Session Five

1. Derivatives: Abby and Eddie head out on the town for an education on English beer and English Football. Their drunken fun is interrupted by the not so timely arrival of Chadwick and his brood. Eddie stands up for his cousin, but things quickly get physical and not in the way either cousin likes.

2. Fight Smarter: Taking the advice he was given Eddie reaches out to Hoffman to resolve not only the situation with Chadwick but to get some advice when it comes to matters of magic. The odd ideas in the nerd’s head are growing too strange and deep for him to fathom. Hoffman takes Eddie right to the source to hit Chadwick where it hurts.

3. Proofs: Eddie stops by the library to fill in Pi about his encounter with Hoffman, and tries to speak to her about the odd feelings he’s been having. Instead he ends up being coaxed into some rather lewd play on the succubus’ desk. In the afterglow Pi sketches in some of the history of her duties.

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