2.5 Girl Time

“Well I rather like this sexting thing, Abby.” Pi pushed her lips together in a full smile that turned more than a few heads of both genders in the electronics store. All around them was a constant low droning of shoppers and salespeople that comfortably reminded the demoness that the more humanity changed; the more it stayed the same. While the stores had gotten gigantic like this one two towns over from Devonshire and many of them were chains the bazaar sounds and spirit of yore were still strong. Even now she heard a man in the not so distant computers department trying to haggle down the price of a laptop while the clerk tried to up-sell him accessories.

“I figured you would.” The dusky woman laughed and her striking blue eyes drew to the side. While at first Abby had been reluctant when Pi asked about shopping so far the day had been a blast. That and they hadn’t made out even once.

Pi didn’t press any sort of bi-sexuality because of Abby’s earlier request. Respect for mortals was an odd thing for a demon to have but Pi would be the first one to say she was far from the norm. Still her eyes cut from the camera phone she was pretending to inspect over to the British beauty’s bosom as she tilted forward. It was hidden under the white and blue stripes of a flared neck shirt that had ridden up just enough as Abby bent to show off toned stomach. “Well then I need to find one with a rather fine resolution no? All the better to drive our Eddie wild with.”

“True.” Abby caught the weight of her gaze and tugged shirt down after pulling flattering white Capris up. Gesturing to the phone that Pi should be looking at she let her own gaze meander over to the bubbly evil beside her. “Our Eddie? I take it he told you then?”

“Can I help you ladies pick something out?” One of the store employees who was about five years past his lady killer prime affixed them with faded smile. His eyes brushed over Abby first because of her arresting looks but drifted over to Pi’s pleasanter curves. They were highlighted well by the flowing white sundress she wore which was sprinkled with very faint yellow petals. Every time she breathed the dress came to life, flowing along arousing shape.

Pi clucked her tongue until it drew the man’s eyes up to hers behind glasses. “I think we are fine, thank you though.”

“Yes, we’re doing okay. Thank you.” Abby added and flashed the gent a smile. After all unless they wanted to try and get a deal it wasn’t time to flirt yet. Pi hadn’t even picked out a phone. She turned away and squinted at the specs.

“Well if you’re sure then.” Hesitating the man clearly both wanted to a great sale and to be around two hotties. His gut was sucked in subconsciously.

“We are sure, thank you.” Pi indulged him with a dazzling smile and a slow roll of lips that went directly into the fellow’s spank bank. When the man meandered off she turned back to Abby and the pair shared a roll of eyes. “Yes he told me. I lamented not actually getting to see or hear the act.”

The pretty pout didn’t sway Abby. Her cheeks did darken however. “Um. No. You are okay with this development then?”

“Why are you two so worried about that?” Pi gave her friend’s arm a playful swat before picking up the specific phone and playing with her options. It really wasn’t that complicated to sense what the machine wanted to do. “Oh I think I can send him some very randy photos with this.”

“Quite. Mm maybe I should pick up one and do the same?” Abby was only half-teasing. As she blew out a long breath she swept spiced hair back into place and folded arms under bust. That motion attracted the next employee over. Men were so predictable.

“I think you should.” Only murmuring out of the side of her mouth Pi scrolled through the options on the floor display. “Or send some to Locke.”

“Did you two need any help? I know these phones pretty well.” This uniformed gent cast a grin to them both but was drawn to Abby’s eyes. It made the mixed woman grin because she always thought they were her best feature.

“No.” Abby unfolded her arms and let them hang loose at her sides. “I think we are getting along just fine, thank you.”

Deciding the head off the young man at the pass Pi wiggled the phone in her hand. “Yes we are getting along fine, Phillip, but as soon as we make up our mind we’ll find you to discuss a plan?”

The young man grinned and nodded. “Sure thing. I’ll be nearby if you need me then.” After clearing his throat and puffing out chest he meandered off to arrange some nearby product into its proper shape. Not that the gent cared about the look of his store that much but anything to stay near the two cute girls. Already he was trying to decide which one he’d rather be having a tryst in the bathroom with. Pi brought out the best in people.

