1. Bully Pulpit

Over the last two weeks Pi had found St. Agatha’s library to be anything but wanting. Its shelves were made from rich cherry wood that had been painstakingly put together and polished to shine as if they were crafted from gemstones instead. The demoness took a moment to caress the back of her fingers along the rigid underside of one, marveling in its smoothness. French cut nails grazed back down the shelf’s side before skipping off to reach for a worn book.

Everything from stacks set on simple metal below to the showcase everyday rows were for the most part shelved correctly and easy to find. The whole place was flanked by west facing windows to catch the evening sun. Even now Pi took her sweet time sliding a few volumes on cairns back in proper place to relish rays of dying light. The day had been warm and thankfully devoid of weather so despite the late hour sunbeams stroked over white shirt to warm her pale skin. Her jacket had been left on one chair or another so she could soak up as much as she wished. She arched her back like a lazy kitten. The silhouette of ample chest was highlighted through shirt but Eddie was not about so such an action was as wasted as it was natural.

Stocking clad legs slid against one another, pleasant friction teasing at bare thighs under skirt as the succubus slipped off of step stool. Besides silk her feet were uncovered and cute toes curled to the plush ruddy brown carpet. It always cushioned her feet a lot better than those damned high heels. Leaning over battered metal book cart Pi reached out for her check list with one hand while the other pulled number 2 pencil from bun. The whole motion cased a few more hairs to go errant driven by the need to kiss at her swan neck. Likewise lace bound nipples aching for Eddie’s mouth were cooled against metal. With an easy motion she checked off that this section was done. Now where too next? Sighing Pi pulled her body upright with sensual flow and smoothed hands down the side of her skirt to make sure it was tight and proper over behind once more. Why did Eddie have to be so damn distracting? All day she’d teased her breasts or sex to satisfy the urge to see him. It had never been like this with one of her students before.

She swayed along while pushing the cart with her elbows along to 19th century literature, nails pattering at the spines of a few tomes. Heavy rack was crushed up close and well sculpted hips rolled with each step. Fortunately this was one of the nights where the mathematician had class and thus they’d get to drive home together. She really hoped he was in the mood for some back seat action tonight. Taking a near pristine copy of Wuthering Heights off of the bottom shelf her ass strained against the back of her skirt but she stayed in the low position to put it away with a wistful sigh. Maybe she should check out the copy herself and take an all night bubble bath soon – with some chocolate, rich dark Belgian chocolate. Crimson swathed lips broke in breathy want and Pi stood with a slow wiggle. Through cats eye glasses the succubus looked at the clock beside renaissance knight painting and whimpered. Thirty five minutes until Eddie was free had become thirty minutes and that was all.
“Feh.” Turning she wheeled the shelving dolly along, the scant few books that remained went into the stacks below and that could be done tomorrow. Back behind the central oak desk shaped like a half moon with its magnificent art deco stained glass lamps and frustrating computer she went. Pi by no stretch of the imagination was a Luddite, computers were an easy thing for her to use as they were tools of the devil and all that. However the program the library used was the only thing she detested about working here. It didn’t make a lick of sense. She turned and drifted along into her small office with the rather lovely pair of plants the previous librarian had thoughtfully left for her to take care of. It gave the austere wood paneled room much needed warmth. Plopping down behind her small desk she decided that she and Eddie needed to fuck in the rather cushy leather chair. Hopefully tonight would be the night for that.

Just twenty-six minutes to go.

Woodrow’s backpack slid from his shoulder and caught at the elbow as he rushed into the library. The sudden shift in weight caused him to stumble and smack shoulder first into a poster littered column. Eyes zipped to the ass of the curvy actress promoting reading before he recalled that his shoulder should be hurting and he needed to hide. Sliding away from cheesecake the otaku slipped into the first available row hoping to get a straight shot to the stacks stairs.

Even as Woodrow fled the hounds on his heels barged through the library door in classic bully fashion. The hounds in this case were three players for St. Agatha’s rugby team, lead out front by Richard Chadwick. Born to push his fellow man around Rich had honed his skills and body to that ignoble pursuit since his first days at school. His biceps were pronounced to project potential strength and the left was ringed with urban tribal tattoo. Like always the jock wore a t-shirt that was tight enough to emphasize barrel chest and with sleeves short to show off his ink. Today’s selection was splashed with some skateboard company’s logo, not that he’d ever even tried the sport. One hand smoothed over short slicked back black hair before rubbing at a second tattoo of modern mysticism at the back of bullish neck. Like his wingmen Rich was wearing practice pants and slip on tennis shoes.

