3. Physics Lesson

Ivy’s room was far more girlie than Pi expected.

There were of course the requisite NIN, The Clash, and The Sex Pistols posters on the walls. Splashed up there too was an MLP poster and several dried flowers that had to have come from school dances. One creamy white case was full of books for those that dabbled in science – the other stuffed animals and expensive dolls. The four poster bed was probably older than the manor and the computer on ivory-hued desk bleeding edge. Its screen saver apparently never shut off, nude women scrolling across one after another. Ivy plainly was not shy about her sexuality and an open appreciation of the female form.

This was plainly evident because she’d already pulled Pi’s dress from her with a hungry growl and let it pool at the sultry woman’s feet. Pi pressed back on the tip of her cute little toes and let herself drop to sit on the edge of the bed. Oh, the satin bedspread was very nice against her tush. Her generous curves jiggled as she watched the punk rock girl. No words were said, she simply bade Ivy to strip with a slow motion of one finger and smoldering look. The lesbian obeyed with a coy little smile. It wasn’t that the succubus had bewitched Ivy. The young woman’s fiery desire had asphyxiated all other thoughts. Lust was often more powerful than any enchantment and lingered longer than any drug. Pi wasn’t worried one bit about what this tryst might bring for the future. Plainly the coupling to come was something driven by pure brazen need, nothing emotional.

It was just what the infernal needed today.

Ivy shimmied from the prim dress, which might as well have been a straight jacket to her. There was a moment where double-sided tape tugged at the flesh of her a-cup chest. By the time it was removed the pale pink nipples had peaked. As boney as the blonde was she was surprisingly toned, perhaps wiry was a better word. Ivy’s muscles were hidden by just the right amount of softness. She paused when she got to her hips and looked down with hooded eyes at her own crotch. A show was made of revealing red thong first before the dress fell away. She took a slow step forward, sliding on the ball of a foot. One of her thumbs hooked at the underware’s thin band and pulled it aside, teasing. “You are so unbelievably hot, Eloise.”

“Why thank you.” A purr followed the words as the demoness slid further back onto the bed. Her legs went straight out and she hooked her feet behind Ivy’s thighs to pull her closer. The women’s gazes didn’t meet. Oh no, Pi’s dark gaze remained on the forbidden fruit being peeled. “More.”

The feminine fiend’s demand pulled a husky sigh from Ivy’s throat. She nodded and glanced to the other strap as she pulled it away from her English-pale flesh. From there it was just a matter of tugging and letting her shaved cunt gleam with liquid desire. She slid the thong along to the point where it gravity could do most of the work. By the time she was at the edge of the bed and leaning into Pi’s embrace she didn’t have a shed of clothes on her. Her hands went right to Pi’s thighs and then slowly slid up, enjoying every inch of the plush curves presented to her. “Breathtaking.”

“I hope not.” Pi purred with a pleasant jiggling of her bust. “I hardly want you to pass out, yet.”

The two shared a challenging smile and then a steamy kiss. Their lips pressed open in a mutual effort to gasp as heated flesh and feminine lines settled against one another. Their bodies contrasted greatly but that made the full press all the more exciting. Pi’s soft tongue curled against Ivy’s which needed not one ounce of temptation before sliding wet and slow. Their faces tipped in unison so they could fit together all-the-better. Pi scratched her nails across the mortal’s sides and then trailed them along the top ridge of her slight ass. Her fingers settled at tailbone only for a moment before sliding up Ivy’s spine and with it came a trickle of demonic magic. Not that such was entirely needed to light every millimeter of skin with the tingling of passion, but it couldn’t hurt. Ivy had to break the kiss, her back arching and head tipping back as she let out the most exalted sort of sigh.

“It has been a long time for you, has it not?”

Ivy merely nodded as her cheeks flushed. She wanted to say something more but heavy sighs beaded up one after another as Pi spread kisses across her small tits. There was just enough of a curve to them to stroke lips across and her painfully erect nipples were soothed by the other woman’s breath. Of course as soon as the succubus’ lips moved away from tense meat she whimpered as the ache returned. Pi was kind enough to kiss one breast again, and suckle this time. Ivy curled one slight hand against the back Pi’s skull. “Mmm, right there.”

The aristocrat’s other hand needed something to so Ivy felt the far heavier curves of Pi’s rack and found she rather liked them. There was no envy about how full her lover’s figure was. Oh there were times when the slight girl hated the way she looked, but with such attention lavished onto it how could she be anything but satisfied? She tugged at one nipple before letting her hand flatten and knead. More than likely she could play with these all night! With any luck she would.