“I am not going to send Locke nude photos.” Abby’s whisper was more a hiss than anything else.

The succubus merely came back with a plush smile. “Oh you are going to show him in person? Naughty girl.”

“Seriously, piss off.” The words however were dulled by embarrassed giggle and flush. Abby glanced up as another male employee broke off from the herd and started their way. Oh hell this was never going to end was it? “Just piss off.”

Pi thrummed in laughter and cocked the swell of her hip toward the approaching male. Her rump press against thin white cotton and for a moment the fella thought he was going to faint. “We are doing just fine thank you. However if you want to go over to that display there and lift a few printer boxes for our amusement I do not think Abby or I shall complain. Do you work out?”

The man’s senses spun and he merely stammered for a moment and then looked around. He had no clue how to respond to such remarks that much was clear. Abby did all she could to stifle a laugh and slapped a hand over her mouth. Pi batted sooty lashes. Without a word the man merely smiled and went off to sooth his bruised ego by flushing product.

“You are evil.” Abby felt that really went without saying even as it dripped from her tongue. She didn’t watch the clerk slink off but gave her attention to the phone cradled in the demoness hand. Either cellphones really were the work of the devil or Pi had a special connection to technology. She had no trouble navigating menus and checking functions deep into the interface with a mere press of manicured nail.

“I know.” What the glossy haired temptress wanted to say was ‘hello succubus!’ but the venue was a bit too public. Even if they were half-a-day away from Devonshire she hardly wanted such a comment to get back to the witches and warlocks that lurked around every corner there. She bent over very slowly with a wiggle of ass while putting the floor model back. “I do not think that the resolution on this one is going to be high enough. So do you find Eddie as enjoyable as I?”

There was a huff when the artist realized her shopping buddy was not going to let this go. “Do you mean as enjoyable as you find him to be or as enjoyable as it was to be with you?”

“Yes?” Pi tried to innocently flutter her eyes with little success and was very pleased as Abby was struck silent for a moment. In her moment of victory she brushed her curves just barely against the other woman’s arm and swayed along to more expensive phones.

“Right. Well.” Abby moved to catch up and considered trading up as well, but not so she could sext someone. Especially not Locke, or Eddie. “Oh hell. I need to powder my nose. I’ll meet you back here?”

“Not to worry I shall not wander far.” Pi nodded and watched the human woman saunter off and turn heads along the way for a moment before engrossing herself in shopping once more. She’d asked Aphex to just get a cellphone for her when the imp brought it up. The little bastard however told her that while he could of course get a hold of a device he couldn’t connect it to a plan. Hell didn’t have one.

That was a fact the infernal utterly agreed with in so many ways. She drew in a tight breath as her nose caught a trace a brimstone. Coal black eyes shifted behind lenses to place its origin and she nearly choked when she realized Aphex, in cat form, was at her feet next to a pink kitty transport purse.

He flicked his ears forward and unholy eyes narrowed. His whisper did not carry for. “No laughing. Just put me in the bag before someone sees me and decides I need to be neutered, sugartits.

Pi cooed first and then wiggled from crown to toes. She bent over and was careful not to topple on platform sandals or spill from her top. The black cat was lifted up and gently eased into bag before she chuckled smoky. “Oh who is a cute kitty? Yes you are, yes you are.”

“I am going to cut you.” The cat’s whiskers twitched and tail tried to lash but he didn’t have the room. Instead with little dignity he set his tiny head at the edge of the bag and pretended to purr. No one cared these days if a woman flounced around with a pet. It was damn near expected thanks to celebutants. “We need to talk.”

“Cat’s do not talk.” With a tut and tap to feline nose Pi quieted her major domo before looking around. No one noticed the talking over the power of her curves. That was the way it should be. She boosted up to her tippy toes and once an empty row was spotted capered off. Why no one was in the mood to buy drama DVD’s answered its own question. The world was serious enough already.

