1. The Devil’s Number

Eddie unfocused his gaze enough to notice a tiny white spider dangling three feet or so just above his outstretched legs. His brain drifted from the problem at hand to the small creature. The little eight legged killer was one of those motes of an arachnid no bigger than a pencil tip, swaying on an invisible string. He blinked until verdant green eyes sharpened and wondered if spiders were capable of hanging there for the fuck of it, to feel their body sway in the air currents with some sort of thrill in mind. Or was it part of the spider’s nature, its duty, a rote act that imitated a human’s joy ride.

“Oh geez.” Fingers skimmed across the surface of one eyebrow and he blearily looked at the time. 2:13 in the morning and it was still raining outside. That’s all it seemed to do here in England. Which wasn’t all that bad as long as he was inside listening to it soothingly patter against time worn stone. Running around in it on campus however was frustrating. He didn’t enjoy having to sit sodden through every class. He rubbed at his jaw line and the light stubble. Trying to grow a beard was often the first action of every man once he gained left home. He peered at the dregs of tea. Hell he should get to bed and stop tooling around with this silly cipher. This whole thing was a joke thesis after all; Professor Atherton’s proof that even mathematics could be as superstitious and subjective as anything else.

With a creak of chair Eddie leaned back and focused on the screen as more letters were being pulled out of the string of pi torturing his computer at the moment. It had been a bitch and a half to come up first with the coding to list pi out in such a way that didn’t make the meager processor twitch. Then he had to custom make a program to take slices of it and translate it via cipher. Even finding a code breaker hadn’t been easy, at least one to help illustrate this devil’s number legend. Sure the idea that the universal constant the real world was based on was actually something infernal wasn’t a new one. Superstition had been around since before the first stone of this damp manor had been laid and would remain long after it was dust. A few conspiracy theorists had even claimed the whole of human history, including the ‘end times’, was listed within this value that never ended. To Eddie it was another clear reason why science and religion should never mix.

Out went a long breath and he gave the last of warm tea a swirl then pulled back up to sit properly. Outside the rain struck harder against glass and stone in a mad rush to join all the water that had come before it. Yeah it was definitely time for bed, this cipher he’d come across by chance in the family library wasn’t getting him anything more than gibberish. It was best to just let it run its course overnight and mock superstition in the morning. There was a knock at his pitted door. Eddie made a light sound and stretched tall.

“Yeah?” As he shifted in the rolling chair Eddie shot a glance to the strip of empty pasta cans with forks sticking out that sat on top of a bookshelf near the door. Eyes moved to the clothes scattered here and there, the stacks of books and notes everywhere and he realized that it looked like a typical guy’s room of his age. That was embarrassing. At least he hadn’t hung the bikini calendars he’d bought, yet. Those really were as close to any action that the young mathematician was going to get it felt – college or not- along with the stash of porn under his bed. The person knocked again. “Come in. I’m up.”

With a creak Abby’s sweet and currently moistened curves were backlit by poor electric lights in the hall. The whole place needed to be rewired which was why Eddie had his computer plugged in a rather hefty UPS. She took a moment to just stand there and drip and he took the same moment to look over his distant cousin’s frame. There was a reason why other guys on campus turned their head when ever Abby walked by and it started with a fine set of hips and the apple shape rump attached but didn’t stop there. Wet blouse was plastered to her bosom, clinging perfectly under their cleft below and down into the crevasse of warm toned skin up top. Self conscious and perhaps aware that it wasn’t an entirely familial cast to the eyes on her Abby picked at the shirt stuck to her soft stomach before pushing chocolate hair from aristocratic features highlighted with an exotic brush.

“Eddie? What are you still doing up?” Her voice held the local accent with a pleasant spicy undertone. Slick hair was settled behind studded ears which in turned caused small rivulets of water to slither down her neck, dip toward breastbone.

“Ah!” Eddie leaned forward and turned the screen lightly in her direction, mostly to prove he wasn’t watching streamed porn – again. A light grin slid across her sharper features and made her face all the more lovely. Her father had met her mother while on a business trip to India. Eddie tilted back and self- consciously picked at his own dark brown mop of hair which probably needed to be trimmed. “Just doing homework, Abby. Forget you umbrella?”

