Demon PI


Eddie Vance had always heard college was the place where a man came into his own, where the women flowed freely, and the party never stopped. Hell he had even gone overseas where values were supposed to be loose! Staying with his distant relative Abigail while she’s nice on the eyes been a total drag. Maybe Eddie should have picked somewhere else than dreary and damp England and the old crumbling university where many of his forefathers schooled. So far college for this brilliant young mathematics major has been nothing more than a long procession of studying and fantasizing about the women around him, Abby included.

On a late, and unsurprisingly raining, nigh, in his ancestor’s manor that is all about to change… Eddie is about to solve the cipher of the devil’s number, Pi, and with it bring the demon it represents into our world. Part sultry librarian, part succubus, and all trouble Pi will turn Eddie’s world on his ear and show the whole university a whole new way to higher learning.

Concept: A wild sexy romp making fun of the conventions of harem genre anime where the forces of creation and damnation war with one another using the two most powerful tools in the world – math and sex.

Session One
Session Two
Session Three
Session Four
Session Five
Session Six
Session Seven
Session Eight

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