“Find the little bastard.” Tilting his head to the two other fellows, more athletic in their build than his muscles, Rich lifted his classic English chin. John and Millard exchanged nods, one headed across the library to sniff around and the other took the middle rows. After a crack of the neck Richard started with the first row and thin lips grinned sadistically.

Woody wasn’t even looking the bully’s way but that changed when he felt that smile grind into his back. Tilting as he shouldered his pack the nerd’s eyes widened behind glasses. Like a rabbit he froze even if he should be fleeing from this wolf. He did manage to turn fully toward Rich by the time that the jock was up in his grill. “Hey um-“

Rough fingers curled into the sides of Woody’s jacket and Rich lifted him off his feet and hard into the nearest shelf. The old rack of wood shuddered and several books smashed to the ground. “Hey hey yourself, Woodrow. Where’s my notes?”

“What’re you talking about, Richa-aaa—ahh! Hey!” Woody gritted his teeth as he was tugged from and the shoved against the bookshelf again.
“Now you listen here you bloody little nancy.” Richard snarled and his two best mates zeroed in to help in the kill. The jock’s almost girlish button nose flared. “You know exactly what the fuck I’m talking about.”

“Well if I might interject.” With a bump of a hip the next row up Pi curved one dark brow. Coal black eyes narrowed and bright red lips tightened. “What exactly are you talking about, Mister…?”

All three jocks turned their head to the sultry woman with a slow look over her barely contained curves and silence. Rich was able to get words past hormones first as he just simply let Woody go. Down to the floor the otaku fell with a very quiet ouch. “And who the hell are you supposed to be? Piss off.”

The librarian tipped her head while other eyebrow popped. Pi put on a mirthless smile. “Me? I am Miss Eloise Baker, the new head librarian while Mr. Schultz is on sabbatical so I think you are probably the ones that need to scoot.”

“Oh really now, Miss Baker?” First cracking his thick neck Richard then started his lumbering advance on her. John settled at his right and Millard at his left. Together they formed a perfect wall of jerk and cut off the demoness’ view of Woody. The nerd looked alright though. “Listen this doesn’t involve you. Woodrow here was supposed to help with my tutoring and didn’t show up.”

“One can only imagine why.” Pi’s tongue might not have been forked at the moment but she sliced with sarcastic edge well. Even as the lead ruffian loomed over her the succubus didn’t adjust her languid stance. Arms folded across impressive bust. “I think it is high time you three gentleman leave.”

“Think? Think? Do you know who the hell I am, lady?” Nostrils flaring Richard leaned down to her eye level. His hands balled into meaty fists but still Pi wasn’t shaken. Arms unfolded and she reached into jacket pocket. Not that she came out with mace but rather an already opened pack of breath mints. One was flicked out at the end of carefully sculpted thumbnails. Long lashes beat up and down quickly as if she was trying to fend off the smell. No one could strike fear into a creature of Hell, least of all some mortal. She growled instead of squeaked when Rich snatched her slim wrist with unkind force. “Listen, cunt, you don’t know who you’re messing with and I don’t have time before practice to educate you.” Richard squeezed and was clearly displeased that he couldn’t intimidate the woman beside him. “I’d ask your boss though and he will set you straight. So, again, piss off.”

“You are hurting me.” Even after a pained hiss Pi’s tone remained flat. She gave her arm a tug and frowned as he wouldn’t let go. Her eyes didn’t turn from his, and they were perhaps a breath from smoldering to infernal truth.

“I can do a lot worse than that, Baker.” Richard smirked and his two friends chuckled on cue.

What started as a girlish snarl rolled into actual words as Ivy bounced her way along toward the trouble. “Eloise? Hey! Leave her alone. Locke!”

“Yes, Ivy.” Locke unbuttoned one sleeve as he followed his spunky sister and rolled it up. In uniform fashion he worked on the other sleeve next. “I see that you are up to your usual brutish ways, Chadwick.”

The rugby player didn’t immediately let go of the demoness’ arm but didn’t hesitate to do so either. Visibly his two cronies took a step back and Rich himself shifted away from Pi. All but non-existent chin rose to the aristocrat in a sign of false toughness. Rich’s hands fisted back up. “What’s it to you, Wolsey?”