“Demon’s don’t do what you’re doing.” The counter was of course hushed and Aphex was distracted by being so close to one boob. Pi like any other woman had a series of assets which were unfair weapons to bring to an argument.

“Carry their mouthy imp in a purse?” She paused to flip through the I’s with disinterest and kept a look out for anyone that might have a chance to eavesdrop. Thankfully none of the sales associates had lumbered after her like aroused zombies. “Or are you referring to something else, Aphex?”

He gave her a look at first and feline eyes bled to a poisonous color. “You’re only going to get hurt if you keep this up.”

“You really are in a violent mood today.” Her fingers moved from walking over the top of movies she didn’t want to rubbing at one of the imp’s ears until his purr became real.

“That is not what I mean but if threats are you going to get you to touch me. What will it take to get a handy?” The cat rubbed at the side of his muzzle with a paw before sneezing. Ears wilted when Pi cooed again. Being a cat this time around had been a very bad idea. Aphex was surprised she hadn’t collared him yet. “Listen honeypot all jokes aside I’m worried about you.”

“Did you need some help, miss?” Another one of the men that worked at the store had gravitated closer and tossed over his matured smile while sliding hands into trouser pockets. He wasn’t a bad looking man, having some dignity to come with his age. He had yet to linger close enough to hear the imp talking but did eye the pet with some concern.

“No, thank you though. I am just browsing and discussing calling plans with my kitty.” Playful the succubus lifted her bag and jiggled it lightly. “He has a much better head for numbers than I do.”

“Ah well.” The man laughed in a pleasant and refined way as he drew closer. What such a square-jawed hunk was doing working in a place like this was anyone guess. Pi took a moment to drink in his strong features. Age crept grey at the very edge of dark brown temples and eyes of rich hazel were busy moving from her chest back to the cat and then to her face. His frame told the tale of a few hours a week spent at the gym to stay healthy but not muscle bound obsession. “Not to defame the cat but I might be able to help out a bit more with that. Isaac.”

“Eloise.” She shifted the cat in the bag to be held loosely with one hand and offered out her other to Isaac. Aphex considered scratching out the man’s eyes but not out of jealously but rather agitation. He just couldn’t talk to Pi anywhere. “Really though I just need time to think about what I want to purchase though.”

The assistant manager’s movie hero quality smile faded when he took her hand and skin brushed against skin. Pi of course had just enough roughness to her fingers to provide tactile pleasure with every touch. Isaac’s grip was manly and firm. The problem was that flesh to flesh the two demons realized what one another for what they were.

Pi let one sculpted brow arch up and her silken lips pressed tight in amusement. A churr rolled about in her elegant throat. “Lust.”

“Really I never would have guessed.” Isaac’s forked tongue flicked against lips as he laughed low. “Envy, more or less. You’re new to the area then? I don’t run into many other brothers and sisters these days. Especially not comely ones.”

“You are not so bad on the eyes yourself.” Pi bubbled with laughter even though Aphex only tensed further. The furred servitor managed a polite nod though and remained silent. “No I am just out on a day trip with a friend. Still it is nice to run into another one of us. Envy eh? I can see that.”

“It was either retail or real estate.” The servant of Leviathan sighed expressively. “I hate real estate here. Everything is so cramped and dank. Besides I get to crush the dreams of the work force and that gets me by on really slow days I suppose. So you are looking for a phone plan? I keep telling the folks down stairs that we should get into that market. However there is a hard enough time communicating just between here and there these days. It is hard to get the concept across. “

“I can only imagine. So you are not recently invoked?” Errant wisps of black hair kissed Pi’s neck when she canted her head. Aphex curled up deeper in the bag and watched the male infernal. It was a bit odd that none of the three realized the other was in the immediate area.

“Oh no.” Isaac laughed and folded hands behind his back. “No. No. I’ve not run across an invoked in quite some time. I’ve been trapped in this husk for a while now. It’s better though than being at home wallowing all day. I’ll leave that to the sloth. You have… recently come up?”

