4. Insertion Fantasy

Stretching in the sunlight like a satisfied kitten Pi drew in a heavy breath while looking over the selection of panties that Aphex had gotten for her. She could say a lot of things about her leathery attaché but she could never deny he had good taste when it came to under things. Gingerly she lifted a nice silky and lacy pair from file box and just took a long moment running it against her palms and fingers. It had been a really long time since she’d gotten to wear any clothes. These were going to feel nice, even better than the sun warming her bare side.

The succubus, despite herself, meeped when Eddie’s hand settled against the smooth plane of her shoulder blade before it caressed along her arm. Fingers crawled ahead of his palm, spending a tender moment drawing a circle against her elbow. His chest lightly brushed at her upper back while his hardness teased at its curve.

“Eddie?” Back Pi’s head tilted, dark wet hair soon teased by his lips. Oh the shivers his breath made as it washed across her scalp.

“You won’t be needing those.” Trying to be aggressive his hand caressed to her wrist before curling over fingers. Bit by bit he worked the panties away from her grasp.

She gasped and lifted her backside in a small circle so the softness could taunt his length. The unfulfilled want erupted from simmering at the back of the stove to a full boil. The hand, freed of under things, curled against his. “I will not? Oh you feel wonderfully hard, Eddie.”

“Aching.” His other hand skimmed along the top of a hip before moving to flatten against her stomach and massage. Her scent filled his nostrils as he nuzzled and kissed at that head of hair. On instinct along he grazed his face to get her head to tilt to the side so his lips could find her neck. “I… well… your imp was right. I can’t just leave you unsatisfied.”

“It is okay, Eddie.” Her throat flexed in deep and smoky amusement. “Though you better not stop now.” His hand against her quivering stomach was claimed and slid down to skim between hip bones and into her forest of damp hair. “Not after you have made me so wet for you, again.”

“Again?” The mathematician chuckled and licked at her shoulder. Something was missing across the plain of her gentle flesh but he wasn’t quite sure. Fingers stroked at her outer folds after a moment of hesitation.

“This morning.” Pi’s black lashes closed just as hellfire’s light started to escape. It was one of the things she just could not control as soon as lust saturated her blood. “When I was wallowing on your cock.”

For emphasis she brushed her rump against it again, feeling the silken head tease at the cleft.

“Oh…” What else could he say? The panties were let go and drifted down to stone floor. In spite of the fact that the sunlight outside was wavy due to glass and that his room was now twice as crammed with all the lady things suddenly filling it Eddie was perfectly content where he was. His lungs tightened further.

“Oh.” The demoness echoed with deep reverb. This was exactly where she wanted to be. His hand was squeezed tight. Outside birds sung and somewhere the distant sound of a riding mower rumbled.

Heavens, or Hells, Eddie was amazed how wet she was as liquefied want stained his barely teasing fingers. “How do you want it?”

“How do I want you to fuck me?” White teeth pulled at bottom lip as Pi groaned. Her chest heaved, pink nipples popping taunt.

“Yeah… yes.” His voice cracked nervous. “That.”

“That?” Her heated purrs were broken by ripe laughter. Her hips pressed into his hand, body pleading to be played like an adored instrument. “How do you want to fuck me, Eddie?”

“No, no.” Eddie’s wet fingers slid away, doodling once they returned to her stomach. In turn Pi’s free hand and moved to stroke manicured nails against his hip. “How do you want me, to fuck you.”

“Oh you have to have a position you like.” Turning her head the succubus nipped at the side of his jaw once, then again. “Tell me, Eddie.”

“Nope.” The mortal moved away from her now, his bath soaked body hardly anything close to that of an Adonis or even athletic. However Pi followed each motion of his muscles with hungry eyes. Heading over to the bed Eddie sat down and suckled at one of his fingers. “You tell me, Pi. You have to have something you like. This is about your needs, not mine.”