With a pout Pi slid away and rubbed at her wrist. It became a wan smile as Ivy slipped up close wearing a worried look and brushed fingers over hers. The perky girl looked on the verge of asking if she could kiss it better. For now Ivy held her tongue and watched her brother. Her small shoulder pressed against Pi’s. The demoness didn’t mind.

“As always I think my answer might be a bit too daunting for you to follow, old chap.” Tugging and tucking rolled cuff Locke, like Pi, didn’t shrink from the beef slab of a man. Instead his bright blues focused on Rich’s mud-brown gaze and the edges of lips rose. “However I shall give it a shot. First off gentlemen do not manhandle the gentler sex but defend them. As to the second point I simply do not like you.” He jabbed two fingers at the oddest spot on the outside of Rich’s left pectoral.

Even though he bristled up Rich was nevertheless and thankfully silent. He cracked his neck and took a second stepped back. In good timing his wingmen adjusted so he’d not run into them. “You’re going to get yours one of these days, Wolsey.”

“You will not be there to see it.” Locke’s smile was cutting and voice laden with dire prediction. Confident that the bully wasn’t going to take a swing the fellow crossed his arms and chest filled with a breath of superiority. “Now if you do not mind my sister and I have business with Miss Baker and your presence is neither wanted nor required.”

“Tosser.” Rich grunted but obeyed. Around the siblings and Pi he and his cohorts went but not before John gave the still crumpled Woody a menacing gesture. Oh they would find him later, that they would. The grumbling jocks headed out of the library. While Pi and Ivy turned to watch them go Locke kept his eye on the downed nerd who was trying to regain his footing and dignity. Without further ado the aristocrat took a step forward and offered him a hand up.

“Uh thanks, Locke isn’t it?” After a sniff Woody adjusted his glasses and then jacket. This routine had haunted him since middle school wherever he went and it hadn’t gotten any less humiliating. “And thanks to you too, Eloise. I’m sorry for the trouble.”

“It is hardly your fault, Woodrow. Are you alright?” Pi’s start forward was halted when Ivy lifted her wrist up and gave it a small peck before letting go. The demoness gave the startlingly forward girl a wink over shoulder for her trouble but swayed with full effect from shoulders to thighs over to the otaku.

Woody didn’t have the self-esteem left to watch even a mote of her movement and only finally looked up when she swirled nail tips against the underside of his jaw. “I’m fine, really. I just need to sit down for a bit okay?”

“Okay.” After giving him first a tap on the lips and then a luxurious wink Pi pulled back and turned to look to Locke. He was in the process of righting his sleeves down in a regal manner and pulling out the wrinkles before buttoning them. “Thank you for stepping in, Locke.”

“You are most welcome, Miss Baker.” Leaning his head to the side the blonde brother gave his punky sister a waggle of the finger for her behavior. He had seen it of course. Locke turned his admonishment to a pointing gesture at Ivy when she put up a rather ferocious pout. “Ivy here does deserve some credit because she wanted to swing by and check in on you, Eloise.”

“Yeah.” The usually in your face girl turned her head away as cheek splashed with color. Today she wasn’t matching her brother but instead was swathed in a Muse t-shirt that was just the right size for her petite frame. Her jeans were slung low on hips and tennis shoes appropriately mismatched and gaudy. She had a few studded bands around one wrist. “Who knew we’d run into Chadwick.”

“He is a bad penny is he not?” In contrast Locke was wearing a nomad colored silk shirt and dark brown slacks. His feet surprisingly were in hiking boots instead of fancy loafers. He had a laptop bag of black leather and devoid of decoration slung over one shoulder. After finishing his grin to Ivy he turned back to Pi and Woody. The poor nerd was patted on his shoulder. “He is an asshole and a brute. I would do your best to avoid him for now.”

“I will. Thanks again, Locke.” Woody bobbed his head and then drifted aimlessly from the trio. “I just need to sit down for a minute okay? Again, sorry.”

“I’ve got chocolate?” Ivy lifted up her Heroin Kitty handbag and smiled.

With a shake of his head Woodrow moved away and fished Mp3 player out of his anime spattered backpack. Into chair he dropped, shoulders curved inward and he turned away while slipping earbuds in. It was time to brood to J-pop.

“I would love a bite, Ivy.” Pi rubbed at her wrist again and looked between the two of them with an easy plush smile. Oh Ivy was going to be trouble one day. “Of chocolate.”