Pi wasn’t exactly sure how truthful she should be when answering that question. So instead she put on her best seductive smile and shook her head with a light tsk. The lie didn’t slip past her lips however because she didn’t know how easily the other fiend might smell it on her breath.

“I suppose that make sense.” Still he eyed her with some suspicion and wonderment. “You’d be as lost as a caveman in an airport, certainly not asking about calling plans.”

“Eloise! There you are.” Abby’s smile was cheerful as she rounded into the aisle as well. She took a moment to look Isaac’s well crafted body over but the older gentleman had never really been her type. She did flash a dazzling smile. “Hello.”

“Well hello.” The manager shifted and offered out his hand to the exotic beauty. “Isaac.”

“Abby.” This time as hands shook there was no sudden revelation. “I don’t suppose Eloise has settled on a phone yet?”

“Not yet. We’ve been chatting about other things.” The devil pulled off a smile that only one of his ilk could and hands slid back into trouser pockets. His attention swung back over to Pi. “I have a feeling that she’s already settled on a model but just isn’t sure how many minutes she needs? Or are we stuck on a data plan?”

“Data plan. Abby here always gets lost whenever we go anywhere.” Intent on damage control Pi wrapped an arm around Abby’s waist and spread fingers against her becoming flank. Feminine curves pressed against feminine curves as the succubus leaned into the witch. No amount of fabric could hide the sultry picture provided. Before Abby could pull away or startle Pi pressed lips where neck and ear connected and let a curl of diabolic lust seep into the artist. Her word of warning was but a whisper muffled by silky skin. “Demon.”

The sorceress shivered and swallowed hard as flame erupted in her belly. While her world spun and a groan slipped free from rhubarb lips Abby still caught the word and processed it well enough. She caressed a hand along Pi’s backside partially to help the illusion and partly because she really wanted to. “Why do you think it took me so long in the bathroom, Elly. Well I wanted to look at the cameras so I’ll leave you two to discuss it?”

Isaac was enraptured by the floor show as was his gaggle of employees who had been bothering the girls since they both came in. The mere mortals caught the connotation first however and grumbled to themselves as they realized there was no way in hell they had a shot with such women. Instead they merely stored away the image of Abby and Pi cuddling for later and went back to work.

“Please. I shall catch up in a bit love.” Wanting to make sure the point got across Pi pressed her lips to Abby’s for a sweet peck. Her teeth slipped out and barely raked at the delicious flesh before she started to entangle from the woman.

Abby pinched her tush and tried to ignore fluttering heart. “You better.” The sculptor beamed a hazy smile at the manager before drifting off to look at, what was it again? Computer accessories? No that wasn’t it. Damnit she couldn’t think straight. Aphex tried to ignore his erection.

“Now where were we?” Pi flipped her hair as she looked back up at the servant of Leviathan. Her bubble gum tongue gathered up the last of the taste of Abby before it faded from her lips.

In turn Isaac choked and cleared his throat. Eyes slide to watch Abby wandering off and were full of realization as he glanced to Pi once more. He sighed and shook his head. “Well I was eventually going to get to trying to tempt you into some dirty back alley sex. However I bet you specialize in a perversion eh?”

“Yes.” Pi pouted as she reached out to give his abs a slow rake of nails. “Sorry, dear.”

“Well it explains why you are out and about. It seems every woman’s a lesbian these days.” The devil snorted good-naturedly. His strong shoulders rose and fell. It still had been a delightful thing to watch. “Once you and your imp finish deciding what plan to go with find me and I’ll see what deals I can cut you eh?”

Quite glad that her ‘sibling’ was still being friendly the demoness slithered closer and teased his hard lines with a brush of her soft ones. Once she kissed his chin in an anything but chaste way Pi pushed back and winked. “I certainly will.”

“Such a pity.” Huffing out a hot breath the man tugged at his collar and went to take out frustration on underlings.

After his second look back was finished Pi frowned heavily and looked down at Aphex. “Was that what you were trying to warn me about? I did not sense him at all. I still do not unless flesh is against flesh.”

