2. Symbology

Abby could hardly believe how long it took Locke to come looking for her.

Locke could hardly believe how boldly she’d scratched her blunted nails along the teeth of his trouser’s zipper.
She’d taken hold of the tab and pulled down, inch by inch while using her luscious body to press him against the wall. He vaguely recalled her asking if anyone one from the party would wander this way. She must have been satisfied at his answer of probably not because she caught hold of his cock hidden within a sheath of silk boxers. What was the harm in getting what she wanted, what she needed? It wasn’t like her cousin and she were an item. Eddie got more ass than a toilet seat and this, this was what Abby really wanted. If Pi had never entered their lives, would she’d have ever been this bold?

Abby pressed on. His meat was no longer hidden but still in her hand. Her fingers, made strong from the firm kneading of clay yet had a refined sense of delicacy that sent tingles cascading along the underside of his shaft. He’d opened up her blouse as well, letting lovely gloves of flesh spill out so he could finally find out what they tasted like. Their moans coupled with one another and hung in the otherwise silent hallway air. The party was forgotten. This was the only music, the only dessert either of them needed. It was also beyond Locke’s wildest wet dreams. He had never expected the tomboyish focus of his desires to so direct with her wants. So… dirty. It excited him like nothing else.

She pulled at his turgid girth slowly, fingers pressing in just the right way until a fat drop of pre-cum oozed out. With great skill the artist applied to the soft flesh just blow crown and her hand glided all the better. Her other extremity was nestled into his handsome head of pale tresses for she didn’t want him to stop feasting on her tits until she was ready to have him driving into her. Somewhere deep inside Abby tried to chide herself for being a wanton whore. It didn’t work. The only thing she wanted, the only thing she needed, was to sear the boy next door with the depths of her passion. That was going to be a few minutes yet, so for now she sighed hotly and arched her back. It wasn’t like his face could press any tighter to her chest. That didn’t matter. “Don’t stop. Oh God, Locke.”

He wanted to tell her that she didn’t worry about that. His finely crafted mouth was busy, though. Suckling at her dark nipple was divine and he didn’t want to stop. There had never been anything better tasting than that pearl of flesh caught between tongue and lip. His hands freely fondled the sides of her rack, pressing them to his aristocratic visage. They were so soft, yet so warm. He could feel her heart hammering away. His hips rolled against her stroking and he moaned, finally letting the tit free. It shimmered with his saliva. Up he moved for a kiss, once her hand lightened anyway.

Locke decided he was wrong. Her mouth was a thousand times more delicious than her nipple, especially when she gaped for breath and he invaded with his tongue. It wasn’t long before her moist muscle elegantly curled against his. The two tongues glided together like… like… one of those famous pairs of dancers. Fred and Daphne was it? Locke couldn’t think very clearly at the moment. He felt like he was going to pop in her hand, across her wrist at any time. In his mind’s eye the dutiful brother imagined his cum sliding down Abby’s arm, dripping over the crook of her elbow. She must have sensed how he was about to fall over that edge because her hand eased away from throbbing maleness. The tension to let it all fly died off but his hips chased after her sticky hand.

“Not yet, Romeo.” A giggle bubbled up from the co-ed. Now that she had a hand free she tugged at his trousers until they slid free from hips and pooled at his ankles. Thankfully it took his boxer briefs with it. It thrilled her that he was willing to do something so decadent as this. She groaned heavily. Liquid pleasure had long ago overflowed down her thighs and she was certain Locke could smell it.

He could and it was better than any perfume. “You will not think me terrible if I fuck you against this very wall here and now, I do hope?”
“Locke.” Abby giggled again and tugged his head away from her breasts by pulling at his hair. “If you don’t fuck me against this very wall here and now I’m going to hold it against you.”

They met gazes and the raw need for one another was apparent. Both of them had wanted to indulge in not only all things carnal, but matters deeper. This afternoon it was their young loins that mattered most, though. He took hold of her skirt and pulled until it was mingled with his lost pants. Now her feminine scent was strong in the air. Locke took a step back, even if he did regret cool air washing over his skin. He tugged his fancy shirt off and tossed it to the side. This way they could admire one another’s almost nude states.

