3. Proofs

It was one of those mid-mornings were Pi was actually thankful at being interrupted while she prattled away on her laptop doing the daily paperwork that the library demanded as constant sacrifice. Every time she rose to answer a question or find a book aching thighs that were still sweetly moist from pre-breakfast love making rubbed against one another. Whenever she had to bump something aside with her hip or roll them in sensual walk there was chance she’d feel the remnants of Eddie’s cooling seed caress within velvet walls. It had been a wonderfully frantic fuck this morning. The demoness had woken before her lover but by only moments and had planned to slip out and prepare some breakfast with Aph’s help.

Then Eddie turned into her still asleep but craving the heat only her soft skin could provide. With the shifting his morning wood brushed crown against the soft bottom of her stomach and she was just done. It wasn’t long before Pi had stoked him awake and they worked one another to their squealing release. With a sigh Pi fought down the daydream as she dropped back into her office chair. Stockings pulled at one another and she puffed out hot breath.

“Damn you Edward Vance.” A wash of sable hair danced as Pi reached out for her chilled mocha.

“For what?” Eddie piped up from where he reclined against the doorframe with an almost debonair air. For now all his apprehension about the conversation dissolved away like fog from a bay as coal black eyes sparked at the edges and crimson lips rose in absolute glee. While having sex with Pi was mind blowing when she gave him these gazes he could rest his weary head within it was a supreme level of pleasure that even the best orgasm could never reach.

She pushed back from her desk and stretched out long legs and arched back like waking kitten. The pale flesh strip between stocking and skirt was revealed for his reveling. Tongue was wet with coffee. “For being you.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment, Eloise.” Off of the doorway the green eyed gent meandered to the edge of her desk before leaning down to get a kiss. “I think. Okay I’m not really sure.”

Her laugh was smoky against his lips. “Hush you. Now what the devil are you doing on campus this early or at all today? I do believe usually it is ‘sleep in day’. Well besides having a chat up with President Hoffman about secret stuff.” Pi sniffed. “Since no one told me you were going to.”

“Well, about that.” He sighed softly drinking in her breath before giving her a soft crush of lips. No matter what bombshell Eddie was going to drop Pi was soothed by the kiss, by the fine way their nose pressed against one another. His lips crept out and pulled at her lower lip before soothing it with tongue. Computer softened fingers moved to curl at the shell of the succubus’ ear, nails brushing at dark hair. Her own hands settled on his chest before kneading against his shirt.

“About that?” Her nails swirled his shirt over nipples beneath. “What is going on, Edward?”

“I went to talk to Hoffman about Chadwick bullying Woody. I can’t just stand by and let that happen you know?” With a groan he started to withdraw his face away from her.

Pi didn’t let him get away. Forcefully one of her hands slid up and gripped his neck as crimson lips spread wider. Once his face was comfortably next to hers once more she spoke up with a low rolling purr. There was a flutter in her chest, a growing need. The tip of her pink tongue caressed his wound. “I am proud of you. That takes quite a bit of courage. So what is the president going to do?”

“Well nothing directly.” By the gravity of nature his body pressed to hers trapping her hand between aching bosom and tight chest. He caressed along the swell of her hip then meandered to skip over tush. “He had me talk to Dr. Galbraith and that’s where the crux of the issue comes in.”

“Oh? Well lock the door and put up my out to lunch sign first would you dear?” Her breath was as warm and hazy as her breath. “All of the assistants are on duty for the day now and we can steal a bit of private time so you can fill me in.”

“So dirty.” He pressed a kiss between her dark brows before sliding away. Traces of her body’s searing need lingered on his clothes. Pi merely gave him a shrug and a wink before she shooed him off. At the door Eddie did as told after taking a scan through the library. Everything seemed in place until he caught someone out of the corner of his eye watching the room down a row of stacks. By the time the nerd’s gaze shifted back whomever it was gone leaving only a faint impression of gold brown eyes and tingling of worry. He closed the door and locked it tight and that made him feel a little bit better.

Pi had her crisp white top open all the way and was in the process of freeing herself from bra when he turned back and that made him feel fantastic. Perked nipples atop spacious white globes bounced and she gave him a winsome grin that slowly melted into a coy look.

