Zachary O’Shea was born in the refinery belt of California and raised in the stark desolation and neon of Nevada. When not trying to avoid one armed bandits and the tides of tourists he enjoys various activities: facilitating and occasionally playing table-top RPGs of all sorts, reading, writing, war gaming, M:TG, WoW and eating out too often with great friends. You know all the nerdy stuff. He thinks cats are the best but adores dogs too, and fish aren’t so bad either.

Mr. O’Shea – or really Zack to just about everyone – has always been a storyteller. For a good portion of his life a writer too. The Last Slice Studios was conceived not only to be a platform for his work but to become a place for friends and associates who he knows have a great deal of talent to offer up pieces of their imagination as well.

He also loathes Oreos.

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