Abby was conflicted, though not about having sex with Locke. Oh she didn’t just want him, every fiber of her body hummed with need for him. She grunted and reached out, grabbed his face and pulled it back to her. He didn’t mind her wet fingers on his cheek; in fact it excited him all the more. Sex was something done without reservations, when it was real. He gave into her kiss and took her slim hips in hand. He didn’t pull them closer but instead held them against an ornate tapestry while his hovered closer. Her hiss of utter delight when his rigid need pressed against her tender stomach skin was intoxicating. She arched her abdomen and rubbed against him. Oh her insides were quivering with the need to be spread.
Abby stifled a hard cry as Locke invaded her nether lips with his fingers and wasted no time sliding two into her. Her body pressed down hard, trying to get the digits as deep as she could. Her pussy walls clamped down. Her cheeks flushed with heat and she whimpered. “Not enough.”

“What is it you want then?” His forehead rested against hers and a wolfish grin spread across such handsome features. The question was utterly rhetorical. He ground against her stomach in cruel foreshadowing of what he was going to do to her, with her. Her beasts were crushed against his toned chest covered with soft hair. In fact he had a clear treasure trail running all the way down to trimmed pubes.

Later she would analyze the difference between Eddie’s body against her, and Locke’s. The poor woman might feel a twinge of shame then, but for now she was riding high. His athletic frame promised a night of such intense passion. Her body spread wider as he slipped a third finger into her passage. Oh what lovely wet music he was making with them. Part of her wonder if Pi had taught him how to do that? Probably not. She gritted her teeth and gave him a heavy look. “Not… ngh… enough.” It was filthy how hard she squatted down on his hands, gushes of salty excitement gathering in his palm. Her hands stroked over his arms before she reached up and curled fingers tight into the tapestry. Even trapped somewhere between Locke and the wall she felt like she was going to crumple at any moment. Next time, next time she would take this slow – though she’d said the same with Eddie. Hopefully Locke didn’t think her a slut. Was she one? Abby didn’t care.

“Oh? You want something more?” His thumb grazed at her clit but only so he could get better leverage. His other hand curled against her ass and Locke lifted her up with a slide of cloth against old stone. It was him that hissed when his shaft hit wet petals and slipped along until it struck his fingers. His crown was precariously close to her opening.

Her hiss didn’t have any words to it. Her legs strained like the tip of a dying man’s tongue striving for water just out of reach. When his fine fingers spread her wider she squealed but bit the sound down. Thankfully Locke didn’t torture her splayed pink any further. As his three fingers retreated rampant desire took their place. Abby’s head lulled back and she focused on breathing, adjusting. Her legs wrapped around his thighs. One of them managed to hook over, the other remained splayed to the side until her lover powerfully wrapped his arm around it to hold her place. Not that she was go anywhere now that he’d speared her.

Once she’d conformed to his girth – which was considerably more than Edward’s – wet congress began. He filled her quim so utterly that it made it feel smaller than before, the pressure was almost painful. To Abby it felt perfect and she rolled her hips against Locke’s strong thrusts. Her hands wound deeper into the course fabric, tension rising.

Locke found her pussy more than adequate. The way slick walls drug against the sides of his shaft with just the right amount of friction, how she squeaked every time they completed an arc. He well knew he was bottoming her out already. His heavy balls still didn’t quite reach her labia but it didn’t matter. There was enough feminine juice dripping from her to coat them and his root until it started to gleam. The hall could not contain the rising scent of sex, nor the hard wet sound every time he dragged his cock nearly out of her before pushing back in. What Locke found the most amazing, and becoming, was the sensation of the tight ring of Abby’s cervix pressed against the round of his tip. He’d never fit a woman so expertly before like a lock and a key. “Would it be terrible if I begged to cum inside of you, Abigail?”

It was impossible for her to answer at first as he used his teeth to grip and suckle at her lower lip. Her cry echoed down the corridor and no doubt was a clear claxon that someone was getting plowed hard and with abandon. Her clit was crushed and rubbed by his steady stroke and that made it difficult to recall what speech was too. Really, with him fucking her so damn hard the only thing she needed more than her own orgasm was to know that Locke’s hot spunk was flying deep into her. It wasn’t a rational desire by any stretch. Above her the fabric began to rip. “Please.”

“I am hardly any good at begging.” He grunted and shifted his weight to raise her up higher with his next too pushes. Now Locke was a man who had prided himself on having some stamina. However, he had never been inside a woman who fit so delightfully around his dick. Pulling out was not an option, nor was slowing down. The need to breed now ruled him completely, without any real desire to sew life into Abby’s abdomen. If there was a danger of doing such she would have told him no. Locke’s forehead settled against hers, pale hair mixing with her darker hue. “So, I would rather demand that you take my seed.”