Her sneeze made a cute noise as the Englishwoman brushed rain water from her nose and found herself musing over his sturdy shoulders. Really she’d have to sculpt him one of these days. Fingers moved down to push at the side of her jeans, over hips every man wanted to rest in. “Some wanker must have swiped it when they left the studio earlier than I did. Oh you should have seen the model tonight. Eddie.” A laugh bubbled from her throat. “One of those women who just knows how to sit in the right way to make curves enthrall. I think she said she’s in your literature class.”

He gave her a dim blink and a shrug before leaning back in his chair once more. Bare toes were wiggled and he angled the better part of his ‘bearded’ face to her. “Who was she?”

“Ah.” She sucked in wet and dark hued lips. Subconsciously Abby had always envied such women for their feminine ease, never realizing that even now she was striking quite a becoming poise. “Martha maybe?”

“Marti?” He turned the screen back as more gooble-de-gook slipped into place. He closed a few programs in the background before setting mouse into its charger further along on smoked glass desktop. “Really short blonde hair?”

“Yes.” Abby slowly peeled the front of her shirt away from her skin, giving it a wiggle and leaving more of her dampness on his doorstep. “Been checking her out then? I don’t blame you.”

“Abby.” He scowled her rather than admitting the truth.

In response she thrummed a giggle before slipping out. “Well I need a warm bath and a good night’s sleep. Don’t stay up too late, Eddie.”

“I won’t.” They shared a hushed look around the edge of the door before it was shut and she was gone. Eddie wished he had more tea to help wash away the dryness of his mouth now. Yes he’d checked Marti out but Abby too, and far more frequently. Why’d she have to throw in the bit about taking a bath? With a sniff the American tilted deeper in his chair and kicked back up his feet. Outdoors the rain turned it up another notch. He just closed his eyes and listened to the steady rhythm and his computer chugging along.

When Eddie snapped back awake after dreamless sleep the storm hadn’t abated any In fact it sounded like hell on earth had been unleashed out there and he better find an ark before it was too late! The lights in his room were off. He tried to focus on his clock finding only a blank and lifeless black face instead of anything digital.

“Ahh shit!” He flicked mouse from its cradle and tried to catch it with sleep numbed fingers and aching back. It was enough however to kick his computer monitor back to life and he was both surprised it was still running and that the UPS wasn’t buzzing away. Lightning illuminated his room, backlit the flat screen. “Eh?”

Even as his strong fingers caught the mouse tight he concentrated on his cipher program. It was still computing even though its task bar said it had finished. Red letters drifted over ebon background aligning in a fell pattern as warm air seeped from the walls. Another stroke of lightning startled Eddie and so closely the thunder followed. With a yelp he fell. The back of Eddie’s rather nice chair smashed against the rug and stone beneath before he was spilled out of it. Mouse skittered across the floor and under elderly four poster bed, nesting in a pile of popular mechanics and skin mags. He heard the glass of his desk crack in time with knee nearly hyper-extending. Light burst behind dark green eyes and it took a moment for him to concentrate. In the haze of pain he pushed up to his elbows and blinked heavy looking at his computer screen. The numbers had settled in their place. Again lightning spread across the room casting shadows – some of which ground against one another on the wall and others crawled across the ceiling. The crash of thunder afterwards made senile light fixture sway but his computer kept running without even a flicker.

Several of the twisted letters surged bright to form two circles and Eddie swore he could feel them boring into his gaze and the soul beneath like a pair of eyes. He yelped again as they digitally imitated blinking not once but twice. Before his eyes the edges of letters turned white here and there, sketching out a ghost of face. The air had grown stifling and his ancient wavy window completely covered with a sheet of slick water. A final cascade of thunder and lightning knocked the computer out. Its fans slowly whirred to a stop and the screen cracked from one side to the other before dying in a smoking instant.

For the first few seconds there on the floor with cheap rug against his forearms and elbows Eddie drowned in a state of sensory deprivation with how utterly dark and still his room had become. Then he remembered a sense of touch as static risen fibers tickle the hair of his arms. Hearing came next with the dying down wash of rain against the wall along with his own strangled breath. The dampness in the air had become muggy, his mind deduced a reason: The heat from overloading UPS and computer. When smell returned the student expected the stench of acrid burning and was only partially disappointed. He sniffed again, the lingering smell wasn’t pleasant but it wasn’t the usual melted wire and blown circuit board he was used to from a nerdcore youth. That and it was muted by something moist, stirring, feminine and hot?

