Today is a good day, well it was actually a few weeks ago. Everything is finalized for another short story acceptance for Mystery and Horror LLC’s upcoming History and Horror, Oh My! Looking forward to seeing the story they accepted in print, I had quite a bit of fun writing and revising it. So far it’s been a pleasant interaction with the editor.


Hey there, folks.

The good people over at Sirens Call Publications have been put up a blog post about my inspiration for a story that appears in their Fear: Of the Dark anthology. You can check it out, along with the rest of the great contributiers here

So all of The Scarborough Affair is up, and current with the latest Verse. Damn, that feels good. Now off to the next step. I really like the way this is shaking out!

Slowly but surely getting everything back together. The best part about this cockup is having to redesign everything, something that I’ve put off for a long time working on other projects. Everything really is an opportunity.

Okay, was working with apps and accidently killed everything off. I was planning to reformat anyway! :) Time to get on that I suppose. Oh well!

So, under construction.