“What do you know how uncomfortable those are? Come here you.” Tilting back the demoness placed her weight on top of her desk giving her a fine curve to puffed up breasts. The edge of her rump set at the edge of the counter and legs parted as wide as they could in skirt. He shivered and was reeled back in to her sumptuous body. Pi thrummed when his hands caressed over her tits, head tilting back and lips broke in low hot breaths. “Much better. I adore your hands on me, Eddie.”

The admission made them both flush and the geek’s shaft tighten. He pressed kiss across the top of one breast and then the other. “It’s your fault for having such tender flesh. It’s always a marvel under my hands.”

“Mm.” She wiggled her chest between his fingers encouraging him to play more. Eddie responded with a slow hard kneading, teasing the base of each breast with nails, rough of his thumb brushing nipples as they grew taunt. More pleasure bubbled out of her throat. Her hands tightened on the desk’s lip. “Oh Eddie, what were we talking about?”

“The issue. I don’t know if I want to mention what happened here and your involvement.” His words rolled warm down her rounds and drizzled desire deeper into her rushing blood. “We need to be careful. Everyone keeps telling us that for a reason I’m sure.”

“Oh. Let me think about it? Is Woody going to get in trouble?” It was hard to find the words but Pi did as she tipped her head back forward to try and peck at his crown. She just couldn’t stretch that far. One leg curled around the back of his. The back of her high heel stroked a hard line from the middle of the back of his knee and down. Naturally he responded by pressing closer and the energy of their arousals started to co-mingle.

He lifted one of her breasts and took nipple between lips to grind and play. Somewhere in his moans was a negative. Both men had been very specific that there would be no such thing. His shoulders curled and by now his erection was as stiff as it was going to get. Pi was wet all over again.

“Good. So very good.” The infernal let her head flop back again with a reverberating moan. They’d tested her office before and were pleasantly surprised at how well the brick and hardwood of it dampened sounds. “We need to find people trust but the only way we can do that is to try.”

“Something like that.” The conversation was spinning away from Eddie too, that was made even worse for as he mumbled and suckled at her other pearl one of Pi’s skilled hands worked open his jeans. It wasn’t long before she caressed down the precum moistened briefs to his root then with manicured nail sliding along the front crease opened his cock up to the air. Once that was done she crooked one little finger and took him out. “I like Hoffman.”

“You are so hard.” The edge of her fingernail grazed along the underside of his crown and Pi licked her lip in utter satisfaction. A heavy swallow and plume of breath followed. “And I like that. Enough of talking about this. You do what you think is right and I am proud of you Eddie. So very proud. So where are you going to stick this? We are both getting anxious.”

“Right here.” Feeling a tinge of daring Eddie pecked her breastbone again then raked teeth over the tender inner meat to the right. “I want to feel my dick; I want to feel what it feels like between your tits.”

“There is a lot of feeling in there.” Still Pi nodded her consent and moved his face away from her chest with both hands. Then back she scooted across the desk using the round of her ass to close laptop before sliding it aside. There was no ideal position for a tit wank but now the very idea of it was making her core tremble. If there was anything that really turned her on it was Eddie asserting himself. “Off with those pants.”

“Already there.” Enthusiastically the mathematician plopped on the edge of her desk and pulled off sneakers without even untying them. Then with a hop back up pants and underwear pooled at his ankles. Eddie gave himself a pump while watching the fascination in his hellion lover’s appreciative gaze and anticipation parted lips. “So how do we go about this?”

“It would be easier if we were on a bed. Let us see, slide over me would you?” Pi’s eyes sparkled and she felt her mouth go dry. Soon enough with any luck she’d have some cum to wet it.

Eddie followed directions and slipped up onto the desk. It’s oak strength didn’t creak under their combined weight. Over her body he looked slowly and was entranced by the way that globes pulled to the side of her chest. He licked at his teeth under lip. Then forward he moved leaning over her but not between her thighs as usual. Fingers wove through her sable mane giving accidental tugs which made the demoness coo before they found a place to rest his balance.

Now that is a good fellow.” Pi pronounced and touched her own rack, urging heavy breasts together. “Put yourself down between me.”

“Sure.” Expectation caused him to tremble. The budding genius pressed his girth down against smooth breastbone and took a slow sawing motion. There wasn’t anything great to it until Pi enfolded him within bust. The next friction full push of cock made both gasp sharp.