Pi nuzzled Ivy’s prominent breastbone and then kissed her way up to wallow on the hollow of her neck. She lapped like a hungry kitten. “Your hand feels ever so lovely. Oh. Keep that up would you?”

“Only if you keep your mouth there.” The human moaned and her hand gripped the soft globe within it. Flames of desire licked along Ivy’s bones and wormed their way into her very marrow. She’d not been this wet in years, she was sure. Her head tipped back, her throat rippled with a whimper. The warmth of Pi’s tongue sent a cascade of gooseflesh across her skin. She was totally in the demon’s thrall. Safely though, one might add.

The direst intention Pi had was to made the other woman cum, and have a smashing good orgasm herself.

It wasn’t long before the librarian’s fingers wormed between athletic thighs and dove into Ivy’s quim. The tight little package spread willingly to the invasion and then sought to keep the digits there as firmly as Ivy directed Pi’s head back down to her boobs. With great practice Pi’s thumb brushed over aching clit while fingers probed even deeper. It didn’t take long for Ivy to start vibrating. Her wiry frame shook so hard she stopped massaging the infernal’s tit and instead let her hand meander soft stomach. The sound of the expert finger-bang was sloppy but sheer perfection to both women’s ears. Pi shifted how she sat. It was that small motion that drove the girl to slide away. A trail of her desire was left across expensive and tasteful bed spread.

“Oh. I have been a terrible hostess, not looking to your own desires.” Ivy’s ‘pout’ was anything but rueful. In fact it was downright impish! She rolled away exposing her ass and needy slit. A giggle pushed from her as Pi took the chance to go right back to fingering her. As fantastic as it felt she couldn’t let that just go on, it was too hard to concentrate. So she swatted back at the sex-kitten. “Stop that.”

“Make me.” The older woman loomed over her victim with a glint in her eye a pushed her fingers in deeper, three this time. Oh there was something so very satisfying as the mortal cried out – her face contorting in pleasure as her innards were stretched. Her skinny ass ground back against the pleasure. Pi put so much into each prod that her heavy chest pendulously swayed. Ivy was caught almost as if hypnotized by the display. What lover of the female form wouldn’t be when presented with such a dish? Ivy sobbed and tightened her greedy walls against her lover’s digits and almost let herself cum.

“Oh… oh… okay.” Somehow the spunky blonde managed to wiggle away and dipped her hand between mattress and baseboard. Out came her bag of tricks and she rolled onto her back with flourish. It was just in time to watch Pi paint her chest with Ivy’s sticky honey. She loved the viscous way the fluid pulled between Pi’s fingers and the round of one breast.

The succubus’ eyes twinkled with delight. Her voice was a purr of pure damnation. “Oh. What are you going to pull out of your handbag today, Ivy?”

“I…” The slight woman watched the buxom one’s hand slip down over comfortable stomach and into lightly furred apex. The very idea of mixing juices set a new fire at the pit of her pussy, even though she conceived that she couldn’t have gotten any more aroused. Everything was covered with a shroud of lust and Ivy barely recalled that she unsheathed a knobby toy from the bag. The double sided dildo was held aloft like a knight’s weapon.

“Oh… very devious.” Pi continued diddling herself while leaning forward. She started steamy into the mortal’s eyes and ran her tongue over the cold plastic crown. Then she flicked at the slit before taking it into her mouth as if it was a real throbbing cock. There was a slick noise as she pulled her hand from between her legs and motioned for Ivy where the other end needed to go. The punk complied without hesitation or shame. She flattened out on her back and pressed the other phallus into her messy cunt. Her hips shifted and she sighed comfortably as she got it to slide in nice and deep. Pi sharply grinned around the sexual aid. Then she curled her hand around its shaft. Instead of stroking it as she would a man’s meat she slowly slid it in and out of Ivy while blowing the other side. Her moans were muffled, the human’s were free ranged –and loud.

Poor Ivy found herself slipping, both over the edge of control and the bed. She slapped her hands on the footboard. Once a good grip was contained she growled and started pushing her hips hard. It wasn’t long before the oversized faux-dick had her bottomed out and stretched wide. Pi likewise took her side of the toy deep into her throat and continued to pretend like she was committing fellatio. She didn’t gag, even if she could taste Ivy’s desire for such a sound as in pre-cum.

