Session One

Prologue – Fractions: The Devil, a math book, and a broken coven. The end of the world starts here.

1. The Devil’s Number: Our story begins one stormy night, as they often do, as Edward Vance tries to solve the mysterious power of the number Pi via ancient ciphers. What happens is something he would least expect and Eddie ends up with one handful of a house guest – a house guest who likes her mouthful.

2. Sculpted Lines: When Abby mets Pi, and things get messy in a hurry as the artist shows succubus just how firm her fingers can be. Then things take an unexpected turn as Eddie walks in on the romp, and smoldering secrets between he and Abby are revealed.

3. Simple and Clean: Eddie and Pi take a break from their escapades by sharing a bath together. Just because they try to get clean, doesn’t mean they can keep clean. The sexy devil reveals her purpose on Earth.

4. Insertion Fantasy: Eddie takes matters firmly in hand, and does his best to show Pi exactly how hot she makes him. More about the succubus’ nature is revealed, along with an odd fetish Eddie didn’t even realize he had.

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