Lips were curled in and the infernal didn’t know how to react. For a few slow breaths she just stood there in the sunlight letting his gaze roam over her full feminine form with ravenous weight. Padding on the balls of her feet she finally followed him over. “Fine. I will tell you if you tell me what you want me to do too at the same time? Deal?”

Brows arched but Eddie agreed with a quiet dip of his head. He needed to feel her body wound around his as much as she needed to feel him inside of her right now. His meat twitched.

“Okay.” Out her long fingered hands feathered across his shoulders and those sparking eyes remained hooded. “I like it when the man is on top.”

“Missionary?” That struck Eddie as pretty funny and he chuckled lowly. His hands reached up to caress along the sensitive undersides of her forearms, nails pulling lightly. “Really?”

“Really.” She sighed and moved closer, her knee bumped against his. “There is something about a man looming over me, driving his weight into me, down into the bed.” The demoness shuddered as desire coiled tighter in her sex.

“Okay.” That was simple enough and there was no way that Eddie really could say no. He leaned forward and kissed at one of her pert nipples before tugging at it lightly with his lips. The part of him that was expecting the usual porn flow of head, vaginal, anal, head, then money shot quieted. Real life wasn’t like porn. His tongue grazed at her sensitive bud.

“Well.” As much as it felt good to have him suckling her Pi meshed her fingers into his hair and tugged his head back. Sharp brows quivered. “Your turn, Eddie that was part of the deal.”

He leaned back but not so far her hands left him. There was something about the feeling of her small hands against his body he was already addicted to. “I want to be with the real you, Pi. This first time. It just doesn’t seem right otherwise.”

Her pale skin grew rosy with flush. “Oh? Are you sure, Eddie? I… well. This is the look you like, right?”

One of the nerd’s hands left her arm to press along the curve of one luscious globe of flesh before settling over her heart. “Please? Though… what was knocking into everything this morning?”

“My wings.” Pi’s blush rose further in embarrassment. “They twitch and flex when I get aroused.”

“Okay everything except wings.” His hand moved to her lips then to his in a tender motion before he slid away from her touch finally and deeper onto the bed. “Please.”

“If you are sure.” Caught by uncharacteristic nervousness creep into her breath Pi fidgeted there for a bit. Never in her eon’s long life had she ever been nervous about a man looking at her nude form, nor had any man wanted to screw her while she was all demon. Oh her siblings had talked about doing men with that fetish but she would have known from Eddie’s seed if he was into that. Thus his request had taken her by surprise.

“Pi.” Eddie laughed and shifted with a gesture in the general direction of his dick. “Yeah I’m pretty sure.”

She giggled and shook her head, black hair settling around luxurious features. The succubus was sure that he’d change his mind once he saw her red and hooved. Flexing her body slow Pi took in a long breath and as she exhaled it her devil tail appeared first like a curious snake wrapping around ample thigh. Her toes melded together as they took on the color of frost bite before her height and stance adjusted when they became hooves. Sucking in another breath she made damn sure to keep her gaze on Eddie’s as he watched her transform. So far it was wonderment instead of repulsion and that made her want to continue.

The red tint to her skin appeared here and there akin to spilt paint spreading across white canvas as she shifted from hoof to hoof with a click and a clack. Eddie reached down and gave his own member a slow stroke of anticipation, following all the changes with rapt attention. Her teeth took on an edge but lost none of their whiteness and bone spurs surfaced for air along both comfortable shoulders. Raking her hair back to rid herself of the jitters Pi’s perky horns appeared once hands had passed. There besides proportions the demoness was herself and found her own gaze coyly turning to look at the cracked masonry of the wall.

“Pi.” The bed creaked as the human shifted. His hand curled against her hip. “Come here. You really are beautiful, you know that?”

Lashes fluttered as she looked down into his eyes. They held a gaze she could not quite place. Just who was this Edward Vance, really? Sucking in a fresh breath Pi nodded and slid onto the bed with her knees. A crisp sigh broke from her as he leaned forward and pecked at her pussy.