Was it cheating to be able to see people’s fantasies in their fluids? Probably.

Pi positively mewled as she felt tingles of Ivy’s explosive orgasm jiggle in the dildo. The fake phallus filled the girl’s small sex so completely that there was only the barest trickle of cum that made it out of the sides. For several seconds Ivy forgot even how to breathe as her back arched and shoulders quaked. Finally she let out a ragged cry as the experience hit its peak, and then slumped back to the bed. A fine sheen of sweat spread across her English pale skin.

The temptress popped her mouth off of her end and licked at it slowly before slinking back. She ended up sprawled at the far end, propped up on pillows. Her own thighs were spread wide and pink even more so. “What are you waiting for?”

“Head, spinning.” Ivy giggled in a silly way and then covered her lips. Her cheeks were flushed and eyes filled with dreamy desire. Aftershocks rippled up and down the joystick still wedged within her. She wiggled closer to her desire though, drawn toward the gleaming hole. She had to explore its depth. It wasn’t long before one of her leg snaked over the mature woman’s, but she was in truth a second round of fucking might just kill her. It would be worth it.

Pi cooed as the rubber mushroom, still wet with her own spit, slid against her slit. Once she was properly scissored with the lesbian the fiend didn’t hesitate. She slipped the dildo into her own snatch and cuddled right up to the other woman’s groin. “There that is – OH!” Her whole body jiggled as Ivy started screwing her. Back she fell into the pillows and curled one close. Their hips ground against one another without any worry. The feeling of filling and being filled at the same time was what they both craved, both needed, both received. For her part the succubus forgot what it was like to play with sex aides. It was like a breath of fresh air. That was if she could breathe. Her lungs were strangled with pleasure as her labia rubbed against Ivy’s. Neither side of the double-sided magic wand could go any deeper, but Pi was riding high on the tide of satisfaction. The knobs put just the right sort of texture against her messy tunnel. The pressure against her cirvex was just right, and then her spot was struck by the grinding dong as she turned her hips a few inches to the left.

Ivy’s legs tightened against her, tiny toes pressing against the small of stately back. Pi’s own cute foot brushed at one of the girl’s tiny breasts. It wasn’t long before both of them shook, fully taken by waves of painful ecstasy. Pi was the first to come down, her breath husky and body occasional wracked by aftershocks. She licked at her lips.

The demoness had gotten her itch scratch and it left her feeling immensely satisfied. Edward Vance could sit in that massive lonely manor bored to tears for the rest of the day for all she cared. She suspected even now he was regretting not coming.

“You’re hair is so soft.” It was the first thing Eddie could think of saying after spilling his seed down Belle’s throat.

In response the demon princess merely hummed in sweet delight. She nuzzled the side of his half-erect cock with her cheek before lapping up a freely oozing essence from his tip. Part of Belle was aware she had a few errant dribbles of cum across her demure cheek, and that part was thrilled. Her mouth was salty from Eddie’s rod – her throat and stomach warm. Her well-manicured nails stroked under his balls before rested his chin on his thigh. The man’s jeans were barely splayed open. Her panties were soaked but she didn’t need an orgasm to be happy. Bringing such joy to the mathematician was pleasure enough. The way his hand felt in her hair, even if it was relaxed now, well she’d call it heavenly if she wasn’t a creature of Hell. She turned her sparkly gaze up to his face.

“What?” He spoke soft and flicked her cornsilk bangs in front of her gaze

The Frenchwoman giggled and puffed them back out of the way with her breath. “That was very nice, is all. It was good for you?”


“Oui, he says.” She threw back her head and laughed. Unlike Pi, the daughter of Sloth, couldn’t gain any insight from spilled juices. There were other ways she had to glean though. One of which was drinking breath but she was too content where she was at the moment. Besides she had glimpsed what drove Eddie. It terrified her, thrilled her at the same time. Belle rested he cheek on his leg again. Her soft breath tickled at his testicles.

Eddie leaned back in the chair. “Yes. Oui.”

Silence stretched several minutes before he spoke up again. “So.”

She fluttered elegant lashes. “So?”

“Can I ask you a few questions?” He scratched at the scruff on his chin.

Belle nodded and slipped from where she knelt. The moment had past and it was time to be comfortable. With a dancer’s grace she settled in the chair across from him. Her slim legs folded at the knee.

“Good. So. What sort of demon are you?” His query was a bit sheepish.

