Session Eight

1. Long Division: Not all make-ups go as planned. With Eddie home, feigning sickness, Pi and Abby head over to Locke’s to enjoy a very British attempt at a BBQ. Both women have targets in mind to sooth their needs with the errant mathmatician back at home. In the meantime Eddie’s musing on the nature of reality is interrupted once more by Belle.

2. SymbologyEddie and Belle take in depth about her relationship with Pi, as well as the odd concepts that are literally swirling around his head. Belle isn’t quite ready for what is revealed. In the meantime Locke tracks down Abby in the hallways of his home, and the two make the BBQ extra juicy.

3. Physics Lesson: Ivy proves to Pi that just because she’s young doesn’t mean she’s naive when it comes to loving another woman. The pair enjoy something sexy and sizzling despite their vast differences in body types. Back and home Eddie and Belle continue to delve deeper into the nature of reality, and the demoness ends up revealing more than she ever intended.

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