“Is that all?” With a roll of her eyes the impish sister huffed before popping open her handbag. She took out a single bar of dark chocolate and tossed it over to the librarian. Pi caught it and gave it a slow kiss and Ivy hooded look. Locke spocked a brow, glanced between the two of them and cleared his throat.

“Well I would hardly come between a woman and her chocolate but…” As he adjusted his bag Locke grinned light. He pointed to the half-moon desk and once Pi was wallowing on her treat all three moved that way. “There was a reason Ivy and I stopped by and I am afraid that we cannot linger overlong.”

“That is too bad.” Pi said out of the side of her lips as she moved. A last worried glance was cast to Woody but he was finding his moment of Zen. So her attention focused on the Wolseys. Licking chocolate from teeth first she purred pleasantly. That was a nice pick me up. Fourteen minutes. “Now what can I help you fine folks with this evening, hrm?”

“Ah yes. Well we wanted to see how you were getting on first and foremost.” Locke put on his most polite smile leaned against the edge of the counter. Behind him Ivy used her hands and a good push to hop and sit on the edge. From the position she got a fair look down at Pi’s cleavage.
The succubus of course didn’t mind one bit. In fact she leaned forward on both elbows. It wasn’t that Pi was looking to pick up another lover but one did always like to be ogled and appreciated for their femininity. “I am getting on I would have to say very well, thank you. The library is wonderful, more so than I expected. Likewise staying at the Booths has been a deep delight. So you two are long time residents of Devonshire? Abby gave the impression that you were recently moved in.”

“Oh yes we have only recently taken up residence next door.” Locke nodded and just let his grin stay there lazily. “One of our distant uncles owned the estate and once he passed the only family he had was Ivy and I. We are from the general area however so know the town quite well.”
“I even considered going to school here.” Ivy piped up while unwrapping a bit of chocolate for herself. Her legs swung back and forth like an idle child’s. “However it just didn’t offer what I wanted.”

“Might I ask what that was?” With a slow bat of lashes the demoness lifted her gaze to the obvious lesbian. What exactly did these two people of good blue blood do in their spare time? Nails rapped off the top of the counter. Twelve minutes.

“Me? Oh I was thinking about taking Sociology specializing in the rapid change technology brings to our lives and the resistance to it. A fancy way to make money being a futurist.” A meandering sigh flowed out of Ivy’s throat and lips as head tilted back. “However Locke reminded me that family obligations always come first.”

While tsking Pi looked over to the older sibling with a mock pointed expression. “Now, now, this is hardly the day and age to expect a woman of good breeding to set about just waiting for a suitor while doing needlepoint, Mr. Wolsey. I have to say I am greatly disappointed.”

“Hardly.” His laugh was more a bark than anything else. Locke brushed a hand through his fine blonde mane and snorted at Pi. “We just have a vast number of estates and small holdings left to us by our parents and uncle dearly departed to look after is all. Of course there are the trust members and the like but some business is best left in family hands. We care about more than money.”

“As well you should. I am sorry to hear about your parents.” Pi’s lower lip perked out. Ten minutes. “At such a young age to be without them as well, I am sorry.”

“No, please.” Locke lifted his hand even as Ivy’s head hung a bit and she tried to hide a light sniffle. She wanted to be tough after all but just didn’t quite have enough steel. Her brother kept up the front for both of them. Sighing he turned to lean against the lip of the desk with his lower back. “They passed doing what they loved, what can one ask for more than that?”

Pi swallowed any witty retort out of respect.

“Well then we are glad that you are getting on fine and dandy.” Locke nodded and sniffed. “We do after all appreciate Abigail’s company as well as Edward’s. Not that we entertain them often as we would fancy but it is nice to have a third gracious neighbor.”

“What are you buttering me up for?” Pi adjusted her glasses and the side of the rims caught one of the last rays of dying day.

“Sex?” The word was shot out from Ivy before Locke could stop her. Thus the punky blonde had to scoot away from her brother’s elbow jab. She fell into giggles and Pi enjoyed a rather throaty chuckle. They were both great neighbors for different reasons.

“Hardly. No insult intended, Eloise.” While he wet his lips Locke paused, it was clear he had other topics to discuss.

Pi offered a smoky laugh. Nine. “None taken, this time.”