“That’s a good girl. Come on.” Eddie coaxed her further onto the bed even as he sat up. Something about her otherworldly form no matter how comically crimson it was fascinated him. He first felt the bones along one of her shoulders with the tips of his fingers before leaning in to peck at them. She satisfied her craving for him by pressing nails into his thighs and drawing his crotch closer to her shivering stomach. Plump lips landed on his temple complete with approving noises.

His crown felt so soft against her tummy and the smear of pre-cum it painted finer than any… she had a really hard time thinking up any metaphor. One hand meandered away from Eddie’s hip so she could cup his scrotum in her hand, feel the weight of his desire. It was so very heavy.

“Pi.” He shifted but not to kiss her mouth. Instead the math geek recalled her reaction to his fingers at the base of her horns. His teeth were reapplied after a faint touch of lips. The tender flesh nibbled, and then appeased with licks made Pi’s sexual tension grow.

“Eddie. Careful of your chin.” In spite of how wonderful that felt the succubus didn’t want to lose an eye. Her fingers curled loose around his shaft, the side of her thumb teasing the main vein as she stroked up and down.

“Sorry.” The word was muttered against her forehead as he nipped over along to the other horn. It was apparently something erogenous for his tutor. He tugged at the flesh and suckled on it as he would a woman’s nipple and as Pi trembled the heady scent of her sex just overwhelmed the room.

“Do not be sorry.” She pushed against his chest even as she chuckled. “Just be inside me.”

“Okay.” Eddie joined in the laughter and shimmied back so she had room to twist and lay down. Stygian hair fanned against one of his pillows. “Okay.”

Spreading her legs she gave him a come hither and cum inside me look before brushing finger along her lower lip. Even without him firmly between them Pi’s hips were already bucking. Oh she felt that she was going to orgasm soon. In and of itself that was not so strange, she was a succubus after all, not a regular and frustrating human woman.

Looking over her red body once more Eddie wanted to spend some more time getting to know it. The way the tip of her tail was teasing at the back of his thighs was almost maddening. It was body part he had a feeling he was going to ask her to use often. As he moved between her legs the mortal took in a deep breath and just let her smoldering gaze hold his.

“Please, Eddie.” Pi panted and her bosom jiggled.

Struck mute for the moment Eddie ran his hands along the inside of her thighs as eyes fell to her sex. Vaginas were always damn mysterious to men, equal parts alien and erotic. After he chased away hesitation with a steady blink he shuffled on his knees and tipped down, his heat gravitating toward hers. With a long breath he grinned down at her and she gave him a languid look even if the grasping of her fingers against his arms was a thousand times more urgent. Blindly he adjusted his manhood, brushing head through her folds and he groaned. Shifting here and there the mathematician did his best to try and find her hole before pushing boldly with his ass muscles.

Pi’s breath hitched and her arms slid up to Eddie’s elbows then his biceps as that wonderfully fat meat sawed between her lips. That felt nice, especially when the tip teased against her clit. However it wasn’t exactly what she needed tonight. “You are not in.”

Those male hips immediately stopped as much as Eddie wanted to keep churning. He coughed and muttered an apology. Drawing back he adjusted his cock here and there watching her until he felt a depression. “There?”

“Yes, right there.” She purred and her strong thighs pulled him closer. Her legs urgently wrapped around him, hooves clicking against one another. Eddie of course was pleased by her clinging and sank in with a steady motion, the awkwardness quickly forgotten.

He held his breath and just reveled in the feeling of warm wet flesh encasing him. It was a pleasant friction that was for certain, he could almost detect the topography of her inner muscles. She was just tight enough to tease, just wet enough to obscure. For Pi she held her breath as inch by inch her tunnel was stretched even as muscles worked and flexed trying to draw his maleness deeper. The first time with a new lover was always the best. Her pussy always conformed to fit his girth and length, and then shrunk just enough to give her a thrill. She rolled her hips with a dreamy forcefulness, needing him deep and needing him deep now.