For Eddie it was a sensation he’d never even imagined before. There wasn’t the roughness of his own hand present or the dripping warmth of a woman. Instead it was a fleshy softness, a soft glide through which he swore he could feel her excited heartbeat pulsing up through his main vein. It felt so good the slither through the cushy pillows especially after a few rolls when his salty excitement gave a delicious reduction in resistance. In the beginning though he did his best to be careful because he didn’t want to cause any harm to either of them in such an odd position.

On Pi’s side of things there was a different sort of rubbing she found she enjoyed mostly because of how aroused it made Eddie. That and the smells of their morning session gained new life and stained her senses. It was satisfying to know that they had marked one another so and the scent had yet to drift away. It made her feel owned and cherished. The heat of his manhood seeped slow and steady into her stormed balcony and from there rained their way down to her heart. Within moments it was beating hard once she realized she could feel pulses of his blood flow. This was certainly exciting, so much more the demoness’ hands nearly slipped. Pi’s long lashes fluttered and she readjusted to keep her grip snug. Then she craned her neck, tongue snaking out in its true form to flick the v of it at his rod’s slit.

Eddie stiffed a cry he knew would carry too far even through thick walls. Pi tipped her head further so at the apex of his thrusts she could drag just half of his crown past red lips while tongue coiled around like a hungry constrictor. When Eddie rocked back her mouth made a playful popping sound but soon enough he was pressing just a bit harder and farther to the point where the bottom of her ample bosom swallowed his balls. That way she could take the whole head in to wallow on. His needy sac churned within its warmed home but far too soon that deliciously frosted cock retreated – coated with red lipstick and a coating of her spit.

“Does that feel good, Edward?” She snatched a dollop of his pre from the side of her lips with forked tongue. Hellfire licked at the edges of her eyes threatening to go into full bloom.

Nose brushed against hers slowly before he leaned away and gave another hard push between her breasts. “Not as good as being buried deep inside you but yeah.”

The deep throated laugh jiggled Pi chest and this made Eddie shiver and he ducked his head as the next plateau in male pleasure was reached. He understood that there would be no stopping very soon and it was clear that Pi was okay with that. In fact a two of her fingers moved from holding breast to tickle the bottom of his scrotum.

“No not as good as that.” Her eyes closed tight with creases of joy. “Still I cannot wait to feel your hot jets against my chin, dragging down my throat, between my tits.”

“Oh my God.” Eddie felt his world start to spin. When Pi started to whisper all dirty and husky he always felt every fiber of his being tightened up. “Pi.”

“That is it.” As he crested forward she flicked her tongue against him again. The forked wonder teased down the flat underside of him before stroking back up. “Cum for me, Eddie.”

When his orgasm shot through him like divine revelation Eddie wanted to cry out her name but was too strangled by the sensation to form words. The first hot stream erupted as he was pulling his hips back and splashed against her chin before pooling warm atop her throat. More washed over clavicles in pleasant ooze that made her coo and wiggle. By the time he drug his dick back into though the cushioned tunnel a second gush coated Pi’s breastbone. More pleasure dotted the bottom curve of her breasts. As Eddie started to pause there the succubus giggled for once and urged his hips to retreat farther with adoring caresses.

“Oh now you do not, Edward Vance.” Her eyes were full burning now. “I want you to paint my stomach as well. Come on now.”

“Okay.” With a ragged laugh he did as told with a strained wiggle of hips. His male tip was used as a brush to draw squiggles across her taunting stomach and the demoness giggled deeper with a wrinkle of dignified nose. Once Eddie reached just above the line of her skirt Pi wrapped a leg around his ass and pressed.

“Right there is fine. Mmm. Lakes of fire. You are so warm and still dripping against my stomach.” With the mere push of lips to demand a kiss she drew his head down. Plush mouth opened and tongue tempted his lips wide so breath could be shared and drank. Now she had his seed inside and out. Hands draped luxurious at the bottom of his covered shoulder blades while the tips of them drew lazy sigils against his spine. It only took a sigh into the kiss for Eddie to fully agree. Under his hips her crotch writhed with damp dissatisfaction but Pi was utterly okay with that. Unlike the average bloke Pi, like most women, didn’t need to have an orgasm to have a pleasant sexual experience. Sometimes all that was needed was seeing their lover pushed over the edge because of one’s erotic actions.

It was Eddie who broke the kiss from the need to take proper breaths and to speak. “I… thank you Pi.” His heart pounded deep and mind spun at the words he had wanted to say. However he knew better at this moment. She was just a demon after all, a muse to help him accomplish something great and then would be gone.