It was then Eddie realized it wasn’t just his breath in the room but there as a low sweet panting. Soon after someone’s smaller ankle was pressed against the inside of his knee. Eddie’s book smart brain took another moment to process that he wasn’t alone in his room. Had he blacked out and Abby had come in to see what was wrong?

“Oh!” The woman’s voice wasn’t Abby’s playful posh but instead smoky and mature. Her ankle stroked down along the inside of his leg as she crouched, his inner thigh was brushed by knee. Fine boned fingers which leaked sensual heat pressed to his quivering stomach, doing little to still it especially when long nails creased together over the top of his shirt. “Are you hurt, Edward?”

“I. I’m okay?” Really the man wasn’t sure with the fact his bones hurt and now apparently a woman he didn’t know and couldn’t see was looming over him. Male want slithered out of the pit of his belly before wrapping around his root and tickling at the bottom of balls. The feeling was only inflamed as he heard her body shift over his, felt warmth intensify as she drew down closer. The hand on his stomach flatted once more before pushing its way up slow and resting over his heart. More heat consumed his flesh and was carried to every limb by the quickening organ.

“Are you sure?” The nameless and faceless woman fretted and the nails of her other hand brushed against his temple to sooth. Eddie’s aroused manner wasn’t helped at all by her knee gently nudging into his crotch. Yep that breast was bare as it teased over his hidden pectoral. He was tickled by nipple hardening as she breathed in with slow throaty sounds. “You took quite a spill there. I am terrible sorry, Edward.”

With a blink Eddie recalled he actually had hands and arms attached to them and up they were raised first with the intent to push this sudden woman away. One brushed over her side finding skin smooth and ribs beneath a pleasant amount of padding. The other curled over her shoulder and despite discovering soft flesh he also brushed against hard bumps as well. It was the purr that rolled from her hidden lips that made his will weak, the way her flank spread with fresh fever and goose bumps under his hand. “Really, I’m okay. Who are you?”

At least his mind was functioning enough to ask that. Her knee expertly turned small circles against his sack. The mathematician also wondered if she’d brought a cat with her because he was certain he felt what could only be a tail thumping against his shin, caressing at ankle.

“Yours.” Hum became something hotter, reverberated in her throat. He could smell her breath now filled with desire and worry. Soft hair grazed at his cheeks for just a second, teased before giving in and caressing at outer temple and the top of jaw as well as the outline of his face in between. He knew, just knew, her lips were mere inches from his. Pounding male heart stopped as a brimstone smoldering glow highlighted not just her becoming eyes but the lashes before them. It was the same feeling he had now as when the computer screen was staring at him. She licked at her lips. “I am glad you are okay. You can call me Pi.”

Her hand raked nails back down from his chest to abdomen so slightly more than a handful breasts could press in. Slowly but surely Pi molded to his body, back half bucking in slow sweet movements as it was raised in the humid air, after all her knee was still going above and beyond its duty.

“Pie?” Eddie groaned out, his face unconsciously leaned into her fingers and then there was a crack of bone under his neck and the groan become a whimper and hardly one of pleasure. Stars shot through his eye orbits. “Ow! Shit!”

“Oh dear that does not sound good at all.” With much concern and a pitiful mewl Pi pulled herself away from him and thus Eddie’s hand on her shoulder slid along in a way just so to accidently pull across the top of one tit. She gasped and chuckled feminine and low. “Now now.” Her long fingers curled around his wrist and pulled it to the side, down to the floor. “None of that yet. You need to rest young man.”

“The bed.” His mind and neck said yes but that now stiff cock twitched out Morse code for no. Her knee responded by brushing over the flatness of his girth before Pit started to stand. After his hands left her body they were captured by hers and warmly so.

“That sounds like a wonderful idea.” Her rich and proper accent popped with pleasure and visions of rumpled sheets and creaking mattress. There was a snap of leather just a second before the glass of his desk shuttered. She cried out in surprise in time with pencils smashing to the floor, papers sliding and floating everywhere in the air, and the already broken monitor cracking tempered glass below it when it fell.

Eddie sat up a bit faster than he should have but didn’t let go. “What was that?”

“Uhhhh.” Pi cleared her throat and made a soft caught sort of sound. “I shall explain when we have you comfortably settled into bed. No need to get hurt more, Edward.”

“Eddie.” With a grunt he let her tug him to standing. The storm had fallen to a hushed windswept beat. He didn’t want to let go of her hand. There was that damn teasing of a tail again but it was too long to be a cat. Around one leg of his it stroked slowly. He started to stay something but stooped as she stepped away and started leading him in the direction of the four poster bed backwards so she was still facing him. From the sound of it she was wearing high heels.

