was as comforted with her drawing near – as Ivy was uncomfortable about it. In fact the impish lady flashed them both a weak smile and a wiggle of fingers before retreating back out of view. Ivy reached out and tugged at the back of her brother’s shirt as she did so, pulling the fabric tight against toned chest. “Come on, Locke, we should let them get back to what they were doing.”

“Oh. Yes. That we should.” Locke’s cheeks speckled with a deeper hint of red. “Please, pass along the invitation to Abigail.”

Eddie grinned in a sly manner, without a hint of jealousy. “You could ask her yourself.”

“I… no, no. It is better this way. I expect to see you all this weekend then. Good day.” After fighting down a small tremor of fluster the dutiful brother followed after his sister. He stopped after turning and cleared his throat. “I do understand that it is a violent change of topic but have you had any run ins with Mr. Chadwick over the last few days? We saw him about the campus on our way here. He seemed… incensed.”
“Oh, yeah I ran into him earlier today. It’s a bit of a long story. He shouldn’t be bothering Woody anymore, if we’re lucky.” A nod proceeded Eddie’s pleased-with-himself grin.

Locke tilted back toward them. A few strands of pale hair perfectly curled against his forehead. “Splendid. Just be careful, Mr. Vance. He is the sort whose reason is often overpowered by their temper. If you have any trouble, please let us know.”

The far more slovenly fellow dipped his chin. “Why?”

“Richard and I go way back but alas we parted ways in the middle of primary schooling. If we had not, well, perhaps his ungentlemanly behavior would have been corrected. I suppose it is not meant to be. I was the first to stand up to him, successfully.” Locke smirked, full of a supreme confidence in his own ability. It bordered on arrogance. “Needless to say his mother and mine had words as well afterwards. I would be weary of the Widow Chadwick. She is a harpy.”

“Literally?” Eddie was only half-joking. He’d not be surprised at all if that was actually the case. It wasn’t like his life made any sense these days.

Locke titled back to look at Ivy, who was sulking at him. He lifted one finger and a sympathetic smile to his poor little sister. He full well knew that her heart was breaking right now. He could only imagine how hard it was to be a homosexual at times. Your dating pool was cut down drastically and too many crushes ended up being straight. Though, he had thought that Pi was into girls from pervious interactions. “Not as far as I know. That might explain, genetically, for the small size of Richard’s brain though. Just be careful, okay? I would not want to see any of you three harmed by him lashing out.”

“We will.” Eddie said and Pi echoed.

The demoness with a heart of gold instead of the black charred muscle she was supposed to have felt terrible for Ivy too. In truth she’d be happy to have the little ball of energy’s face wedged between her thighs or to scissor with her. However, no one but Eddie would do right now. The idea of he and she getting back to it once Locke left made her inner walls flutter. She had to hide her sinister smile as an idea popped into her head. She leaned out and gave Locke a chaste, for her, peck on the cheek before retreating back to lean against the column once more. This way she could see both Eddie and Locke’s asses when the brother turned to go.


“Good. Well, I cannot think of anything else to talk about, at the moment anyway. Remind me at some point, Edward that we need to speak on a few other things.” Locke tugged his hair back into place with a simple brush of hand.

“Sure thing.” Eddie was a bit confused as to what that might be. Hopefully Locke wasn’t going to ask for his permission to marry Abby or something archaic and English like that. It would be silly. “Take care, it was good to see you.”

“It was good to be seen. Good day.” Locke nodded and then hurried off to catch up with his sister.

Eddie took two small steps forward and peered around the corner after them. Locke wrapped his arm around Ivy’s small shoulders and pulled her close as she leaned into him. Plainly the poor lesbian’s fantasies had been dashed to pieces by walking in on Eddie and Pi.

The geek had to admit he felt a little bad about that. There was nothing he could do about it, though. He sighed softly and hoped that Ivy would get over that soon enough, she seemed like a nice girl. Oh sure, her taste in clothing was god-awful but he figured that she was just trying to step out of her brother’s shadow in the starkest manner possible. It made Eddie wonder what their parents must have been like. At least the Wolsey’s weren’t snobs.

Out came a small sigh before Eddie turned back to say something to Pi about the whole incident. All he found though was her crumpled blouse discarded on the floor. A smile forged its way across his lips. The succubus wasn’t one for subtly where sex was involved. Apparently she was still as stirred as he was. Eddie tugged at his shirt collar and didn’t bother picking the clothing up as he moved along into the small side halls along the walls. His hell-born nymph wanted him to follow a candied trail to her and that’s what he’d do.

He had to walk along, looking up and down every row until he found her bra hanging from the side of a corner book. That he picked up and gave it a small sniff before letting it fall to the floor. It was getting difficult to walk with his hard-on. The ache to push deep into the warm wetness Eddie knew waited at the end of his scavenger hunt was almost too much to bear. In a bold move he pulled off his t-shirt and tossed it against a wall. It wasn’t like he had a muscled chest to flex but he do so anyway. There was something about being desired by a sensual goddess of a woman that emboldened even the smallest man.

At the end of all the stacks was Pi’s little black skirt. It had been shimmed out of and left to pool on the floor. He nudged it with one foot before looking around. Eddie didn’t call out her name, nor could he hear her breathing. He did take the chance to lean against the lacquered wooden wall and toe off his shoes, then slip out of his jeans as well. The scent of her greedy sex saturated the air now, so he knew he had to be getting close.

This was more than a bit daring because there was a fine risk that someone might wander down into the basement looking for an old book and they’d be found out. The thrill of that ‘danger’ brought his blood up to a fine boil and onward Eddie trekked.

Eventually he found a door he didn’t know existed in the far wall. The green painted metal aperture had been left open just a crack. Pi’s soaked panties hung from the latch. His fingers couldn’t resist picking them off. He ran the damp fabric between his fingers, feeling the vicious way her drippings glided across the skin of his fingers. It took little more than recalling what it felt like to have her walls covered in the same stuff pressing against every side of his meat to make his cock lurched. The front of his boxers speckled with ejected pre-cum. Oh he was going to plow her hard when he finally caught up with her. Eddie figured that was pretty much the point of this merry chase.

He opened the door and descended even though he had no idea where he was going. The stairway was metal too, the raised and worn stuff that he recalled from the playgrounds of early childhood – before everything was crafted out of garish plastic for safety. Loose hanging florescent lights held up by old wire lit the way. The walls had become bare cinderblock and the floor below cracked and stained concrete. This wasn’t the usual place Eddie would walk into alone, but he trusted Pi with his very soul. Perhaps that had been his first mistake but the truth of that would come with in time.

“Pi?” He asked once he got into the short hall below. It wasn’t readily apparent where his infernal lover was exactly. There were two wooden doors on either side and then one more down at the end of the hall that had a sign with a skull and lightning bolt on it. That couldn’t be where she’d gone. He let out a relieved breath as he caught the slightest sound of her throaty amusement. Okay then he had to pick the right door, but which one. The first one on the right was locked. As was the first one on the left.

“Ah!” The next one on the left wasn’t only unlocked but one of her stockings was hanging from it. He’d always hard that the code for ‘we’re having sex’ as a college dorm was a sock. Did that apply to women’s leggings as well? It didn’t matter. Eddie opened the door and headed inside anyway.

“Well hello, Eddie.” Pi hummed full of sibilation intertwined with excited hiccups of breath.

To be concluded

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