Male hands skipped off of her waist and curled against the cover. Pubic hair meshed, her dew slithered across his root. Arching his back Eddie loomed over his demonic lover and starting to roll his hips against hers. This was the part in porn where one side or the other started saying oh, or fuck, or a dozen other dirty things. However the human was too lost in the softness he was driving down into the bed every time it rose to talk.

Pi tried to say something perverse to stir his pumping but could only bubble out a moan that felt like it had started at the pit of her stomach. He’d fitted so perfectly this first time, more so than most of the men she’d mused before. She reveled in feeling the hardness of his shaft press against her pearl, his sac heavy with anxious seed batting against her drapes. Each of his lances didn’t coax her closer to climax but rather drug her along to that apex like the harsh gravity of Earth itself.

Then it just happened, hours of pent up need came unraveled when his thickness bottomed out and Pi felt pressure against her cervix. Her voice raised into desperate screams, sucking in breath between cries while her sex milked at his. Heat raced through her muscles and nails pulled hard along whatever part of his body she was touching at the moment. Her tail lashed up and down beside them similar to that of a frantic cat hyped up on ‘nip and waiting for a mouse to come out of is hole.

Needless to say Eddie was a bit stunned, pushing hard against the crushing power of her inner muscles. He’d in truth never felt a woman orgasm quiet so intimately himself and later he’d wonder if every girl he’d been with before had just been faking. For now he drove against the sea of her satisfaction. The tail stilled before curling along her arm and Pi’s eyes died back down to a steady flame.

“Eddie.” Now she managed a word before aftershocks set her world off-kilter once more. He was still fucking her, steady in his pumping. One of her hands lifted and caressed over his hip, urging him to slow if he wanted to. Every few strokes when he wasn’t trying to accomplish something the back lip of his crown would catch her g-spot. She wanted to cum again.

“Pi?” He asked as if waiting for instruction. Beneath her hips the wet spot grew.

“It’s okay.” Squeezing her hips one of her hooves caressed at the back of his shin. The tail curled against his stomach, tickling lightly. Her voice remained drenched with satisfaction still.

“Okay.” His head lowered a bit, eyes focusing on her chest as he fought to slow down at her silent urging. It wasn’t easy. Now her tunnel was remarkable fluid, it made his deep strokes flow with little effort at all. “Oh crap.”

The demoness’ nostrils flared as he just stopped, wedged deep inside her. “Do you have a cramp or something?”

“No no.” In the trap of her thighs and legs Eddie placed most of his weight on one arm. His freed hand stroked along her face and against her horn. Even not moving didn’t help with her womahood rippling. “I’m not wearing a condom.”

She snorted before laughing with a full display of sharp teeth. “Edward.” Even full of sated vowels her voice took on a stern edge. “If you do not fill my cunny full of your seed soon I am going to be displeased.”

“Oh!”After adjusting he gave her rather strong thrust, hand trailing down to her clavicle and then over a breast. The shifting caused his cock to slide differently and now with each firm movement he was striking her spot more often. Thus it wasn’t just the motion of his brutal rocking that made her body shift and move. Pleasure which hadn’t quite drained off started to build toward flooding the levies once more.

Eddie drew in ragged breaths, free now about the worry of having to pull out or not having her orgasm in the same boat. It was rather liberating. His hips moved in primal ways, weight and strength put behind ever motion that made the bed creak and moan. “I just wanted… nuh… make sure.”

“Cum for me.” The words tumbled out as Pi’s hands fell to the sheets and curled them tight. Her chest lurched with strangled breaths under his hand. “Cum in me, Eddie!”

“I’m going to.” That got him to make a broken breath laugh. Tension gripped at the back of his balls. “Soon!”

She mewled at the revelation and pleasure set into her smile. The tail slithered down to tease at his root, the end of its tip as sensitive as his own. The slamming of her hips into his became ever more insistent.