A small stool was displaced as she moved along, he heard it thumping. “Tch! Damnit.”

“Are you okay?” He cleared his throat and focused on her glowing eyes. There was something serpentine to them and somewhere deep inside the rational voice was telling him to run. However common sense had long since been brutally oppressed by a mixture of want and pain. At least the cat or whatever it was had moved out of the way.

“Your room is just a minefield… Eddie. Oh I like that, Eddie.” Pi thrummed in pleasure at his nickname and she made a sharp mm. “Thank you. Ah here we are the bed. Do you mind taking the wall side?”

As she turned him until the side of his legs gently brushed against mattress. He gave her fingers small squeezes and found himself laughing low despite the oddness of all this. “No, no that’s where I usually sleep.”

“Oh you are perfect!” Pi wiggled verbally as well as physically with happiness and hands helped him get into bed carefully, nails pulling again. Once the bead creaked with his weight she sighed hot and licked at her lips. The strange visitor didn’t sag to the bed with him but trailed along to the foot board, sputtering once as one of the post’s curtains tangled with part of her face. “Well mostly so. Comfortable, Eddie?”

“Yeah.” He was still shifting, his hips mostly. Male need was not going away in fact his blood was crying out in sorrow that Pi wasn’t curled up against him yet. Her nails scrapped along the footboard and it made his back arch.

“Good.” The end of the bed dipped as her hands pressed down on it and the rest of her weight followed. There was that heavy sound of leather moving once more; it had an organic tint to it. “Very good. I feel awful about frightening you.” The side of Pi’s face nuzzled against his shin as hand smoothed along the outside of the rest of that leg. “For hurting you. That is not my intention here.”

“Then.” Mouth so very dry Eddie had trouble talking; or maybe it was the cascades of need now washing over his tight lungs. “What is it?”

“To help you. You summoned me after all.” Her hand scrapped over the top of his thigh, dipped in between them in time with a soft globe of flesh tickled at the meat of his foot. She grinned in her tone and gave a small nibble over the bottom of his hidden knee cap, warm breath leaked through denim. “You brilliant young man you.”

He gasped and couldn’t form any new questions as her palm pressed over his hidden member and firmly rubbed. Pi’s lips, nose and teeth continued to travel up his thigh.

“You brilliant hard man you. Oh.” It was plain her spine was twitching with pleasure as well. Breast moved on and his toes stroked at her stomach as muscles beneath bunched. “We are going to change the world, you and I. First however, I think you need to rest and recuperate.”

He tilted his head to look down his fevered body at her just at as those smoldering eyes in the night hovered about where hand played with hidden and turgid meat. With all the grace of a stalking cat Pi moved fully onto the bed now. Her tail wrapped around a post tight in anticipation before letting go. Down her hips dipped so dripping folds would press and sear against the top of one of his foot for a moment. As Eddie curled his foot forward and toes teased at outer sex those inhuman eyes sparked.

“What are you?” The words barely tumbled from his lips. It was followed by the teeth of his zipper being pulled apart by her fingertips.

Mewling as her fingers curled around his cock still covered by soaked shorts Pi took a pleased moment to gauge his width and length before nuzzling his crotch like an affectionate kitten. Her hips ground slow and dirty against his foot now, feminine want oozing between his toes. “I am Pi. You solved my secrets and pulled me into Creation, Eddie.” Her lips nipped at his veiled tip. It was then that he felt one of her horns slid carefully under his shirt, graze at belly flesh. “I am a succubus. Oh and you need to cum.”

A whimper caught in the mortal’s throat because he really did need to. His balls were already aching and churning against one another. His animal like D&D brain was shouting warnings now but much like the rational side there was no way the rest of him was going to listen to it. “Yes.”

“Thank you.” Giddy Pi curled her fingers over the side of his boxers and pulled them down letting cooling air brush over his length and his scent fill her nostrils. Warm tongue, forked, ran along his central vein before her lips pressed petal tight and sucked salty pre-cum from the crown. Both horns sliced through the bottom of his shirt before she spread it away from his happy trail and brushed fingers through the soft hair. Their eyes locked along the length of his body and the time for talking was clearly done.