She was undone by those words. She came without warning, digging her heels into the back of his thighs. Close. He had to be close in that moment. Her inner muscles milked at him. The ancient tapestry was undone as well. Centuries of history was ruined as it slid down to curl against her trembling shoulders, soiled by oozing juices. Amazingly, to Abby anyway, Locke’s hips continued to powerfully churn. With each slap of his hips back into her gripping need more fluid spattered out. Just as she was sliding down from her breathless plateau Abby was overwhelmed by fast spreading and liquid heat. It successfully invaded her core and from there felt as if it seeped into her very blood. Back into orgasm she was cast, joining with Locke into crying shrill. Her body had been turned into a fine tuned sex machine thanks to her cousin and the succubus. Locke, however, knew how to really drive her as if they were part of a formula-one racing team instead of lovers.


She liked the idea of that. Even as her legs loosened her arms wrapped tight around his shoulders. She knew this feeling was going to fade with her aftershocks and that depressed her like nothing else could. Her nails scratched lightly at his shoulders. “Sorry about the tapestry.”

A chuckle worked its way out of Locke’s throat as cold sweat slicked his skin. “It can be repaired or if you like left in this state as evidence of our coupling.”

His archaic way of speaking always lent him a special sort of charm in Abby’s heart. Locke was just like the classical Gothic heartthrob of novels she had grown up on, the men she first lusted after. Now he was hers… at least for a few more minutes. In the modern hookup society she didn’t expect anything to come of this. Her insides felt ravaged and just a mess. She was glad that his cock was still wedged in her so it would not come spilling out. “I’ll take it with me, to hide the evidence.”

“Splendid.” He lapped salt from her neck. “Splendid.”

“Do we have to go back to the party?” Abby sighed and nibbled along the line of his strong shoulder. Oh he was pleasantly sculpted. Her tongue matched his actions.

“Yes, alas. Once my legs work again. We shall have to get you panties.”

“I am sure that you have boxers I can use.” She countered. He merely mmm’ed in agreement with the idea. What man didn’t fancy a woman wearing his clothes after being rumpled by hard sex?

Belle watched the pudgy man scribbling away with a sense of growing awe. It wasn’t a feeling was not unknown to the demon princess. Many of those men that Pi visited each time she visited Creation had become great figures of history. They were given the power to change the very world. Yet, she had never seen one so very consumed by it as Eddie. The stroke of his pencil across paper was so very fluid, almost ecstatic as the minutes ticked by. They had ceased speaking some time ago. Now she was not even sure if he knew that she was still present. The most odd was how Eddie would look up and study empty air before adding something else to the circle of his work.

That was how the arithmetic was laid out, instead of in straight lines. The proofs were built within one another, or overlapping at the oddest tangents of their circumference. Belle now studied the emptiness before Eddie. Her flesh pebbled but not out of pleasure. There was… something there. Whatever Eddie was seeing in his fugue was almost tangible. She reached out and brushed her fingers against his temple and felt a jolt slip up her arm and her breath caught. The creative spark within the American had a tangible frequency to it that threatened to consume her constructed being. Metal bones pulsed as it curled closer to her heart and the Frenchwoman shuddered, almost sputtering “Mon Deiu” if not for her infernal nature. Belle recoiled to her feet and considered what to do. Her inhuman nature started to bleed color form her skin. Such raw potential could do so much for the sake of idle progress if only molded it properly. She wanted to take him by the reigns and set him onto that path. Her mind was still filled with ideas of how to promote sloth through teleportation. Fear kept her in check in this moment, fear of the spark within him. It reminded her of the way her maker spoke of his Maker.

Belle shuddered. “Eddie?”

He didn’t answer her but instead aligned several sheets together. Then he turned holding them up to the light so he could see the circles overlaid. A small ah-hah popped out of him and he slid trying to reach his laptop. Instead he planted his face right into the blonde’s bust. Not even the drag of supple flesh just the other side of thin fabric woke Eddie from his reverie. Belle gasped – half in surprise – as he slid around her to the machine. She supposed she might have herself to blame for that, after all they distracted men from what really was important. His fingers pattered down keys, flipping through programs before frantically setting up a render of what concept consumed him.

“My Génial, what is it that is going around in that handsome head of yours?” Belle was more forceful when she spoke this time. She even went as far as to slink behind the mortal and rest her crossed forearms across his shoulders. One thing that pleased her about the chubby fellow was how sturdily he was actually built. For emphasis she pressed a kiss to the top of his noggin.