The winding up curled along to Eddie’s prostate and from it into his spine. Shoulders bunched, then went rigid. The mortal barely had time the punch his hips against hers as hard as he was able before that first jet of sticky pleasure dashed out. Pi screamed and her eyes burst into flame the moment she felt his seamen seeping against flexing womb. Eddie’s hips pulled back before plunging forward once more of a second filling. He could feel her walls pressing at his member, and feel his member jerking as it spattered her with seed. It was something he’d never had done before and for the moment it all felt too damn good, like when tickling took that step too far and started to make one spasm.

Still Eddie was male and just human to boot and the longest orgasm of his life was soon over. Stamina drained from his body and fatigue took its place. Not that he stopped thrusting and nor was Pi going to come back down any time soon from the way her voice rippled.

Eventually he slowed to a stop and the succubus’ breath evened out. Leaning down he pecked at the top of her ribcage, then strained to nip at the underside of a breast. One thing was for certain he didn’t want to pull out quite yet.

“Thank you, Edward.” Her fingers traced where she’d raked his skin to sooth. Fortunately she’d not left any welts this time. Sniffing with deep satisfaction and to fill her senses with him the demoness just watched his face.

“You had fun?” As he struggled with his own shaky breath Eddie tugged himself from her, feeling all that mixed fluid dribble from his still somewhat hard dick.

She laughed and let her legs detangle. Her tail on the other hand stroked across his shaft, petting as one would a fine pet. “Yes! Oh hell yes.”

Relived he pursed his lips and slid back to sit against one of the steel posts of the bed and watch her. A breath later he reached and took up one of her hooves to inspect the hard black surface. “Good. Good. What now? I mean. It’s midday so neither of us is going to roll over and sleep.”

“Oh but you do seem so tired.” The wet tip of her tail brushed lazy arcana on his soft abs. “I guess we can just sit here and spoon while smelling like one another.”

“That sounds like a good day to spend the…” He looked to the window and then to the blinking light of the alarm clock before scrambling off the bed and nearly falling on sex addled legs. “What time is it? Where’s my watch?”

“I do not know.” Turning Pi propped herself up on one elbow. The air cooled the mingled liquids that had coated her ass as well as the cover below. Tail went back to flicking lazily while dark brows pushed together in some concern. The rest of her rich European features followed suit. “What’s wrong?”

Finding his watch Eddie let out a resounding “Shit!” before sagging back to sit on the edge of the bed and tossing it back on the nightstand “I’ve missed classes this morning. Fuck. Fuck.”

“Well fucking is a good reason to miss class, Eddie.” Shifting to sit up she churred and curled her arms around his waist. Lips dotted against the back of his shoulder while full breasts pillowed against him. “I am sure that it will all bit fine though it is good to see you are dedicated to your education.”

“Yeah. I guess so.” What else could the poor human do but lean into her embrace and once Pi tugged lay back into the bed with her? Eddie did start a bit as his hip found the spot soaked by spent excitement. “Wow.”

“Wow?”” Pi echoed and cast her glowing gaze to him. Even in the middle of the day it could be easily seen.

“We made a mess.” Declared with hushed amusement the nerd scooted to try and get out of the soggy. He didn’t quite but it was close enough. Really any discomfort was mitigated by having Pi’s arm bent over him. Her nails tickled at the very bottom of his back. In turn his hand moved to pet the underside of a horn, then along to her temple.

Silently Pi watched his fertile green eyes while carefully gliding a hoof between his legs. It was reassuring to have someone else’s epidermis against one’s own. There was a warmth to it that even a warm winter blanket couldn’t manage. Her tail snaked and tickled the back of his knee. His hand trailed down the side of her throat while his gaze dulled its focus on hers.

“You’re really red.” Eddied realized how dumb those three words were half way through the last. When the succubus broke into giggles though he chuckled with her. His toes grazed the back of Pi’s shin all the way down to the hardness of her hooves.