Back Eddie’s head pressed into his pillows as Pi lipped down the side of his cock. His hands meshed into her soft tresses of hair that curtained his pelvis now before massaging along scalp. One urged her with a firm press to swallow him. It then roamed to feel the pert horns that were so carefully pressing against his skin. They felt real and solid, complete with tender flesh around their base that made her chirp with excitement when touched.

That playful sound was washed way as her head lifted. Tongue brushed down as her hand pulled the skin of his manhood taunt. Then into the warm expanse of her mouth his full engorgement was taken. The demon purred as he pulled and pressed on her hair as well as played with the tender flesh at horn’s base. Likewise she was all but riding his foot now, pelvis churning against ankle and top in long moist strokes. Her wings twitched and there was a thud as one hit the stone wall and she squeaked against his member before chuckling at her clumsiness. He didn’t mind as pleasure straightened his legs. The way her laugh felt against his dick was intoxicating.

Working up and down with smooth bobs Pi savored every last trace of pre coursing around her tongue just as he savored the warm attentions she was gracing him. Every time she nearly lifted her face from him that soft tongue curled under crown and he gave out the appropriate gasp. Really Pi wasn’t being fair to other girls, human girls, being the first woman to give Eddie a blow job. No one else was ever going to compare. The hollows of her cheeks sucked in as hand moved from root to play and massage with his sack. Off of his cock she slurped even as her pussy pressed against the hard bone of his ankle. “So heavy with cum.”

She didn’t give him time to respond, stroking her cheek against his wet cock before nipping along scrotum. Her tail stroked up along the side of his other leg which was so taunt now, curled to pet against femoral artery. In time his other hand moved to the back of her skull cradling it and savoring the feel of those fur soft tresses between them and the strength of the bone beneath them. Her full breasts had settled against his thighs, stroking her nipples over rough denim. After a coo reverberated through his balls she sheathed him once again in her mouth. This time Pi wasn’t slowing down, sucking, licking, purring against his cock as she angled to deep throat him. It was an easy thing for the succubus to do with no hesitation, or gagging. Really Pi was just pleased at his length and size. It was nothing freakish on either the small or large scale.

Her heart raced in time with his as Eddie’s legs twitched and quivered. His toes curled and cries gurgled out of his throat. As her lips moved up her hand jerked back down his skin nearly sending him over the edge. It was clear however Pi wasn’t going to stop until she got what was hers. Slamming her face down onto him her motions became frantic, stomach tightening just as Eddie’s did. There was something about sucking off a guy and having him so fully appreciate it writhe with it she didn’t expect but appreciated. The way that this brainy human was trying to focus on having his toes tease at her apex was touching as well. Most men this close to cuming didn’t care. Due to his reciprocal nature she was giving it her all now, every time her mouth went up her hand smoothed back down over thick bone.

“Pi… I… I…” He turned his face to the pillow beside him and bit down into it trying to retain control as the mathematical seducer worked at his pleasure hard. She just chuckled with him in her mouth and throat and when she felt it swell just the right way Pi sucked long up the base.

Eddie wasn’t disappointed as he exploded and neither was Pi as the roof of her mouth and surface of her tongue were washed with ropey seed. Her eyes took on a higher level of sizzling shine behind bangs of hair and she rumbled as she pressed back down and milked at his squirting prick. Pi’s throat flexed as she drank his cum deep like an alcoholic pulling his vice from a long neck. It had been far too long since she’d tasted seed, drank it down. Oh and the enthusiasm and respect this young human had for the act? Once he was all but finished she made a breathy sigh against the side of his freed shaft.

“Oh Eddie you are going to be so much fun.” Then she snorted a bit in amusement as a last tiny jet of cum painted the side of her eye. Leaning away from his crotch she soothed it between her dirty pillows while kissing and nibbling at his stomach. “Thank you for that. Now try and get some sleep.”

“Sleep? I…” The human made the mistake of leaning up and meeting her eyes once more. Infernal magic curled around his mind and eyes fluttered closed before his body relaxed into a deep rest. Pi for her part wanted to cuddle but her little instrument was spent sexually, mentally and physically. She grinned watching his chest rise and fall, forearms folding under her chin. Lashes beat up and down and bat wings tried to stretch, before hitting the wall again.