At first there was just a pretty smile hanging on the woman’s lips. Then Belle shrugged with a slow roll of shoulders. “I do not know what Pi told you, Edward. I am the daughter of the Prince of Sloth, crafted by his hand.”

“See. That’s something I don’t get.” He worked tucking his dick back in and zipping up. It wasn’t easy to ignore her pout. “If you and your father represent Sloth. Well, you are so energetic and he had to have some drive to ‘craft’ you. I have to admit I don’t get that either. I don’t suppose I can look.”

“Only if you agree to fuck me when you are able to get hard again.” There was no waiting for a response. Belle stood and removed her clothing swiftly. Great care was taken as the threads were damn expensive. She folded then slowly, giving her an erotic if domestic show. Her poor pussy was dripping with pent up need. “I think you will find most of the Deadly do not reflect the sin they pedal, no matter what is shown in popular fiction.”

He watched with rapt attention as petite wings peeled through the skin over her shoulder blades like a butterfly’s wings filling for the first time. She gave them a good shake as her already fair skin lost all color. Exquisite horns curved away from her forehead, slicing up through fine hair akin to flowers turning toward life-giving sun. She arched her back with a feminine sigh of relaxation, rump pressing backward. From her tailbone a cat-like tail made out of skeletal steel pieces uncoiled. It came to a fine tip, unlike Pi’s. While it was plainly artificial it moved with a sense of life. She stamped one foot as toes melded into one another leaving metal hooves erupted from scar tissue behind. They were her only unbecoming feature. The furnaces of Pandemonium burned in her eye sockets as she turned to look at him. The damned royal held her hands to the side and crossed one leg in front of the other, so very poised. “Well? Do we have a deal? As you can see, I am terribly wet.”

“Well.” Eddie rubbed as his throat before motioning her closer with a lazy beckoning of fingers. “If you let me take you like you are, yes.”

“Do you have a demon fetish, my Génial?” She spoke with deep amusement. Like a classy stripper she walked back over to him and claimed his lap. One of her nails, now shimmering silver, was run across his lower lip.

“Maybe?” It was the best response he could give.

Belle grinned and gracefully shrugged. “As to my own… nature. I was made to bring idleness to Mankind via all his lovely toys. The more convenient the life of those of Dust become the more time they spend on diversions, even at the sacrifices of doing a good days work. Social networking and the games involved, oh, you cannot imagine how much taint that spreads across the globe now. Quite fantastic, really. So I have to be… perky, progressive and aggressive to make sure technology moves forward.

I get that from papa, he is the prince of sloth yes, but also the patron of ingenious and insidious inventions. I am the crown pinnacle of his achievement I have to say so – so do not believe my siblings if you ever run into them. As to why, before you ask it.” She hushed him with a press of one finger and winked one burning eye. “Every man has the desire for children, most of them anyway. If not of flesh and blood then they wish to create some manner of legacy. As a rule, demons and their halo’ed kin are sterile. He had to build his children. As we are not really creatures of Hell we have an easier time coming to and interacting with Creation. So many reasons packed into one body.”

“A lovely body at that.” He curled his large hands against her small sides.

Her breath was full of pretty bell tones. “Why thank you.”

“So how are you made then?” Slowly Eddie ran his hands up and down the pallid woman’s sides. “You’re bones feel, odd.”

“They are crafted from hell-forged and enchanted iron. So they are as light as human bones but with the most complicated of gears, struts and other structures so I have a mmm… full and flexible range of movement.” Belle rolled her hips for lewd emphasis. Then she offered one arm for him to inspect. “Go on, examine my elbow.”

After a swallow Eddie complied. As he knew what to look for he soon felt the tiny cogs turning under her skin along what might be pistons gliding within meat. It was odd because the Frenchwoman still felt warm, alive. Was it any stranger than a succubus or witch? Certainly not. He had to wonder what other fantastical women he was going to meet. He glided his soft palm along her forearm, noting how her skin pebbled, her breath caught and nipples perked. “Marvelous.”

“I know.” She winked again. It would be more correct to say that the pinprick of flame in her socket winked out as she closed her eyelid. That was neither really here nor there.

His next question was the natural one to follow. Eddie wondered if perhaps it was better not to know the answer, but he had to ask. “So what about the skin, muscles?”

“There is no shortage of such bits laying around the Circles of Hell. I am not crafted from such a vile crop, not to worry. Papa struck a deal with Amon, the Prince of Wrath, for access to the pools of boiling blood. It was from that unholy liquid poured into a mold I was formed.” There was no lack of pride in the demon princess’ tone. It was as if she expected Eddie to be impressed.