The question, or the kiss, must have gotten through to Eddie. For her part Belle was blinked as something akin to static electricity coursed through her from the point of contact. The mathematician cleared his throat and spoke. “Well. If the universe is nothing more than an emanation, like a spectrum of colors off of a prison, yet solid. Mmm. It would built itself on layers that are just enough out of sync they cannot see one another. Yet they are all close enough, or I guess related by origin so they have an effect on one another. Perhaps some of the weaker forces transmit though from layer to layer, like gravity. Though, then they couldn’t be called weak forces. I can see the way that they align sometimes.”


“The sigils.” With all the fine motor control of a tripped-out hippie Eddie gestured to the empty air before him. He then went about tracing the orbit of something only he could see… until it started to take shape before Belle’s eyes as well.

In a fit of rare horror the devilish princess recoiled from her lover’s back. More symbols tore through the comfortable veneer of reality like earthworms driven to the surface by violent rain. What was even worse was that they were undulating like living things too. She covered her mouth as they started to swirl on lazy axis and form circles. Eddie was studying them for the moment before tapping away and modifying the equations he was inputting.

“Like a lattice that creates itself. That would be my guess. Each refraction is just as real as the one before it. Just as real as the one after it. As the progression continues they become more complex but in the end there is one strand that runs through and connects them. Or… it is the energy that makes the hologram. The light behind the shadow puppet… “ The man didn’t realize he was rambling.

Belle did and she folded her arms with a shiver before turning her head away. The icons didn’t make a lick of sense to her. She was a creature of technology and progress – not barbarism. She wondered if Eddie had some sort of contagious insanity. Her tongue brushed across fine lips. There was tug of war between Belle’s need to shake him from reverie and her drive to mire the world in fresh creations.
“But where does the light come from. Likewise what is the light? If there is nothing binding it together then how do they interact with one another? I have to be missing something.” Eddie continued to mumble.

Unable to resist the lithe woman turned her eyes back to the free floating madness. She could see what he was saying now. It was obvious the slowly orbiting layers were meant to fit together. How, now that was the question. They were red like blood, liquid on the surface but not seeping anything. What exactly was Pi trying to do with this human? Never in all the centuries she had been stealing away prizes from Pie Thighs was there anything like this. It had the stench of magic to it, but still everything moved like gears, or the sweet majesty of math.

“Eddie, what are they?”

“I… I don’t know.” He stared at the rotating shapes and then down at the screen. With a hiss of bubbling rage he pushed the computer hard, sending it sliding almost over the opposite edge of the great table. Papers were scattered in a tide. “I don’t know.”

After a moment of hesitation the Frenchwoman reached out and lightly grazed her painted nails against his shoulder. She took a step closer and focused on the unknowable. Her stomach knotted up. “Have you told Pi, or what is her name, Abigail about this?”

“No.” He rubbed at his eyes and considered clawing at them.

“She wails like a cat when fucked.” Tangent interjected. The off-white cat was half-way through rippling glass when she spoke. Her tiny head focused on the pair and whiskers twitched. There wasn’t even the smell of sex in the room. This had to be something dire. “What the hell are you two staring at? Is he stoned again?”

The rude beast’s interjection broke Eddie free from insanity. In the instant he focused on reality the floating icons winked out of existence. The change was so sudden that Belle gasped before rubbing at her eyes in a delicate fashion. She started at the now empty air before a look of contempt blossomed on her lovely face. “They are gone.”

“What are gone?” Tangent asked as she jumped onto the table and looked for paper to lay on. Such was second only to sunbeams whenever she was stuck with four legs. Her tail lazily flicked as she inspected the two of them.

Eddie turned and looked up at Belle. His eyes were bloodshot as if he’d spent all night at a kegger. He groaned and rubbed at the back of his neck. “You saw them?”

“Oui.” Belle raised one thin brow as she looked from him to the curious imp. Really, it came as no surprise that her assistant couldn’t see what she’d witness. After all Tangent hadn’t touched Eddie in the moments of his reverie. She had and now she was chilled all the way down to her iron bones. What exactly had Eddie tapped into? Without any seduction in mind the infernal pressed forward and leaned over Eddie. The small range of her cleavage was warmed by his breath, but Belle managed to ignore the feeling. Instead she flipped through the four renders to explore them before pulling back. While it wasn’t all Greek to her what Eddie was aiming at for the moment was above her pay grade. After a light pull of her top she curled into the chair next to him. “Do you recall setting any of that up? It all, well, it is breathtakingly complex.”

“I… “ Absently Eddie reached out and petted along the once-white cat’s spine. Tangent purred despite herself and leaned into the affection. She had no want for anything sexual with the mortal like the other two lady demons though. She had her Aphie and that was enough. Eddie blinked. “I sorta of do. It’s like trying to remember a dream.”