“God damn it.” Taking the Lord’s name in vain after all was all too easy for her. Huffing she just continued to watch her mortal, licking at her lips and already craving his rod again. Her chest was wiggled a bit and she sighed to find that Eddie was already softening. Oh well, they had plenty of time to work on that too. Sighing as sex mussed hair framed her features her tail swayed back and forth with leisure. Thank goodness for computers, she was starting to think she’d never get out of the shackles of Hell again at this rate. With a quiet mm she tilted her head to the side, laying down her cheek and listening to the rain. Why did smart men have to be so damn sexy? So many of her genus adored the roughnecks or athletes. They had their favorite ethnic food, or desired the rough hands that saved the lives of others, or spent their nights pining over the gourmet of priestly meat. Pi pressed her lips together. A man with a brain always got her wet.

The rain died down to a drizzle and she slithered along to his sleeping body, kissing her way along the side of his rather strong chest before pecking at shoulders. Mm that bit of a spare tire her Eddie had was perfect to rest her head against but her skin was still tingling with arousal. Thus the energy had to be put to some good use. She snapped her fingers.

The clock returned to life flashing twelve and above one of the bare bulbs of battered fixture lazily glowed. Oh well she’d made a real mess of things hadn’t she? The succubus’ rather Italian nose wrinkled cute as she laughed smoky. “Whoops.”

After sliding to the edge of the bed she eased onto hooves and gave them a small shake. If she was going to muse Eddie here into his full potential she could hardly traipse about all brimstone and bounce. Wings stretched out to full length and she wigged them to work out kinks. Speaking of kinks, tongue swept across her lips once more as she grinned and purred before noting that his computer screen was trashed.

“Crap.” Huffing she set hands on bare hips and pattered fingers against soft skin. Right well with any luck, Pi’s gaze swung back to Eddie sleeping half undressed and to his bedside the demon clipped. Her tail slithered back and forth across the ground in easy moments as she crouched before smile shined. Digital age or not it seemed that this man she was going to fuck all the way to genius still liked to hide dirty magazines under his bed. She snatched the top one. After pushing mouse aside, she stood and looked across the cover. One brow perked and luscious lips tugged to the side of full European features. She hadn’t expected it to be a fetish magazine. Mindful of the wings she sat the edge of his bed and brushed nails over the cover. “Lakes of fire… what a naughty boy you are, Edward.”

On the cover as a full figured woman squeezed in purple and black latex that was patterned off of a mid-thigh skirt, classy vest and ruffled under shirt. Her blonde curls were up in some intricate bun and eyes behind classic cat’s-eye frames as she looked over her shoulder with a caught look while unzipping the back of said skirt. Pi’s lips wiggled, the cover model had stockings too. Her eyes fluttered closed and shoulders sagged, why did it have to be a bondage fetish? Latex was hot and clung a bit too much to the skin. Well she’d have to flip through his collection and whip up something he liked… or. One long black nail was used to gather his last spurt of cum from the side of her face. Out forked tongue rolled from the crimson skinned woman and she wallowed its tip in the reservoir of seed. The rest she’d rather greedily filled her stomach with instead of getting a good idea of what her charge wanted out of a lover so it was good that little bit was left.

Demonic magic crackled along in her mind’s eye and she thrummed thrilled that most prevalent was new fantasies already born from the woman he only knew by every sense but sight – namely her! However the succubus dug deeper. Image of a sodden shirt plastered to exotic chest slowly filtered into a full image of Abby and how much he wanted to strip her down and lick her dry against the door. Not that Pi could blame him, this Abigail he was quite remotely related to had the sort of foreign sprinkled body anyone could spend a hot summer night enraptured by. Hell, Pi was even half-tempted to seek her out right now! Ah, but there was the task at hand. As her tongue curled and cooled semen rolled into her mouth she understood Eddie’s affection for the magazine now. While it was true her brilliant little mortal had a thing for latex and the whole grand costume affair of some of the tamer fetish stuff it was the sultry librarian that always turned his head.

Like any good girl Pi swallowed. “Perfect.”

As Pi stood up she flexed her wings once more before the leathery expanses creaked and folded in to one another. While to human eyes what followed might look excruciating as the wings sank into her shoulder blades before disappearing completely for a fallen angel it wasn’t all that bad. Pi raked her hands over her forehead subsuming horns as she fixed her hair while even at the same time the bright redness of her skin was fading to a bookish pale. Cloven hooves cracked violently before splitting and stretching, soon enough they would be cute little toes she could paint and show off in sandals! Oh Pi was really looking forward to that. She was a bit sad to see the tail go and even as it was absorbed to just leave plump rump behind. Her nails went from abyssal black to crisp French manicure. Holding her hand up and stretching fingers she gave them a quick inspection before nodding in approval. Pi hummed happily and gave her new body a wiggle. Well she was going to keep her real hair color and after a moment made sure there was a thin carpet to match the drapes.

