Session Four

1. Bully Pulpit: Eloise Baker, otherwise as the demon Pi, has settled in well to her role at St. Agatha’s as the school librarian as well as Eddie’s primary lover. While she waits for the man she muses to get out of class Pi gets pulled into a long standing rivalry between various members of the supporting cast. Wheels are set in motion that one day will bear bitter fruit.

2. Sketch ComedyEddie cops a feel while Pi catches him up on the incident between Woody and Richard Chadwick. The math nerd worries after his friend, but is set more on edge as he receives eerie texts. Outside Chadwick seethes with rage, and a very real threat to Eddie and Pi’s happiness lurks as well.

2.5 Girl Time:A bonus story! Abbie and Pi go shopping to get to know one another better, and then in the store’s dressing room get to know one another better! Plus Pi meets another demon walking Creation!

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