Tangent fell onto her side as she was in terrible need of tummy rubbings. “You two are starting to wig me out. Can you tell me what the hell is going on?”

“Later.” Bell promised with a short nod. After brushed sun-spun strands away from her eyes she focused on the mathematician. “This has happened often?”

After a nod Eddie told her of the previous times in quiet details. He explained that he’d not told Pi and while he spoke to a warlock of some esteem on the matter, that didn’t help either. Part of him was frightened, of course. With each passing day, though, he felt himself compelled to continue to work on this idea. “Has anything ever happened like this ever happened to those Pi has helped?”

“Non. Not that I know of anyway.” The blonde stated simply, then nibbled on her lower lip. “Every one of her charges have not tried to change the world but tried to define it with cold hard math. This… this feels like some sort of magic to me. I mean it has the guise of math, but.”

He found he didn’t like the way the woman’s brow crinkled with worry. On impulse he reached out and curled a hand around hers and squeezed. It was but a small display of reassurance. It was then and there that Eddie decided Bellephagoria was not as evil as Pi thought. There was some sort of bad blood between them, sure. Perhaps that fence could be mended. Then again he’d already accepted one devil into his life, along with a witch. One more vile woman couldn’t hurt, right? He traced a finger along her pulse.

What went unsaid forced Belle to relax. Warmth chased away her worries as she started at his simple smile. There was something big afoot here and Eddie was the focal point of it. He was so unlike all the others that had been under Pi’s wings. The tenderness so causally offered to her was unexpected and it caused a blush to stain her cheeks. She turned her head down to hide it under curtains of pale gold.

Tangent caught it though and kitten sneezed in disgust. It was up to her to break up whatever sort of moment this was. So she caught Eddie’s other hand with her claws and rewarded his kind pets with the application of tiny teeth. As planned the man recoiled with a start and nearly fell out of the chair. She managed just a slip of a cat smile before having to dash down the length of the table scattering papers everywhere. Her mistress would be angry with her for some time, but it had to be done. She heard a stream of French curses chasing after her but kept skittering with all the speed her four legs could manage. The transformed imp sprung off of the table and hit the ground running. In the next instant Tangent was through the door into the kitchen.

Whatever was at hand had been thrown at the cat, but the remains of Eddie’s bagel bounced off of the door. The tender moment was ruined and Belle hovered between relief and fury. She brushed crumbs from her hands and set her hands on her hips. Oh that imp was going to get it later. Like all demonic mistresses she could tug on the ties that bind and demand Tangent come back to her. Though. that wasn’t the sort of relationship that they had. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah.” Eddie licked at his wounds. “She didn’t quite draw blood. I guess that they act like cats when they look like them.”

“Cats and imps, I am convinced, share a common ancestor.” Belle’s laugh rang out, light and airy before she took two steps and fell into his lap. She tipped her head back, exposing exquisite throat and letting her hair drape over his shoulder. After a wiggle she got comfortable. “This is very serious business though. Shall I kiss it and make it better?”

In a moment of weakness he offered out his hand. “I know. Very serious. I don’t really even understand what I’m working on. I just think… I know it’s important.”

“Then I shall aid you with it as I may, you have my word. I will even try to stop fighting with Pi.” Belle sounded doubtful at the end of her statement. She wrapped both of her small hands around his and lifted it to take a look. The cat scratch was hardly bad at all. The tip of her soft tongue snaked out to brush against it slowly. “I am honored you told me.” Instead of confiding in Pi. It made her feel, well, extra special. She ran her wet muscle along the outer edge of his forefinger. Without another word slipped the digit into the warmth of her mouth. The Frenchwoman hollowed her cheeks and pulled slowly on the captured flesh. At the same time, even though emphasis wasn’t needed, one of her hands lowered down to the front of Eddie’s pants. She raked her nails over the front of his jeans.

Right now she didn’t want to think on the oddity she witnessed any longer. It put unfamiliar unease into the pit of her stomach. As Belle figured it having a belly full of steaming man juice would wipe away that feeling. She let the finger go with a husky sort of breath, and then teased it with her teeth. “Génial.I need you in my mouth.”

“I thought you weren’t here to seduce me.” Eddie moaned and pressed his hips to her hand. The floral scent that rose off of her pale skin was welcoming. Truth be told he was terrified as well and couldn’t bring himself to look at the scattered papers. Nor could he bear to look at the laptop as it worked away. Somehow… in a way he could not explain, he knew this was going to lead to something horrifying. Eddie just couldn’t stop himself.

“Psh, a woman has every right to change her mind. You should know this by now.”

To be concluded

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