When she moved along she used her new cute foot to push a pile of books and trash out of the way to get a better look in the dusty full length mirror Eddie had in his room as an afterthought. Her nose wrinkled; oh she was going to have to teach him to clean after himself too! It seemed men of any age were the same in some aspects. She struck a pose this way and that, giving her body a stretch and making small adjustments here and there it wasn’t long before Pi nodded firmly in satisfaction. She looked good enough to wallow on for a whole day too, if she had to say so herself. After blowing out a breath she tracked back to his computer and the mess she’d made of it along with the cracks she’d put in the desk and her expression pulled tight.

“Whoops.” Well something would have to be done about that too. Giving her scalp a scratch the demon decided it was too much work to worry about getting blow job tussled hair into any real style and she’d deal with it tomorrow. However she was going to need a wardrobe. Back over to the full length mirror she stepped once more. Arching tall in and being pleased with the way her curves moved and the overall look even more so now Pi took in a long breath before reaching out and marring its surface first with her fingerprints. Soon enough her infernal presence leaked across the surface in long shuddering lines of rotten red which moved off to the four corners before filling every reflective surface in between. Only then did her hand sink through the surface. Pink tongue poked from the side of dark lips and one eyed squinted as Pi rummaged. Oh hell she should have got a smaller mirror. That had to be keys, lube bottle, hrm paper of some sort… gum… hand cuffs. She kept searching blindly around assorted possessions until she reached the bottom of her mirror.

“Ah-ha!” Muttered to herself the demon pulled her arm free and bag of marbles with it. She gave the old leather sack a jiggle she grinned and bounced excitedly before looking for a clean spot on the floor big enough. Kicking up one of the rugs with a toe she rolled it over itself and looked with a quiet sucking of her bottom lip. It should do. Lips pressed to the bottom of the sack she moved them slowly against it, eyes shuddered half closed as words of power slithered into the small glass spheres within. After she exhaled out a steamy breath they all started to crackle together, mashing and moving, agitated and needing to be free.

Who was Pi to deny such a spilling? Using teeth to pull the bag open she poured out the marbles immediately afterwards which clacked off the stone a bit too loud for her taste but with a quick glance she confirmed that Eddie was still deep in enchanted sleep. Her fine throat cleared and Pi shimmied her shoulders straight. “Aphex, I choose you.”

The small spheres stooped their natural motion of rolling away and gave into hellish demands –they shifted and bounced back before her. Once they were loosely assembled the marbles scrapped and turned until the appropriate magic circle was drawn. Pi sighed and cocked her hips to the side, spent bag resting on the round of them. This always took so damn long. Before her eyes beetles and centipedes oozed from the hard gray floor to fill the summoning circle before there was a foul tear in the barrier between worlds. With a pop the imp she was looking for hovered there above the mess of now rapidly dying and decaying insects before he dropped to the ground.

Aphex rubbed at his sunken eyes while the vestigial ones that dotted forehead around small horns blinked like a confused spider. His blackened nostrils flared and small body twitched. Chapped lips quirked and tongue lashed out from needle teeth. It wasn’t up to his mistress’ eyes the imp looked as overlong and boney fingers wiggled against one another in avarice but straight at her womanly reward. “You smell unsatisfied, Pi! I don’t suppose you’ve called me up to finish the job because you know.”

Pi tsk’ed in much the same way one would to find a cute kitten chewing and raking at new blinds. Down she bent to give his bald and scaly head a ruffle then caressed a nail along the shell of a stunted ear. “Hardly any such luck, Aphex. Your wing healed rather nicely.”

“Oh come on, just a taste.” The little charred bugger snorted. “Imp women are boney. Speaking of which.” Sunken milk white eyes shifted from her rack to her shoulders. “You probably want to hide the spurs too.”

Making a muffled urp sound she sighed and concentrated. Soon enough exposed bone sank underneath milky meat. “Why thank you but still no. You’re not my type.”

Aphex just fluttered away from her petting and unsteadily into the air and gave the usual needling grin before looking around. Hell this room was a mess. Hopefully she’d not summoned him up just to play maid, again. His attention lingered on the lucky schlub she was working with now and he sighed. “Right, right. Once you go nerd…. Something that rhymes with you not fucking any other sort of person.”