Instead he was perplexed, a bit disturbed, but hid it well. It didn’t matter how Belle was made. Only that she was in his lap and naked now. That explained why she had a vindictive streak toward Pi, Belle was literally grown from the soil of Wrath. He decided to take a more discrete path, though. “Wrath? I don’t see that at all. So there is a Prince for each deadly sin?”

“Uh. Oui. How can you not know that with a succubus in your home and a witch for a cousin?” One of her pale brows arched in a dainty manner.

Sheepishly he continued to rub her arm. “I was an atheist before this all began.”

“A man after my own heart.” She giggled once more.

“Which is made out of?” As the geek asked the question he tapped on her sternum and then slid his fingers over the spot. Whatever answer Belle had he didn’t hear. As soon as his fingertips connected his sense were assailed by a fresh fugue. He didn’t need to ask any more questions as to Bellephagoria’s origins. Suddenly they were splayed before his sense like an open book. Save of course that half of the ‘tome’ was written in magical script and the other in mathematical terms. As before it appeared in blood red script floating in the air. The woman was a wonder of engineering. The human skeletal structure had been imitated, and improved on. Her organs were nothing like anything he had inside of them. They were all misshapen lumps of meat which performed the functions needed to keep the woman running. Many of them baffled him at first before their function bloomed in his mind. In fact he no longer realized there was a stunningly beautiful and naked woman in his lap.

Level by level down to every last sinew and thread of magic Belle became something like a blue print before him. She was lacking one essential part, a soul. After all she was not a human, she didn’t have free will. She was crafted by her ‘father’ just as he had been made by God. Then again human were made from simple dust weren’t they? Eddie didn’t know what to believe anymore.

His other hand moved and started to trace and adjust the sanguine symbology that floated before him. Math. She was based on math, or was it magic? He was starting to feel that in the end it was all one in the same. Part of the geek was tempted to adjust this string of numbers, or that, just to see what would happen. He wondered if he would be able to ‘improve’ her. What if he ruined her? Worse yet what if he succeeded? Why had this never happened with Pi…?

A slap to the face jarred him from the haze, but it still took a couple of blinks for him to fully regain his faculties. He winced as he found Belle’s gaze nearly literally burning into his skull. “Sorry.”

“What happened?” Her voice rolled out with nothing but tender apology for the strike. The demon princess tipped in and feathered kisses on his reddened skin. “You became distant, your eyes full of wonder. Did you see those sigils again?”

He nodded mutely and slid his fingers down to her shapely stomach. The muscles he was just mapping out a moment ago contracted as she wiggled, a sudden ticklishness rioting across her palest of skin.

“What this time, mmm? Oh my poor Edward.” Belle stroked fingers through his mop and even nuzzled that lousy beard. “More spatial relations?”


She didn’t fancy how quiet he was, nor how he turned his gaze to the side. “What?”

“Nothing.” He cleared his throat. “Hungry? I know I am.”

When her devastating pout didn’t drag the truth from him Belle pretended to let it go with a shrug. The topic was filed away so it could be brought up later. Even if she was a machine forged in the circles of Hell, she was still a woman. They did that. “I would like to remind you that I am all full. Well not all full. Someone promised me a hard fuck. You are not going to go back on your word, oui?”

“I said once I’m hard again.” He countered. “Food will give me the energy too.”

After a huff she slid out of his lap and stalked away. Every step accentuated her erotic and noble lines. There was nothing as well built on Earth or in Hell than Bellephagoria. As she loved her wings shifted and twitched to keep her balance. “So you say. I suppose I shall have to believe you, non?”

“Yep.” He sat there admiring the view. It was plain to him that the Frenchwoman wanted to be admired. Then again what woman didn’t want to be? To be admired was to be cherished, sought after, needed. Something like that anyway. Eddie stood, still clothed, and didn’t make any effort to join her in nude galavanting. He was not nearly as comfortable with his own body as she.

“I will hold you to it.” After casting a wink back over her shoulder Belle paused, at the door. “This way to the kitchen, oui? I do hope that you know how to cook. That is one skill I have never been able to master.”

“I can boil water and scramble eggs. So I’m sure that I can figure something out. Besides I think we’ve still got leftovers.”

Her musical laughter danced all through the house.

Men, they never changed.


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