Through stage glasses those three little words could be seen lingering in the edges of the nerd’s green gaze and it made succubus suddenly heart sick. It was a lie of popular religion that angels and demons didn’t have emotions. They were creations of the Lord just the same and could feel everything from love to sorrow, pleasure to vengeance, sometimes all in the same act. Thus Pi closed her eyes in desperation before Eddie read anything within hers. After a curt peck she turned her head away so he had her ear to nibble on.

“Pi? What’s wrong?” Even preoccupied with nibbling along the shell of her most delectable ear the geek worried after her reaction. Tongue slipped out and pushed down the line of her pulse. Eddie fully expected the rather feminine response that was to come.

And come it did. To blunt the deflection Pi tickled the small of his back. Slowly she drew up the back of his shirt and stroked palm over bared skin. “Nothing.”

In his teens Eddie’s mother had sat him down once for a talk about women. Part of the wisdom imparted was that ‘anyway’ really meant ‘we’re not talking about this anymore’ and that ‘nothing’ meant that something was wrong but you had to figure it out on your own. At the time the Yankee had commented that women sure were weird and that was something to which his mother had agreed most enthusiastically.

“Are you sure?” In spite of the fine advice he pressed.

She sighed in response and rolled her head back to get a good look at her eyes. A smile was put on and she offered up an mm-hmm before pressing a new full kiss to his lips. “Anyway, back to this matter with Woody now that you have sprayed me with your scent once more.”

Dubious Eddie nevertheless knew it was best to let this all good for now. He just had the sinking feeling that he’d done something bad and it made his stomach knot up. A light sorry tried to puff from his lips but she silenced it with a kiss. The pair fell back into silent cuddling for a few minutes before she urged him to move back.

“We cannot have you traipsing around covered in crusty cum. People will talk.” She gave him one last peck before he dropped into her chair.

Puffing out a deep breath the brainiac melted with satisfaction. He chuckled as he claimed her leather chair. Deep satisfaction was washing away his worries with each passing moment. There was also no way he could look away from her glistening chest when the succubus sat up. In response with an impish look that would make Aph proud she rubbed her lips together in time of doing the same with her own breasts.

“Mm. Feels so good.” Not even a demon crafted for sex could keep up the bad porn gesture for long and she started laughing and stopped. A wink and fair amount of amusement was shared between the two while she looked around for her bra. Sniffing she really did like how it felt to be marinating in his blow.

“Over there.” Eddie tilted forward and gave her bra on the floor a push with his toe. Then even though his legs were wobbly the nerd forced himself to stand and pulled his pants back on. A swirl of breath was blown out as he tugged them firmly into place along with briefs and zipped up. “Wow. That was amazing.”

“I know.” As the infernal bent over to pick up her lost lingerie she made sure that her bosom was aimed for Eddie to get a great look as the breasts shifted against one another as seed dripped. She arched slowly while standing and took hefty breaths. With one step then another that were in truth long slides of stocking’ed feet she skirted closer then gave him a gentle push into the chair. Once he flopped back with a chuckle she hiked up her skirt by rolling milky thighs. Then it was just a matter of straddling one of her lover’s legs and adjusting until she got comfortable. Both of her arms lounged over his shoulders with bra dangling. “I think I am just content to snuggle rumpled like this for some time. So we are going to tell Hoffman and Dr. Galbraith what happened at the library here?”

“Yes.” He rolled his thigh only to receive a stop it glare from her after a hard shudder. “I won’t say I’m sorry. Hoffman knows what you are right? Do we let the good doctor know about it too?”

“As you said we need to trust someone.” Her forehead rested against his and she just drank in the scent of his flesh. Fingernails clicked against one another just behind his neck. “So we might as well start with Hoffman and move on to Galbraith, after all the president already knows. If he trusts the athletics director then we should give it a try. If not I suppose that we will lament the consequences and deal with them.”

“Okay. Do you want me to do it?” After a shifty look the geek ground with his thigh against soaked panties again. He wiggled his brows and forced Pi to chuckle husky instead of giving him a glare. “You’re very wet.”

“I am.” A nip was dotted on the bridge of his nose. She curled his hands back into his hair to massage. “That is completely your fault you see and you shall have to do something about it… later. I am going to have to actually eat lunch and get back to work.”