“Sorry sex kitten but no. I can’t feel him either. He must have hollowed out the human he’s riding a long long time ago.” Aphex mewled in agitation. “He does relate to the second concern I have but not the first.”

‘Then spit it out.” Said the woman who always swallowed.

The cat lifted his head and took a look around first to make sure they were alone. Then he glanced back up at his mistress. Rough tongue brushed over chops. “I know you really like humans and all, Pi, but if you keep this up you are just going to get hurt again.”

“Aphex.” Her expression softened.

“No, really. You’re fawning over this Eddie and I understand that is part of your job and all. But now you’re out shopping with his cousin? Which I can’t really complain about I guess if the two of you keep doing the hot stuff. Still though, a mortal job and getting to know his friends too. Wait.” The imp’s ears flicked forward. “I haven’t missed out on a gangbang have I?”

“Uh. No. Eww.” She shook her head furiously and tried not to squeal. “More than two partners at once and things just get out of balance. Seriously, no. His friends are not even that cute.”

“Right.” Aphex’s shifty look came and went. Gangbangs were apparently out. “Still I think you know what I am getting at. Sooner or later Eddie’s going to have his epiphany, you’re going to work it out with him and then back in the number you go. I just don’t want you to wax toward acedia again. I hate that.”

“I… I understand but that is just who I am.” She stroked nails over his head before petting soft black pelt. “I shall be fine. I always am.”

“I know but you know I don’t like seeing a woman, especially you, cry.” The cat nevertheless had little choice but to purr. The hourly announcement of hot deals echoed across the store and for just a moment offered respite from the looped movie pumping out of home theater.

“Oh that is so sweet.” She swept her fingers to scratch at one of Aphex’s ears. “No I am not going to fuck you.”

“Damn.” With a sneeze Aphex shook h s head and stretched up to try and spot Isaac. The envy devil was out of view. “The second concerns other demons. You know of course we imps can go up and down freely despite the restrictions your work has put on things. Anyhoo. It seems to me that the masses down there are starting to realize what is going on and that Hell itself might be behind it. Needless to say there are small rumblings about figuring out the truth. After all most of our kin want the Scarlet Whore to rise up and Abbadon to unlock the pit and all that. That’s why Big L is playing this so close to his chest. However they are not dumb, well some of them.”

“Right.” The succubus sighed and moved on to flip through the J’s. Why didn’t chain stores have the decency to carry porn in this day and age? “He and the others thought that would eventually happen. They hoped that by the point anyone suspected anyone in Hell was behind the sealing and now Heaven it would be too late for them to do anything about it.”

“Yeah well.” The cat stretched before settling down at the bottom of the bag. “We just need to be careful. When folks get desperate they find a way. In case you haven’t noticed there’s a shit load of diabolists around here. Now we’ve run into another demon.”

“Eh. He seems like he seems like he is hiding out on earth. I am not so worried about him but we shall be careful.” She lifted up the bag with both hands and pressed a kiss to the top of feline head. “With both our agenda and our heart okay? However he said he would cut us a deal on our plan! That is wonderful.”

The puss soured and shook his head before laughing. “Pi… Seriously. Okay then let’s go gather up the smoking hot witch and get this done. I don’t suppose you could tongue tussle with her some more?”

“She does not want me too.” A long suffering sigh swirled around Pi as she moved along. With each step fine hips rolled and she cradled the cat purse in the crook of one elbow. Aphex spent most of the time staring at her tits and thanking the inventor of sundresses.

By the time they caught up with Abby who was wandered all the way over to look at refrigerators the artist had purged the want of the demoness from her mind, well almost. She watched Pi flow closer with white cotton washing around her erotic physique, the way it caught and tugged against her contours. Really a woman had to be inhuman to look that good. Abby’s striking blue eyes slipped right and caught Isaac the demon watching them. Well hell. The dusky woman sucked in a breath. The illusion of lipstick lesbians had to continue it seemed.