Once she finished laughing Pi whistled and angled over and set first her strong nose against his, then her lips. “You are really white.”

“Hey now.” Nipping at her lower lip Eddie didn’t let his eyes close. “This is the best color one can get with monitor radiation alone.”

“Oh keep talking sexy to me.” While there was a bit of tease in her voice for the most part Pi meant what she said. It wasn’t just the thought of staining more sheets with him that stoked the embers of her desire but just how damn cute he was. Her eyes closed and their breaths mixed. What was the reason then that her blood prickled with anticipation if not for his brain?

“About my bad hygiene?” Rolling his eyes the human sucked in some air. His fingers meandered over the bone spurs of her shoulder. It was just another weird feature but one he wanted to get to know well.

“Well, you could shower more.” She wrinkled up her face.

With a scoff he pushed his head back from hers and his hand moved from her shoulder to stomach to tickle. Pi wiggled and tried to snatch the offending hand with her tail. “I just got done taking a bath!”

“Yes but you are boy.” The point was emphasized with a kiss to his nose. “Thus I think my case is closed there. Trust me I have known men through the centuries. Every last one has the same problem.”

He just sulked and sulked well.

“Aww, muffin.” Kissing his pout away she turned from direct cuddling to lie on her back and just bloom a happy smile. Once her tail let go Eddie flatted his hand on her stomach instead of tickling. Slow circles were drawn. It was apparently both a human and demonic quality.

“I’ll let it go, this time.” Chuckling softly Eddie closed his eyes finally and just basked in the sun and in being close to her. Letting his head remain on the pillow was tempting but shifting he settled it against the side of her lovely chest.

She cooed as his hair tickled at her skin. Languidly she traced at the shell of his ear, then to temple, then back. “This time eh? Oh I am so scared, can I switch back now?”
“You don’t like being this way?” Tilting his head back he couldn’t get a better look at anything more than the zenith of her boob and the magnificent nipple at that summit.

“I… “The demoness honestly wasn’t sure of her own answer. “Women do like to dress up now and again. If someone walks in there will be a lot of explaining to do.”

“The only person that would walk in,” Eddie snuggled back up to her side. “Is Abby. She already knows after all. Not that she’s seen but you know what I mean.”

“I know.” Shifting lightly she urged his head to move to her stomach so it was easier to pet him. “I know.”

“If you want to that’s fine.” He blew out a whistle of quiet breath. “You don’t have to ask permission from me for everything, hell hardly anything. You’re your own person you know.”

“Eddie.” That magnificent rack rose and fell with a sigh. Didn’t they just go through this not even half an hour ago? “I’m not my own person; I’m not a person at all. I’m a demon.”

Sitting up in a rather stark motion the naked geek almost growled. Turning his weight was settled on one hand and his green eyes took on an edge to the side of them. Pi just blinked and was about to say something more before he set two fingers over her plump lips. She of course licked him but Eddie stayed resolute.

“Fine. My first and foremost command or whatever you want to call it is that you’re not allowed to say that ever again. While you’re here with me you’re as much a person as I am? Got that?” To underscore the passion involved he poked one of her breasts with two fingers.

Blinking was all that Pi could really do for a few moments before her eyes narrowed playfully and she rolled out something low and sexy from her throat. The vibration moved through her tit, his fingers, up his forearm before sinking directly into nerves. It was a moment longer before she actually spoke in which the demoness just admired Eddie’s almost heroic features hidden by a few extra pounds and sex tasseled mop. “Oh that was deliciously dom.”

“Gah!” He threw his hands up before bending down and giving the succubus one hell of a tickling. Pi thrashed and laughed and tried to beg him to stop but all and all she enjoyed every damning moment of it.

Outside the birds of summer were thankful to have a day without rain so they could spread their wings. The sun did its best to keep puffy white clouds in check. Insects buzzed. Grass shifted in the warm breeze. Creation wasn’t aware that everything was about to change… again.


Session 2

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