“Okay. Do you want me to do it?” Eddie asked again and his knee relaxed before he glanced away to see where her food was being kept. Clearing his throat he looked back to her. “What are you having?”

With a shuddering breath Pi eased away from the mortal and to her feet. A measured buttoning of her shirt followed so her student could lament every bit of seed salted flesh as it was covered. She forwent the bra and worked on tucking the rumpled shirt in. “Yes, please. Somewhere around here I have a salad Aph threw together for me before I left this morning.”

“The imp cooks too?” Eddie finished zipping up. “Is there anything he can’t do?”

“Get me off?” With a bat of eyes she made a show of bending over as her skirt had yet to be pulled back into proper place. Wet labia pressed tight against soaked white ruffles and she smirked when her lover gasped. “Here we are. Would you like to share?”

He shook his head with a dance of brown mop. “No thanks. What has Aphex been up to anyway? I haven’t seen him around much the last week.”

“Hell if I know. He is like that some time.” The salad was popped open as Pi melted into the other chair in the room. She didn’t bother with a fork but picked out what she wanted at the end of nails. Of course she of suckled on a cherry tomato before actually chewing. “However I have seen him and he says he is doing well. I believe he is just getting to know the estate and surrounding areas. We want to make sure it is safe for all of us before we get to work.”

“Work?” Eddie leaned forward and licked at his dry lips. They definitely needed to keep a supply of water on hand for post-coital discussions. “Oh the math stuff.”

Her smoky laugh rolled out before she rabbit nibbled on some celery. “Yes the math stuff, Eddie. The reason I am here after all. I suppose you are feeling a bit nervous about it?”

“Somewhat. I’ve got some questions regarding it too, if you don’t mind?” As he rested his elbows on her side of the desk Eddie watched her eat and swallow with hooded eyes. Every moment with this demon was such a pleasure.

“Please, fire away. That is the phrase, yes?” She brushed fingers along through her meal before electing to take up some lettuce.

“Sure.” As he tilted back in her chair Eddie drew his eyes nervously to the side. Lips piled and pushed against one another as he considered exactly how to ask things and where to begin. “How exactly is this going to work?”

“This? You mean me inspiring you and you doing your great work?” Her follow up question was as easy going as her smile. Once he nodded mutely the succubus continued. “Well usually the idea comes to you that is more a question than anything else. You were chosen because you were able to use the cipher to unlock me, Edward, because underneath all that sexiness is a great mind that just needed a nudge to tap its wellspring of genius. There are many ideas just waiting to come out.”

“Just waiting to come out? So the question just comes to me, I tell you, and then we get to work on it?” His brows furrowed.

“Well you get to work on it. I make sure you are comfortable; have stress relief, and someone to bounce ideas off of if needed. If I was the math genius here my work would be far too easy after all.” She flashed a pretty smile that was mostly teeth.

“It sounds like we both like to sell our selves short.” His off handed comment stalled conversation for a few minutes as both of them though over the statement; neither wanted to admit that it was true. Nerds always had self-image issues, as did demons. However Eddie wasn’t going to let the chat go without a fight. “Anyway. I… I’ve been having these episodes and I want to know if that’s the norm is all.”

She set her salad aside as face creased with concern. Sable hair cascaded down as the infernal leaned forward and focused on his eyes and drew lips to a tight line. “What do you mean episodes?”

“Well. It’s like thus fugue where a swarm of fragmented math formulae floods my head. None of it makes any rhyme or reason; it’s all just a jumble.” Eddie didn’t want to keep her worried gaze so he looked it to the side. “The longer it goes the more I feel out of touch with the real world and well the more I worry that I might not be able to get back. There’s just too much to see through.”

Even thinking on the episodes made the side of Eddie’s temple throb and he pressed the meat of thumb against it. His fertile gaze shifted back as he was about to ask Pi if this was normal however from the shine at the edge of her eyes and long face he already knew it wasn’t.

“This worries me, Eddie. I would say that some of my inspired lovers have been obsessed and a bit too focused but that is only once they realize the problems they are striving to solve and find themselves coming closer and closer.” Pi coughed and settled back in the chair. Fingers curled to a loose fist and her chin rested on it. Thus classic features were framed by her lovely mane but she was still brimming with worry. “I have never known anyone to have fugues. What sort of equations are they?”