“Delightful.” Locke tried to breach a difficult subject but instead cleared his throat. Strong eyes moved to the window behind the demoness instead. “How is Abby? I have not had a chance to catch up with her for a few days.”

“Oh now I see the reason for your calling.” Pi’s words were draped with teasing tones. “She is doing well but has thrown herself in studies from what she and Eddie have said. I supposed she is working on a portfolio. Mm, we should have you two over for dinner soon. Or you could ask her out to one for just the two of you?”

Ivy swung her head to glance between them before giggling. Her head bobbed in a knowing manner.

“I see in some respects you are about as subtle as my dear sister.” Still Locke smirked and his cheeks grew red. “Do you have our number?”
“No, but I am sure I can get it from Abby or Eddie, yes?” Pi straightened up then slipped past them to flick on the lamps at the desk. Pressing a button next to the computer she stoked the overhead lights to life as well. Seven.

“Yes, yes you can. Well, I promised Ivy we would stop for some seafood before heading home and given the hour we should be going.” He helped Ivy down with both hands before giving her hair a ruffle. In turn the clashing woman frowned at him. “Thank you, Miss Baker.”

“Is there something else, Mr. Wolsey?” Pi’s face turned impish in the shadows of her desk until all the lighting kicked on fully. Six.
Slowly Locke and Ivy exchanged a look before she made a small shake of her head. He nodded in agreement and brushed a hand over his hair. Then back to Pi he turned and blew out a long breath. “Not that I can think of, Eloise?”

“Are you sure? It seems that there is.” Pi pressed with a pretty cant of her head and adjustment of glasses. Four.

Out in the halls Eddie was excited that he got out a few minutes early because it meant getting to spend just a smidge more time with Pi tonight. It was easy he found to make his way through difficult or boring classes when he had someone to go home to; even more so as he had two some ones now. On the days when he had to stay home Abby was around and when he had to go to school he’d wait for Pi in the library until her shift was over. Elation quickly flat lined as he turned the corner and was only two or three steps away from Richard Chadwick and his two goons. It looked like the sports ‘star’ was already in a foul mood. Great, just great!

True to form though the mathematician flashed a friendly smile and tried to slide around the brute. Rich went out of his way to tilt and knock brawny shoulder against one that while well-built was padded with too much internet use.

“Watch where you’re going, Vance.” Nostrils flared first from Rich then the other two.

Eddie blinked and rubbed at the spot on reflex. “Right good evening to you too, Rich. See ya.” He even added in a roll of eyes before continuing on his way.

“Hey!” Rich growled.

Not bothering to turn Eddie kept walking. The less attention you gave bullies the better. He did give up a blind wave though. “Have a good one.”

“You tell your Japanese obsessed freak he better get shit done if he knows what’s good for him and good for you.” The words were pretty much spat out from Richard but Eddie just shrugged. Great, the fucker was harassing Woodrow again. Just why the hell did he keep tormenting the poor guy? He wanted to toss out something like ‘Grow up’ or ‘Stop living in high school dude.’ Instead Eddie stayed silent and trudged on. The library and a sweet slice of Pi wasn’t that far off and he didn’t want to muck that up.

As predicted Rich went on his way and thus Eddie on his. Eddie tugged open the library door only to find Locke filling it and Ivy right behind. After a blink he laughed and slide to the side with a good natured nod. “Evening, Locke, Ivy. How are you?”

“Fine. Thank you, Edward.” Locke nodded and held open the door for his sister.

Ivy gave Eddie a playful jab to the stomach as she went by. “Jealous that you live with Eloise. Ever walk in on her naked?”

“Ivy!” Locke’s shock was followed with him taking her by the wrist and leading her away. “My apologies. We shall catch up soon, Eddie.”

“Sure thing!” Words were sent along with a smile from the nerd. Eddie leaned against the library’s doorframe until the pair was out of sight. When sniffing he caught the soft feminine scents of his infernal muse. Eddie leaned in and wiggled brows in echo of Pi’s same gesture.

The succubus chuckled and crooked her finger. Her eyes were cast for the bedroom. When Eddie was half-way to the main desk she instead lifted the finger to stop him and then pointed over to Woodrow. He swiveled and eyes widened with concern. After nodding in silent agreement Eddie meandered over to his music absorbed friend who was staring out into the night. He tapped one of Woody’s hands.

Eddie didn’t speak up until his friend pulled out his earbuds and gave a weak smile. “Hey, you okay, Woodrow?”