Pi laughed throatily and shook her head, then rolled her eyes. “Aph!”

“Yeah yeah.” The winged terror turned in the air until he faced her once more. “What can I do for you, sweetcheeks? This is a good look for you by the way.”

“You think every look is a good look for me.” Still Pi’s pale form struck a pinup pose as she called up a flush. Once that was done and they shared another chuckle she cleared her throat. “I need you to get me some nice mid to low thigh business skirts, maybe a pair of clingy slacks, somber colors. Mm. Some white flowing shirts that are still professional but hug to the bust well, and some vests along with suit jackets to match. No power shoulder cuts though. Oh! And stockings, I need nice black nylon or silk stockings and high heels.”

The imp nodded easily before rubbing at his set of useless eyes sleepily once more. “Probably some panties too, the lacy black sort?”

A full pout bloomed on enriched features. “I guess. Oh and glasses. Nice sexy librarian glasses.”

Aphex’s hairless brow rose. “Sexy librarian glasses? I’m not a miracle worker, Pi.”

A sigh rippled from expressive chest and out the succubus moved over and lifted Eddie’s fetish magazine. “Like hers but rimmed with red instead of white. While you’re at it… mm… an outfit like this one but devil red instead.”

“Oh! Well the kid’s got some taste at least.” The tiny demon wiped off his lower lip before nodding. “Sure thing, sweetcheeks, sure thing. Uh though can I ask a favor?”

“As long as it doesn’t involve us fucking.” She leaned forward and scratched under his bony chin. “Anything.”

“Oh you can be such a bitch sometimes.” Aphex’s barb was playful. Back he flitted from her touch to sit on the edge of cracked desk. “Can I stick around this time? I don’t know as a swarm of spiders, or cat, or rat or something? Please? I don’t get out much these days.”

She folded hands over her heart, breasts framing forearms well. “Of course. I think a cat would be best, or a cute little dog I can keep in my purse! Oh I need a purse!”

“Cat.” He groaned and sighed throwing up his hands indignant. “Fine fine. Some little cute hand bag. I am not staying in it.”

“And a honking one I can carry books and sex toys in.” Pi’s eyes smoldered once more. She blinked as Aphex gestured to them and cursed under breath. It took some effort to make them rich, dark and human. The imp gave her an a-ok gesture. “Right and a new monitor for Eddie here? I broke his coming across.”

“Oh hell that’s not a problem. Though Belle’s been loosed too so, we’ll need to be careful around tech.” One of Aphex’s eyes twinged before he ducked his head to the side. At the mere mention of the name Pi was sucking on the inside of her mouth and soft hands balled to fists. “Eh. I’m sure we won’t run into her at all. No worries. Can I get this Eddie guy a sexy French maid while I’m at it?”

“No. Not yet anyway.” Smoothing out her agitation Pi looked over the pigsty and sighed. It was tempting. “You can get me a French maid costume though, I guess make it latex as well. He seems to like that whole ‘fabric.’”

“Hey no man is perfect, if they were.” He gave her the double finger snap guns. “We’d be out of a job. I’ll have it all by mid-afternoon. Anything else, honeypot?”

“Chocolate. Rich Belgian chocolate.” Yes that sounded lovely. She rumbled in need for it right now. Tilting down she pecked the top of his head and he in turn gave one of her tits a squeeze. The imp was wise enough to pop out of the room and off to do his job before Pi could swat him. Low and smoky she chuckled and shook her head before moving along to flick off the light. As she did the marbles rolled together into a straight line, following after her steps. Up the back line of her leg they ran, curling along the underside of one ass cheek, then the round of thigh before filing back into their bag. She pulled the strings tight.

By the time she hovered at the edge of Eddie’s bed the mirrors surface had returned to normal. This was going to be fun, of that Pi was sure. With a steady sigh the demons settled in and snuggled close to her primary lover. Nails strolled over his steadily rising and falling chest before she cuddled him close and offered her chest for a pillow. The storm stopped. Pi knew she was too thrilled to sleep any time soon. Part of her considered slipping fingers into her sex and finishing herself off but that meant she’d have to stop holding Edward. Right now that wasn’t going to happen. She nuzzled at the side of his mop and drew in the scent of his hair.

It would be dawn soon.

To be continued.

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