“I don’t know.” He sighed and shook his head. Inside the nerd groaned because this just meant it was all something very bad. “I mean I don’t even have any sort of proof that I’m working on that’s not for class anyway. I mean it usually happens when my mind is wandering but I don’t know maybe I am just tapping into some current in the universe. Or if we want to be a bit less New Age maybe I’m crazy.”
While rolling her eyes Pi waved both ideas away. “Trust me you do not come across as a nutter, Eddie. Nor is there any sort of cosmic stream of conscience that I have ever heard of. It still makes me worry though. If you would try jotting these things down next time it happens or in the moments after I would appreciate that. Perhaps then we can figure out what is rolling around in that pretty little head of yours.”

“Pretty eh?” Eddie’s amusement was punctuated with a roll of eyes. “I will try but like I said I just zone out you know.”

Pi pouted then realized she had lost her glasses. The demoness motioned for them at the edge of the desk and Eddie tossed them over. She flicked them open and used part of her shirt to clean them in slow circles. “That is what worries me. I do not know.”

“Well we don’t want you worried. I’ll do my best okay.” He sighed and eased out of the chair. Once he was around the desk Eddie reached out and caressed a hand under her chin. Next he took her glasses from fingertips and carefully set them on her nose.

“Promise?” The fire in her eyes had all but died out but even imitating a human woman there was something about her coal black orbs that were just this side of unearthly. “There are so many factors to worry about here already.”

“I’m sorry has it ever been this bad before?” Eddie brushed her hair here and there back into place until she stopped him by nuzzling at forearm and mewling. “I mean this complicated and secretive.”

“Oh this is not even as close to the worst of times trust me.” She refuted his claims and eased some of his worry. “We hardly live in an era of Church sanction assassins and rampant deadly diseases. Trust me Eddie, this time thus far has been cake. I like cake.”

“I’ve always been a bigger fan of pie.” His tease elicited the bouncing amusement he was looking for. “Is there something else I can ask about? Regarding our work?”

“Of course Eddie.” However she glanced to the floor before stretching out and picking up a bottle of juice that Aph had packed for her as well. After she took a long drink Pi graciously offered it out to him.

He took his time to wet his whistle and mull on the question he was about to ask. “So you said that the more secular the world gets through discovery the harder it is for Heaven and Hell to interact with it. So, does that mean that they are getting farther away or are just passages between being closed?”

“Passages between. We are still creatures of energy as it is the one constant in the universe, or something like that. So we still need conduits to travel. Just like if a subway tunnel was the only way to get from one part of a city to another but it was locked out.” Pi made an elegant gesture as she explained.

Eddie’s lips twitched. “Well why not just walk then? Or fly? Or sail? There’s no place on earth like that after all. Or bore a tunnel?”

“It is not as easy as all that, sweet boy.” She pushed her crimson lips up together. “The way that the big man set everything up keeps them apart otherwise. Of course both sides try new ways now and again. Why do you think who-know-who’s face appears on everything from water stained underpasses to pieces of buttered toast?”

“Jesus? Really?” The nerd rubbed at the back of his neck and motioned for the juice again. Pi was happy to comply even if the Savior’s name always made her right eye spasm. Once Eddie had sated his thirst the bottle was offered back and he continued. “Okay so they are otherwise cut off from reality save these bridges that get blocked off the more real the world becomes.”

“Mm hmm.” She dampened her own lips and ample chest heaved out a heavy sigh. “I have my own backdoor in as do others but…”

“Okay well from talking to Abby it seems that the old doors, summoning circles and the like, they are just a different version of math right? So by changing the way that math works it is like changing the locks on the doors.” A light went off behind Eddie’s eyes.

“Exactly.” Pi leaned forward and begged for a kiss by making the sounds accompanying one. The fact that Abby had been showing Eddie magic didn’t escape her but it wasn’t commented on. She’d talk to the exotic cousin later herself.

There came a wrapping at her door. “Miss Baker, We’ve got someone here that needs you, sorry.”

Long suffering in that she never quite got as much sex or time with Eddie as she wanted to the succubus pouted pretty. That was wiped away by one of his kisses, even of at the moment the genius was distracted.

“You need to shave.” Pi murmured.

“Oh hell.” Eddie groaned.

If there were old locks and tunnels that meant that Heaven and Hell had to be somewhere. His brow furrowed and both of them got back to work… after a goosing.


Session Six

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