Pi’s breath caught with surprise as Abby took a firm hold of her thighs with a strong step forward. The sculptor’s expert grip maneuvered hell’s librarian back against the nearest fridge and blunt nails curled hard enough into fabric to mar the pale flesh underneath. Pi’s bosom lifted and unbridled nipples strained hard against cotton.

“Abby?” One thing the succubus wasn’t used to was having her voice quiver in enticed surprise. Her rump pressed against metal and its cool temperature leaked straight through cloth. It did nothing to quell the sudden heat between her thighs.

“Hush.” When Abby pushed in for a steamy kiss their ample chests crushed against one another and the human woman moaned as her own nipples hardened the instant they felt the hard nubs of the infernal’s. The side of her hip eased its way right up to between Pi’s. The two women however only became one once their lips met.

This time it was no mere peck or brush to try and convince hot blooded males that they were intimate partner. Instead Abby stormed the borders of Pi’s mouth. Her tongue made an effective and tempting battering arm and the two women co-authored a moist sigh as the dark muse relented. Wet muscle slid against wet muscle and Abby tilted her face enough so their fine features could dock against one another. It was surely a striking image almost like twilight kissing the moon. Ebony strands of hair teased Abby’s cheek and she found she fancied the taste of Pi’s mouth. Her fine nose flexed and lungs shuddered trying to pass enough air in and out so the kiss would not have to break. Pi caught probing tongue with her lips and suckled for a moment before letting go and dancing with it once more.

In the meantime the curves of their bodies worked at bonding with one another. Each spasm of lust that rutted through their blood made lines glide together. In turn this made their blood run hotter and dampness gather at the apex of thighs. Abby’s hands eased their grips and palmed up Pi’s flanks. She found her cousin’s damnation far too pleasant to touch. The fallen wrapped her arms around the mortal’s waist to keep her there and fingers snuck under the back of the Capri’s waistband. The top of lacy panties was tugged at in an urgent manner.

Both women took small sharp intakes of air as the kiss finally broke and neither moved their heads from against one another. Both had gazes unfocused by heady desire and the panting only urged their breasts to comingle all the more. Through it all Aphex had just ogled and thanked his lucky stars. He got to see everything up close, watch everything up close and smell it too. Of course the bag he was in ended up dangling beneath Abby’s ass and he made a satisfied kitten smile. While it wasn’t as nice as his boss’ it was still pretty damn amazing. Then again the imp realized he was going to just get all hot and bothered then get nothing to sooth it with.
His good humor promptly sank. “You two are making a scene.”

“When did you get a cat and when did it start talking?” Abby stiffened against the plush dish of Pi.

The succubus thrummed and used her free hand to adjust glasses as much as she wanted to keep fondling Abby’s ass. “I shall explain that in the car later. Now what brought the sudden snogging on?”

“Your demon friend was watching.” The artist nipped at Pi’s lower lip before untangling. Without a hint of shame she tugged on her shirt here and there until it was smoothed out once more. “So I figured we should really sell this deception of yours. I’m assuming there was a reason you warned me about him?

“One does not run into them very often in everyday life. I just wanted to make you aware so there was no slip ups or issues.” Teeth raked over her lower lip before Pi adjusted Aphex back into the crook of her elbow. After a few more breaths she was able to get her lust under control. By then though couples were secretly groping one another all across the store.

“Ever since you arrived I am not sure that is exactly true. I expect every lackey at a convenience store or person in their automobile beside me to be one.” Abby only mostly teased. She retreated a few steps as well. “Right well let’s get the phone and get the hell out of here. I still want to look for shoes.”

“He is the first one I have run into actually. How many do you know?” Impulsively Pi nuzzled her temple before weaving back in the general direction of phones.

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” Abby grinned as she followed and tried to tap down lust once more. It wasn’t easy.

Aphex settled down to be silent for a bit longer. He figured he was going to have to do a lot of talking once he was in the car. With any luck he’d be able to slip off afterwards because if there was one thing he hated more in all Creation than shoe shopping he couldn’t think of it.


Session Five

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