“I’m fine. Just had a run in with Rich is all.” The anime fanboy’s voice was meek. “It’s okay. How’re you tonight, Vance?”

“I’m okay. Just stopping by to hang out here until Eloise is off work.” At the corner of Woody’s table Eddie barely perched with one hip. He tiled his head back to Pi, who was busying herself with paperwork across the room.

Woody’s gaze rose before he adjusted glasses. He gave Eddie a shooing motion. “Well go hang out with the hot lady, Vance. I mean hell you don’t need to sit here and mope with me. I’ll be fine. Go on now.”

“You sure, Woodrow?” Eddie rubbed at the back of his neck but stepped away.

“Yeah. I’ll just stick around and doodle for a bit before heading out to eat. I’m supposed to catch up with Jeff tonight for dinner. I guess his folks are out of town.” Woody pushed back in his chair. “So don’t worry.”

“Okay. Okay. But you’ll tell me what’s going on with Rich?” Eddie wasn’t going to pass along the asshole’s message. A lingering look was made to Pi who gestured hard for him to stay put with sucked in cheeks. The mathematician stifled a laugh before sitting at the table instead of leaving. “It seems I can’t go hang out with her until you do.”

“Great. Sorry, man.” Fir turning off his player Woody then settled his chair proper against the floor again. He cleared his throat and scooted closer to his friend. From the volume of his voice it was obvious whatever he was imparting was mean to be a secret. “You can’t breathe a word of this, even to her okay?”

“You two aren’t dating are you?” Eddie smirked and then ducked out of the way of a swipe. “Sorry. Okay then, what’s going on. I won’t say I word. I promise.”

Woody gave him two fingers. “Fuck off, Vance. Seriously. Anyway. You promise?”

“I promise. I promise.” Off went Eddie’s pack and it was set next to the button festered one. “So what’s going on?”

“I’ve been cheating for him and his buddies since last semester.” Deadpan Woody looked away and frowned. “You know how it goes. They’ve got more muscles than brains and need someone to make sure they make the grades they need to keep playing. I’m a smart kid that can’t really defend myself. You’d think everything would change as we grew up but I feel like I am back at boarding school again. Only this time the twats can get legally drunk.”

“Ouch. Yeah that’s not good at all Woody. I mean this isn’t like high school here. Or whatever you call it.” Eddie frowned deeply and reached out to pat his friend’s forearm. “You will get expelled when they find out and they will find out. Woody.”

“I know.” Wood groaned and shook his head. “I know. It’s a bad situation because I can’t talk about it official like now. However I told him last week we were done. Rich hasn’t been too happy about that and chased me down today. He was pretty mean to Eloise.”

“Pretty mean?” Despite his gentle manner Eddie growled. Not that he could actually hurt Rich unless he snuck up on the lug with a tire iron. “What happened?”

“He just grabbed her wrist and stuff. I’d talk to her about it. Locke stepped in thank goodness. Sometimes I wonder if Rich’s just insane, I mean really.” After slipping off his glasses Woody rubbed at now unfocused eyes. “He’s so violent.”

“Yeah. Well I’ll think on it and see what I can come up with to help you, Woodrow, okay?” Eddie’s hand squeezed once more before he let go. Sliding away from the table he stood and looked back over to his primary lover. “Try not to worry eh?”

“That’s easy for you to say, Vance.” Woody didn’t smile this time but did bob his head. He slipped his headphones back in and gave a thumbs up. Out came his sketchbook. Yeah some doodling would cool his mind and help him figure out how to get out of this mess. If Eddie got involved it was going to get worse. He had to tell someone though.

“Trust me, Woody. I get things done.” Eddie winked and wandered over to Pi. He didn’t have any clue how he was going to get this all worked out. However that wasn’t the point right now. Right now Woody needed to be reassured that everything was going to be alright.
The otaku shot his friend a disbelieving salute before flipping along to a fresh page. Woodrow’s gaze caressed along ‘Eloise’ as the sultry woman was suddenly overflowing with giddy energy just to have Eddie drawing near. He absorbed the angles of her pose, drank in the pleasant rounds of her curves overlaid with the definitive lines of business clothing. Right then and there it struck the battered artist how artistically beautiful the librarian was; how damn lucky Eddie obviously was. He didn’t feel envy but rather inspiration.

Pencil was set to paper, tearing away its virginity with a swift uncaring stroke.

To be concluded

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